Pontaic Grand Am Missfire

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This is the first time I have worked on a quad four engine. After complaints from its owner {mother-in-law} about
sluggish performance, I drove the car for look see. she was not kidding . It felt like it was running on two cylinders.
I removed the coil tower cover and found telltale signs of carbon tracks from arching between the plug boots.
I replaced the coil tower,plug boots and plugs. I fired it back up and it ran like new. Now it seems to have an annoying slight but very noticeable miss when idling. The owner informs me that it was not there before I worked on it. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion as to what I might look at next. Thank you


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    You could check for vacuum leaks...you may have dislodged a small hose?
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    I'm serious, the quad 4 is one of those engines that even the guys who work on them professionally wish they could hide when they come in.As was said,you might check for a vacuum leak, also check to confirm all of the connections are good.
    Good luck, you're gonna need it.
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