Jeep Cherokee Grand Cherokee Engine and Performance Problems



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    Sorry it took so long to follow up on my post. I went on vacation : )

    I got the oil pump in. I still see some fluctuation in oil pressure. At start up idle is it at 50 - middle. As we get up to speed 40-80 it gets up to like 55-60. The after the engine is warm and we come to a stop, it drops to about 40-45. The engine is running smooth again, and all is well.

    And thank you (tuggajb) for the previous post letting me know to prime the pump. I flipped the pump upside down and poured oil through the pickup tube until it began to run out the top of the pump. Then I flipped the pump back over and stuck it in a clean pan of oil. I then covered one of the two holes on top of it with my thumb (you know which one because the gasket would normally cover it), and began twisting the pump shaft with my other hand. It immediately began spurting oil out the uncovered top hole. Primed and ready to go!

    Good luck to all others that experience this issue...

  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    be sure to brake in the new engine before mmo or slick 50 at least 1000 miles so rings seat or you will have a oil burner
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    Yes. I was able to monitor the crankshaft position sensor output long enough to see the signal go bonkers when the 1 minute problem happened. I replaced the sensor (which was under warranty) and now it is fixed. So the whole time it was the part I originally replaced. What are the odds?

    The part costs about $70.
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    96 grand cherokee, six cylender, 2wd. i have a problem with my auto during first 5 minutes of running. after warm everything works great. example: cold start, starts great. runs like a champ untill put in gear then it stall and is hard re start. sometimes this doesn't happen. instead it starts great as before, and act fine until for a short period 1 or 2 minutes or until first brakeing to stop period, then it stalls and dies requiring restart. it usuall star easy after that and then runs fine for length time until it has another cool down period. usually after an 8 hr or so period of being shutdown, it act up again. any ideas. i've already replaced plug wires, idle air contol valve fuel filter, checked all vacuum connections, checked and cleaned ccv/pcv. whats next.
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    I have a 94 cherokee sport with this same troubles, and yes I have replaced the crank sensor. Is my PCM in the same place as your 92?
  • antheilantheil Member Posts: 6
    How did you monitor the crank sensor output?
  • antheilantheil Member Posts: 6
    Is there a way to test the O2 sensor before replacing it?
  • antheilantheil Member Posts: 6
    I just put a new engine in my 94 Cherokee and in the process broke the wires on the crank sensor so I replaced it. It started fine and run well for about 20 minutes. I took it for a drive and almost didn’t get home! It started missing and backfiring, the more gas I give it the worse it is. It will sometimes idle fair and then just cut off. It seemed like lack of fuel. I changed the fuel filter, but no change, there is plenty of fuel at the injector fuel rail bleeder. I replaced the distributor because there was shaft wear, but still did not help. I am now guessing it is electrical/sensor/computer related, but without test equipment I am guessing and trading out parts, any ideas
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    Nothing conclusive without using special diagnostic tools. My mechanic was able to monitor a parameter of the O2 sensor and found it "unstable", i.e. bouncing from value to value erratically rather than a single state change from one vale to another as expected.
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    There might be something you can do once you remove it from the vehicle, but the effort it takes to create the conditions and measure the results probably exceeds the part cost. $63 at an auto parts store.
  • cpb2cpb2 Member Posts: 6
    Replace the upstream O2 sensor. This is nearly identical to my problem that the o2 Sensor resolved. I have a manual transmission, so I don't have the same load on the engine when I'm stopped.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    pos crank sensor unplug replug see if changes prob
    if not disconect batt reconect after 5 min try again let know what happens
  • antheilantheil Member Posts: 6
    OK this is weird; I have been charging the battery for a few hours and it runs better – not completely, but better. Then the battery volts drop below 14 and it gets real ruff again??!! It measures 14.7 when it is running and 13.6 when it is off –so it must be charging?! Does any of this mean anything?

    Tuggajb, after it got ruff again, I did both things you said (one at a time) and no change. Does any of this higher battery voltage mean anything? 14.7 volts sounds high enough to think the alternator is working or does it? Could the electronics be this sensitive?

