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What does everyone use for thier dash and trim inside?? I've been using a product by Liquid Glass called Connoseuirs Choice (sp). It seems to work pretty good and has a nice smell to it but sometimes its a little slippery when applied.



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    I just use a paper towel and water. I cannot stand that nasty greasy shine that Armor All puts out. I don't see why anyone would want that on their dash.
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    Does anyone know of a product that REALLY does remove the smell of smoke from the interior of a car? The seats are leather. Any input will be appreciated.
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    I use Lexol Vinylex on interior/exterior plastics and on my tires.....available at Pep well, believe it does not contain Armour-All type no glare/greasey residue. Another frequent poster uses Pledge on interior surfaces with good results. Would jus try to stay away from products with silicone...which will eventually discolor rubber surfaces.
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    First of all, clean the leather with Lexol or similar and shampoo the carpets. Next, stick a couple of fabric softener dryer sheets under the seats. Change them out every few days for a couple of weeks. If this doesn't work, find a specialty detailing shop that uses an ionizer to zap the smell. My 1988 M6 was owned by a chain smoker but the odor eventually disappeared completely.
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    If the odors are from the leather, use a leather cleaner, as div2 said. If it is not, and is everywhere, use Meguiar's Odor Elimiator. It removes it and doesn't come back.
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    I hate dust on my dash. Vacuuming is OK, but I hate taking the time to lug it out and put it back. A good alternative is Pledge "grab it" electrostatic cloths. They're about 98% effective in removing the dust without just spreading it around. They leave no residue and they're cheap!
    I hope this helps someone.
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    they really work.
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