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Mercedes-Benz C-300 European Delivery



  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,083
    Well, Will, this is a pretty complicated question, and I'm sure you can find many different answers to it. In my humble opinion, a lease is a good deal when it is subsidized by the manufacturer with either extra money, a low rate, or a high residual.

    For instance, I have 2 leases now. A Honda and a Chrylser. The cap cost on both cars was well below invoice (very very far below invoice in the case of the chrysler). The Honda lease deal at the time also included a strong residual and a very low money factor that equated to about 1.9%. At the end of the lease, the car will not be worth the buyout, but I get to give it back and walk away, and Honda Finance will lose some money when they sell the car. On the Chrysler, the rate is 0.7% and it also carries a residual higher than its true wholesale value. So in both of these cases, it was much cheaper to lease the vehicle than to buy it, at the time, and I have saved a good amount of money compared to buying and selling after 3 years.

    On the current rates I'm seeing with this C-class, I would not lease based on that alone. However, the residual is quite strong. Whether or not the market will support such a residual cannot be guessed. Only time will tell.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Qbrozen,

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. So in general, a lease should evaluated on 3 factors: money factor (APR), residual value and manufacturer discount (which affects the MSRP at which the residual value will be based upon).

    Mike02 mentioned $32,000 for luxury with navigation package. The EDP price at mbusa website is showing $33,341. So, I was wondering how he could even get the price lower.

    From what I have heard, the C-class are usually sold with a few hundred off the MSRP nowadays, since it's still new and very popular. Plus, with EDP (around 2k savings off the MSRP), it's surprising to see that dealer will even go lower.

    So, I was just wondering how Mike02 is able to get that price? Did he try various dealers and get them to beat one another's price?

    I really appreciate the help.


  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    They took 7% + destination charge off MSRP automatically for European Delivery.
    Then I asked couple of dealerships for further discount. After few days of negotiations (over e-mail and phone) I got the mentioned offer from 2 dealerships.
  • Thanks Mike02.

    Wow, you got a very good deal. Can they do this again for me? =p I am in the west coast though.

    7% off + $1300 discount + a good money factor + residual value = it's a STEAL

    So just email / phone negotiations? Did you come to the dealership at all when all these negotiations are going on? Usually internet fleet manager are the ones handling these internet negotiations right?

  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I think they will be happy to repeat the deal for you, but you have to be physically present to sign all paperwork, to pay $2000 deposit and then you have to be physically present to receive the car when it comes back from Europe.
    I did not go to the dealership, just called and asked for European Delivery Specialist, someone who have done the program before. Then I said that I am very serious to buy now but I need better price. I said that I will not buy without discount. The fact that not one but two dealerships agreed to the same discounted price tells us that even with such discounts they are making good business with such deals.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,083
    So in general, a lease should evaluated on 3 factors: money factor (APR), residual value and manufacturer discount (which affects the MSRP at which the residual value will be based upon).

    Almost. No discount affects the MSRP or the residual. MSRP is set in stone. It is whatever the sticker price is on the car. And the residual is based on that. So, in other words, if the sticker is $34k and the residual is $21k, you pay $13k over the lease if you pay full sticker OR $12k if you get $1k off sticker OR $11k if you get $2k off sticker, etc.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Hi mike02,
    I am interested in doing a European delivery for a C-class (C350) and considering to move over to Europe for good. For this reason, I am interested whether it would be possible to just keep the car in Europe and stay without shipping it to the US. Does Mercedes write any information or penalties in the contract or other paperwork what would happen (or what I would have to pay) if I just don't ship the car over to the US and just keep it in Germany?

    Your help would be strongly appreciated.

    Thanks, Joe
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Well, for starters, you will have to pay the German Value-Added Tax if the car stays in the EU past [I think] 6 might even be 3 months. This is spelled out somewhere in the EU Delivery part of the MBUSA website. They've just recently increased the tax again - I think it's now in the range of 18% or more on cars - you can Google on German VAT and see what you find.

    But beyond that, if you're going to live there for an extended period, I would really want to buy out of the MB EU catalog, not the severely limited choices offered by MBUSA. You can go to the EU MB website to get an idea of how many more choices you have - my personal favorite is the 2.2 Diesel that isn't offered here, but is a best-seller in the EU. Prices, of course, are higher than for most US-bound cars, but the savings over there on fuel costs will make up the difference pretty quickly - you really need to think hard about what you want, how long you plan to stay there as a resident, and do some serious math.
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    Is there a CD out there with European Maps which could be used in C-300 navigation system during European Delivery Tour?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I believe that's available at the Delivery Center when you pick up the car in Sindelfingen. But best to check with MBUSA or the dealer to be sure.
  • The new system does not use a disc as I fiund out when I picked up my C-300. When I asked about a GPS for Germany they said the US bound cars have a US data base and they could not change the hard drive for Germany. Now they may have changed that sense August but that is what I was told. The old systems used a disc so they would provide a disc for you to use while in Europe then you would return it with the car and they would replace it with the US disc.
  • Just wondering whether the hotels offer 2 queen-beds or 2 double-beds option?
    Also, anyone tried to have more than 2 person in the rooms?
  • Get the phone number for the Travel agency from your local dealer. They have an 800 number and are very helpful. I talked to them several times and they are willing to help any way they can.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    to whom it may concern:

    I would be very careful about the EDP, these people are rather and impressively irresponsible once they (dealer and MBUSA) have gotten your money. If you do not want any troubles in court in regards to the quality of the product, I suggest you buy your car here and use the warranty they give you here. Their car warranty in Europe is useless and their customer service with some exceptions is rated from 0 to 10 scale on a "3" grade. You will have no support from these people in Europe unless you are a European and to tell you the truth, I am really thinking of buying a Japanese Lexus the next time instead of a Chinese Mercedes Benz.- Don't say nobody told you when you have a problem with these people.-
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    Hard to understand where this is coming from.....huh??
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Um - you do know that when you buy a vehicle through the Euro Delivery program, you are buying it from MB USA and that is it a vehicle made to US specs?

