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Honda Civic Owners: Meet the Members



  • Hi, My name is Michael, I'm 30yrs-old, married and I live in Mesa, AZ. I bought my first real new car last year and have been very happy with my Honda. My parents recommended it, they own 3 other Honda's. It's a standard 5-speed with A/C (didn't have A/C for my first 5 years in AZ!!) with factory cassette (I listen to talk radio most of the time), as well as drivers side and passenger side air-bags. But I did a DOH! Either someone hit me or I nicked a pole but my drivers side front bumber has a scratch area about 6 inches long and 4 inches high. How do I repair this. There is no other damage, nothing dented. I want to keep it looking new!!
  • 5 years in Arizona without AC? You deserve some kind of medal.

    If it's just your bumper with the scratch you could probably have it repainted. It will cost you a few hundred dollars and it should still look like new since all they will do is either tape the bumper off and respray it or remove only the bumper. If it's something you can live with and you don't want to spend alot of money then just touch it up and then you don't have to worry about the bumper never getting back to factory tolerances.

    My SI rolled down the hill into the mailbox but after considering my options I decided living with the scratches were better than having the bumper resprayed or taken off.
  • Hey Michael....I live in Gilbert, AZ....I had some minor fender damage fixed on my 97 Ford F-150 Truck. I reccomend a place called Gilbert Collision on Cooper Road. They do excellent work. Very professional. I think they charged me about $250 to fix my fender. I HIGHLY reccomend them.
  • If you have ignition issues, enter your VIN when you access and register yourself in OwnerLink. You can see if the recall was for your car. I have a 2003 Civic Coupe with 3000mi. I didn't have any starter problems or transmission problems like some people were reporting. Knock on wood! I was glad to see the recall didn't apply to my car.
  • Hi folks. Im jeff, 33, Phoenix. I bought my 2001 EX sedan last feb 2003 for 14K plus the 60K/5 year warranty. It had about 18K miles on it and now about 6 months later is has about 19,500. THe reason is I kept my other car, my 1988 accord, to help keep the miles down on my civic because I have a 25 mile round trip drive to work mon-fri which to me is kinda alot. My 88 accord is still going very strong by the way now almost with 140K and no signs of slowing down anytime soon, maybe because im a maintenance freak. I spent about 1300 bux last march or so in replacing stuff on my accord like the timing belt and a whole bunch of other things on it (for those of u in phx, dont go to joes auto on 7th ave and camelback, they rip u off big time). Anyways to the point. I like my civic even tho as I have said I havent even put 2K on it yet. But it gets great mileage, 30+ mpg (and its an automatic) plus its got ULEV, so it will be a breeze when I take it in for emission testing. I sometimes get nervous when I would take my 88 accord in for that but even that car has never failed it either. I like the speed of the ex, its not bad for a 4 cylinder. My only gripes are (and this is the same for my accord) is DUMP these donut spares!! I hate those things! U cant drive more than 50 on the freeway with em and they are only good for a limited # of miles. (some say 50-150). I mean what if im taking a long trip and I get a flat and I gota put that thing on with a long way to go?? Seems pretty risky to me. Oh yeah another thing about the civic is I wish the cup holder could expand to hold bigger drinks that soda cans. You would think a 2001 car would be sophisticated enuff to handle this but nope, not this one. Bottom line tho is Im pretty pleased with my civic and even tho it may not be as exiciting to drive as a vette or porsche, its good solid reliable transportation with decent speed and a car u will be able to drive for many many miles with few serious problems.
  • My name is Dan, and I'm a Honda owner.

    [Hi, Dan!]

    My wife got her license in June of last year, and she wanted a small car, so we bought a new '02 EX automatic in silver. I drove our '89 New Yorker, which we have subsequently sold. Now we're a one-car family (us, daughter, 10, and son, 2).

    Some positive things about the Honda:
    Comfortable seats
    Nice gas mileage
    Cachet for a economy car
    Zips around corners.
    Heater works like gangbusters

    Bad things:
    Lame CD player (doesn't play CD-R's well)
    Weak air conditioning.
    The "we won't let you lock your keys in your car" mechanism drives me insane, when I can't lock the rotten doors without going around the car to do it.

    We have 21000 miles on it. No major problems. The plastic rock guard between the front wheels cracked rather easily from pulling up to a concrete parking lot block, and the brakes had to be adjusted after a month or two.