    I am charging again now and will leave it until tomorrow and I will try again
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    My pcm is located on the passenger side firewall next to my coolant reservoir. you should see fhat looks like a small flat box with possibly 3 wire connections hooked up to it. :) I have a 97 jeep gc tsi. It should be in the same place.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    Batt voltage of 13.6 not running seems high should only be 12.6or7 when off
    how old is batt?
    have you checked all ground straps? one at rear of engine from head?
    have you gat a nother batt that you can hookup temp? try that voltage is sentive on the jeeps
  • antheilantheil Member Posts: 6
    94 Cherokee more info –

    I discovered, I am measuring bat voltage immediately after coming off the charger – it settles down after 30 min or so. This is a rebuilt engine and all the ground straps are clean and tight.

    Sometimes it will idle just fine, and just cut off. When it is idling fine and I barely crack open the throttle it spits and sputters? Could that be the TPS? What is the other sensor next to the TPS? Sometimes it will smooth out and I can ease it around the block a few times, but if I get on it, it bogs out and goes back to spiting and sputtering.
    Thanks again
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    I just bought the wife a 1 owner & very well taken care of 99' Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. It has the 4.7L V8 with 90k actual miles. Heres the problem:

    When its first started up in the morning, the oil psi is fine. The oil psi drops down to zero when accelerating and then goes back up to 40+psi when letting off the gas pedal. After its warmed up, it has excellent oil psi and never drops below 40? The motor sounds extremely healthy and never rattles or makes any wierd noises. It also has the correct amount of oil in it too. Anyone out there have this problem or know what is wrong? I am hoping its just the sending unit and not the pump? Thanks in advance!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    i would check sender price and if not to much replace it first

    repair manual shoes that it sends single to pcm and that then sends sig to gauges and controls ingector out put

    i would get a manual gauge from pep boys autozone etc and hook it up and then get readings from there that will tell you if you want to change sending unit or if you have bad gage then you will know for sure that you have oil pressure and what it is for surecould be loose wire
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    I'm having the "classic" cherokee overheating problems. DH has replaced thermostat, water pump, lower rad. hose, and cooling fan. I overheated yesterday on our first warm day after sitting at a drive thru for maybe 3-4 minutes.
    So he hot-wired the cooling fan last night and it is not working. Have another one on the way. Could there be something making it "go bad?" Dh says he is going to direct wire the fan to a toggle switch, as he feels it does not run enough. Only comes on after it hits 210. ANy ideas? It's an 01 Cherokee Sport, with 129,000 on it. 40,000 when I bought it, and the overheating problems started at the end of last summer.
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    My info says the sub fan is supposed to come on at 223 f and shuts off at 217 f .the coolant temp sensor and the a/c high pressure switch are responsable for telling the pcm when to turn on the sub cooling fan, the pcm grounds the cooling fan relay.If it doesnt overheat on the freeway its problebly not a plugged radiator. . Check the fan clutch see if its pulling air through the radiator by holding a large piece of cloth in front of the grill and see if the mechnical fan is pulling the cloth inwards.
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    My bet says that you have a partley pluged rad
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    Where is the oil pressure sensor? I want to buy a unit on ebay for 40 bucks and change it. My pressure has been up and down for the past year, going from 40 and dropping when idle but not to 0 but in the last month it drops after 5mins on the road when i take my foot off the gas and check engine lights comes on now, want to see if changes this fixes it.

    How much will the shop change me if i have them change it. If its a lot i'll try to do it myslef but where and how? Any help?
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    just above the oil filter at the front of engine
  • vrmvrm Member Posts: 310
    I am planning to buy a 2007 Grand Cherokee Laredo (3.7L engine).

    Should I be concerned about the oil pressure problem?

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    I'm having the exact same problem with the same make/model/year. Have you had any success? I just had an oil change, changed filter, etc...and check gages light for the oil pressure is still randomly coming on.
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    i have a 96 zj 4.0 i replaced the 4.0 with another of the same year. just cranks wont fire
    wirked fine b4 the blowup
    a garage said its my engine harness thats bad
    they sais if they pull and play w/it, it will start.
    i did this it still wont start,jujst cranks
    its driving me nuts
    please help
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    are you getting any spark (remove coil wire hold bout 1/4 inch from ground have someone crank engine to check

    if have spark then check if getting gas should be able to tell by pushing in little valve that looks like tire valve aut to have pressure there.