    The only difference is that since you are taking delivery in Europe, certain new vehicle taxes are avoided - hence the discount.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    Does it mean that the european standard is lower than the american standard?

    I have driven Mercedes Benz in Europe, Eastern Europe and South America and their grip, feel, and touch are different when driven at high speeds. An specialist in Sindelfingen tells me that some of the components for US Specs are different. The car made for the US Market is not made to withstand speeds over 110 miles an hour for long periods of time and therefore some of its components including the fuel system where the first one to go is the NEW fuel pump.

    We in the US set the standard. We buy more Mercedes Benz than Central Europe all combined. These people in Stuttgart should be investigated by US Authorities in regards to safety, reliability of its vehicles and I am not talking about warranty and highway safety. :mad:
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    For all of you who have interest in the Delivery Program:

    When you get to the factory to pick up the vehicle, you go through TOR 8, which is basically entrance 8, very nice, go to reception which is an open space, no security, you are taken to an specialist, you are asked to for the paperwork given by your dealer, passport (funny, they don't ask you for a driver license), then first tour starts at 10:30 am, you comeback at 11:30 am, by that time your car is ready for delivery, you sit down along 20 or 30 people from all over who are doing the same you are, somebody calls your name, you go into a big service area, they show your car, answer any questions, go over the insurance, gps (which will have the european maps downloaded after April 2008 - so they say), give you a garmin gps if you are a kind person, and tell you, for the first 750 miles don't go over 80 or 90 miles an hour which is BS because it all depends on how many days you are going to be there, right? It is something like, here is your new jet, the ceiling is 41000 feet, but for the first 100 hours, dont take it above 30000 feet and no more than 400 miles an hour.
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    About European Maps: I am picking my car with navigation system on March 1. At that time European maps will not be available yet? Can they loan me Garmin GPS for the time of my european trip? Is this something that need to be arranged in advance? Are they providing gps for anyone who asks? Thanks for clarification.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    Yes, try to talk to the team leader. But, I will give you advice on garmin, it is good pronouncing german words, but terrible on french and please if you are going from point A to point B and you have already done your homework on satellite and google and everything else, do not, I repeat do not pay attention to garmin, use it as a reference, because it will take you through rural roads and I assure you 100%, you will be pissed. Don't take it up on your girlfriend or wife, it is not their fault.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    Yes, try to be nice and talk to the team leader in Sindelfingen. His name is Larry. Tell him that Rick sends greetings from the US. he will know. But remember, they can only give you one if one is available and be nice to offer your credit card.

    Remember, if you lose it, the box is yours and they sell it at the factory for $500.00 because it even has the Mercedes Benz name on it, it does not say Garmin.

    Have fun and don't forget to read my previous post.
  • Mike02,

    Thanks for your help a while back.

    I've got the same $32,000 price for EDP.
    C300 Sport Automatic with navigation package and non-metallic paint.
    Dealer in San Jose, California.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,862
    Does it mean that the european standard is lower than the american standard?

    No. What I'm saying is that a vehicle purchased through Euro Delivery would meet US safety and emissions standards. Your original post made it seem like if one purchased a vehicle through Euro Delivery, it would not be covered under the US warranty.
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    That is correct !!! If you go through EDP, some dealers in Europe will state that your factory plate does not entitle you to repairs while driving the vehicle in Europe. So it means.... watch out !!! If you car breaks down on a weekend or holiday or some other day when you cannot contact MBUSA in NJ or the factory, you are doomed, because you will have to pay out of your pocket expenses that should have been paid by Daimler AG / MB. It means towing, plus repairs plus hotel and don't think insurance is going to cover it. Wait until you speak to Mrs. Bender out of Germany (the person in charge of claims for AXA) and you will think that you have reached the twilight zone or the monster's house.- Oh.. my friends, you really don't know what's coming to you. :cry:
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I don't know where this is coming from, but you should have no problems at all getting the car worked on in the EU and having warranty items covered. You are not "doomed".

    And incidentally, the likelihood of a "breakdown" at any time during the relatively short period of the typical OSD driving experience is extremely low.

    All I know is that an very large number of US customers, including me, have had a superb experience with MB's OSD program. This sort of verbal arm-waving is unnecessary.
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I am picking my car March 3. I am wondering if European maps will be available at that date. Do you know whom I can speak to check this for sure? It seems that ladies in Montvale, NJ doesn't know that. Because if navigation will not be available from MB factory I will have to buy European maps card for my Garmin device ($299 expense). Thanks for the advise!
  • rick92rick92 Posts: 14
    Let me get back to the office on Monday and I will give you the numbers for the factory at Sindelfingen. Forget about the people at Montvale, NJ --- they are people with no sense of customer service. It looks like they hate working for a german company or something like that. They like to give everybody the runaround.- :shades:
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I appreciate if you give me this number in Germany. I hope you can post it here. If not I can send you my e-mail address. Thanks!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Because we can't verify them, we ask that you please do not post telephone numbers here, sorry.
  • mike02mike02 Posts: 13
    I appreciate if you e-mail me the phone number to
    Thank you!
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