    could be crank sencer back by fly wheel on top of bell housing
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    My wife has a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 10014 miles it just started to overheat, it was fine when going down the road but when she would stop the temp gauge went off the scale. Called the jeep dealer who stated it was a very common problem, and we could drop it off monday and it would be fixed sometime in the afternoon tuesday. They stated it was a fan relay. The Jeep book gave 8.5 hours for the change and the part is $75.00 ish, so a total repair of about $400.00 to $500.00 total (time and parts).
    To me this was alot of money for a relay switch, so I got a hold of a jeep repair manual and the repair started by stating that the bumper cover had to be removed, the grill, radiator, and head light assembly all had to be removed just to access the relay. Well I could see where the price came from. I did some checking and a friend had the same problem I had he took his jeep to the dealer, the repair man showed him to remove the passenger side head light assembly which is one torx screw and a 7mm head long bolt, the headlight comes out with a little tug and help of a med. screwdriver, the assembly pops out of several ball sockets and you rest it on the bumper, with the wires still attached. You then cut a 3" by 6" chunk of the plastic that the headlight sits on, I did mine with a cut off wheel, when I removed the chunk of plastic there was the fan relay, it was pop rivited to the inter-fender well, a quick drill of the pop rivits and a 4wire plug I had the fan relay in my hand. I paid the $75.00 bucks for the dealer part, (there is a aftermarket one) but I opted for the dealer part. The part came with 2 screws and 2 rivits I used the screws pluged it in and that was that. Replaced the headlight assembly, re-set the the check engine light and removed the high temp codes, I was done in about an hour and saved $400.00 in labor. When you cut the plastic I went right to the middle and made a hole so I could see the part and enlarged it so I could get my fingers and tools in. Jeep Part # 5017491-AB Relay PKG 8052328. I really hope this helps someone it is such a simple job, the worst part was the cutting of the plastic but start with a hole that you can see into and go to town. Bill
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    Great first post Bill - maybe you can turn that into a CarSpace Guide.

    Don't suppose you took any photos while you were cutting that chunk of plastic? ;)
  • billnickbillnick Member Posts: 10
    No but first thing in the AM I'll pop the headlight out and have a few ready for anyone that may need!!! Thanks for the reply...Bill
  • billnickbillnick Member Posts: 10
    Steve how do I post the PICs? :confuse:
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    The easiest way is to go to your CarSpace page and click on Manage Album. Then follow the prompts to copy the photos from your computer to the Albums (jpgs or gifs only).

    Once the photos are in your Album, when you click on a photo, there will be a box labeled "Embed Image."

    Copying/pasting that code into a message here will show the pic in your message.

    Hope this makes sense - there's an alternate way set out in the Help link at the very bottom.
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    I'd really appreciate it if you could send the pics of this fix directly to me: [email protected]

    My girlfriend's 2001 Jeep GC actually blew a 3" long crack in the radiator side tank at the upper hose flange. Her 24 year old daughter sat in a parking spot with the AC running for 20 minutes and never looked at the pinned temp gauge!
    I replaced the radiator only to diagnose the fan doesn't operate unless it's hot wired. I looked for the cooling fan relay and gave up until I found your post on a google search.
    Those pics would be a Godsend!
    Thanks, Mark H. Oceanport, NJ :)
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    <img src="
    <img src=" Overheat Fix Fan Relay Re- /IMG_0360.JPG/page/photo.html#pic

    I :confuse: don't know what I am doing I sure hope these Pic come out, there is a total of 7
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    Here's the link to the whole album.

    You need to use the text in the Embed Image box that's on the individual photo's page to get the photo to show up in a post. Like this one of the relay:

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    Hi Bill,

    Nice to see your explanation. Well I could not find the part no that you mentioned.
    I have a same problem.Wn I slow down on lights the temp goes high and as soon as I hit the road..its absolutely fine and sometime below the half mark...
    but wn at light..the coolant water start bubbling...which makes me tensed...
    There is no problem wiht the car runs really smooth...
    Cud you guide me..i did not understand the plastic part too..
    what i understood is that wn i remove the headlight assembly..then i will see a i have to make a hole in plastic to remove the relay fan...
    moreover could you tell me...what does a relay fana and its kit consist of...i know i have written too long...but i wanna save some money like you..please help out

    thnk in advance
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    Go to post #40, there is a underlined link to my photo album there are 6 pictures, that should help you out.
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    Hi I have a 1999 jeep grand cherokee. I am having the same problem. Does any one know if this method of replacing the relay would work on the 99 model.
  • billnickbillnick Member Posts: 10
    the 2001 fix works for 1999 and up
    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    imageSee more Car Pictures at
    I hope I did this right the 1999 and 2001 are much the same, this fix is for the 4.0 6 cyl not the V-8...Good luck and let me know how you make out...Bill
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    My wife went to the Jeep Dealer yesterday to get the oil and filter changed. Car was driving home funny (3 miles away). This morning she said her car would not start. I went to look at it, and when you try to start the car, the Oil Pressure Gauge goes to 80, and if you take your foot off the gas the engine dies. Before the flat bed came to take it away, I checked the oil level. The dipstick read the oil was overfilled way too much. I spoke to the service manager at the dealership who said that there might have been 1/2 quart too much in there, but that wouldn't hurt anything. He immediately said he thinks the car is having a fuel pump problem instead. The car does have 100K miles on it, so a fuel pump could be a problem, but why the high oil pressure? and filling an engine with too much oil isn't a problem. I am no Dale Earnhardt, but this doesn't make sense. What are your thoughts? I appreciate anyones suggestions at this point.
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    I recently got myself a 2002 GCL, in the last couple of days the oil pressure is being increasing easily, I understand when engine is accelerated neddle tends to increase, but in my case as soon i start the engine she goes strait to the almost "high" position.

    According to owners manual pressure should be in the middle, so i believe somenthing should be wrong.

    Apologize for my english, not my natural born lenguage.

    many thanks, any help would be higly appeciated.

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    I'm having the same problems in regard to oil pressure drop. When idle it drops to 5psi when driving goes up to 40psi.Two friends who are auto mechanics recommend I get rid of it before the engine goes kaput. One mechanic also said the 2000 Jeep Sport has a head gasket problem from the assembly line. Has anyone heard of this gasket problem?
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    Well, I put a manual oil psi. gauge on it. It reads 80psi. at idle when cold. It reads up to 100psi. when revving it when cold.
    I put a new oil sending unit in it now and it still drops to zero (only before it warms up) and revving it or accelerating just as before. Almost like a backwards RPM gauge when cold.
    I guess I KNOW it is getting excellent oil psi. The only thing I can come up with is that the computer cannot read oil psi that high and makes it drop to zero instead of maxing out on the factory gauge when the motor is cold and its being revved or accelerated? I am now just telling the wife to drive the wheels off of it and not worry about the oil gauge+check gauges light in the mornings!
  • tuggajbtuggajb Member Posts: 646
    to high oil pressure as bad as to low
    i would try to run some sea foam engine additive through the engine to free up the oil pressure releaf valve
    if you run too high oil pressure the gears in the oil pump ware very fast then you have to replace pump also can eroade the berring serfuses on rod and main berings then you have to replace lots parts
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    That just started happening to me in my 2006 Hemi. It never happened with my last two Grand Cherokees.
  • howie56howie56 Member Posts: 21
    Seeing as Jeep will not do anything to fix this problem ( they say it's normal ) Ya Right , I've got the address of the Gov site for complaints that's used when the car manufacturer's can't or won't do anything to fix the problem.

    Will keep all posted if I get any results :)
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    That sucks.

    The new Toyota 5.7L is a Hemi-killer. The 4Runner will be bad [non-permissible content removed] when they put that engine into it!
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    Hey I have a '92 Jeep GC Laredo. We bought it in the middle of the winter about 20 miles from our house. Drove it home fine. It sat in the driveway for about a year and a half. We just put it on the road and find it constantly overheating. We changed the thermostat and flushed the system. When it idle it does alright. When we start driving it heats up quickly. We run the heat and usually manage to keep it right in the middle of the guage. If the heat is turned off or A/C turned on it start overhaeting. Now on my jeep there are two fans: one on the passenger side (always runs) and one on the drivers side (only runs with heat). Any suggestions??

    Also I have another problem with this jeep I don't know if anyone will have help for me on this forum but I'll ask anyways. Whenever I'm completely stopped and I press the gas the jeep stalls out and then comes back and jolts off. Its gets bad at stop signs and traffic lights. Always stalling. If anyone has a solution for this it'd be great to hear from ya.

    Thanks, John
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