    Nice to meet you.

    - San Fran Dan
  • Hi, my name is Jon. I bought my Honda Civic January this year. I like it very much; smooth stick shift, takes corners very well, quiet compared to my old SUV ('89 Isuzu Amigo - please, avoid buying that car). 36 city 38 highway, can't beat that. I don't have enough cojones to test out the 127 hp, but you never know when you need it. I just joined the club. Thanks for having me. I'm looking forward to learning more about Hondas ( I used to sneak out my Dad's '90 Accord when I was in high school. by the way, I'm 30, living in Sunny So. Cal.
  • hey im stefano i have a 1993 Civic EX coupe. This is my first car and i love to drive it. i had tiny sohc 127hp "monster" hehe removed in favor of an acura integra gsr motor. i LOVE the new power it has given me no longer am i worried about being seen as a guy driving an econobox. i mean its nothing insanely fast but its nice to know that u have a honda that can do 0-60 in about a little over 6 seconds. im 19 and im obviously into the import tuner craze. i have nothing crazy done to the car just some rims have the car lowered a bit and some tints with a good cd player. my engine was my big modification for a while then coems my badly aging paint. oh and honda needs to add discussion forums to their website.
  • srjpsrjp Posts: 1
    Hi i'm Si hailing from the UK - i've had my 1996 vti (soon after rebadged as the R-Type!!) for about 3 months now and it;s the best car i've driven so far.

    169 bhp, double overhead cam, always amazing when you hit 5600 revs and the whistle it makes is beautiful. stops dead in a straight line and all the electric luxuries i need.

    anyway i'm having trouble finding a UK equivalent of this board. wasn't a problem when i drove a Peugeot 306, hundreds of UK boards for them, but where are the honda drivers? hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. ?

  • Hi-

    I just bought my Civic and I'm loving it. It has just over 1k miles on it (hated the break-in period so I got it over quick!) and just wondering if there is anybody else out there with the same model as mine. I haven't seen any on the road and I'm enjoying the stares I get. I keep getting asked if it is a Mazda and more than a few thought it was one of those Lexus IS330s or whatever their sporty runabouts are.

    I love the new for 04 soundsystem, the standard alloy wheels, and the new exterior and red paint. I almost got the Magnesium Metallic but I'm a red fanatic. ;)

    Oh, I'm still not getting the best gas mileage (30-31 using mid-grade Chevron w/Techron). Any better gas out there? We have BP and Texaco as well as a few other local stations I'll probably stay away from.

    Thanks for any imput!
  • I just sold my Honda that I've had for over ten years now for $1850 and while I feel it was time to let it go it still represented just under a quarter of my life on the road so saying good bye was really hard. It was so reliable and fun to fling about, especially considering that it had over 222,000 miles with no major work performed. Just hop in and go. Everytime.

    My question is, did I do okay on the selling price? Edmunds says a private party value would be about $1,100 so that's a bit of a consolation, but I would like to hear from others what they think.

  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    Let see, you got $1,850 for a multi-owner, 13 year old car with 222,000 miles, I'd say you made out like a bandit! Your question makes me think you are suffering from Post Honda Long Term Ownership Syndrome, so you may need some professional counseling to get you through this very traumatic loss or you could just get over it and move on. It was only a car, really!
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    My wife and I now own a 2003 Honda Accord and a 2004 Honda Civic. Both are four cylinder / automatic vehicles. To date, we have owned and / or leased five Honda vehicles. Outside of regular maintenance, we have never had a problem with these vehicles. The lease ran out on the other two vehicles. We decided to purchase these vehicles because leasing became a "pain" in the "xxx"! We plan on keeping these vehicles for 7 years or 100,000 miles, so we put an extended warranty on these vehicles for that period of time. We plan on taking some "road trips", so we want the security of having a warranty that can be used throughout the United States at any Honda Dealer. The 2003 Accord is one year old and we already have 20,000 miles on the clock! The 2004 Civic is two months old, and we have 2,200 miles on the clock. ----Greg
  • snarkssnarks Posts: 207
    I bought the Civic because it was told it was reliable. It has held up on that end very well. I currently have 202,000 on 95 EX coupe and never had a major mechanical repair and fiance's 96 LX has 160,000 and never a major mechanical repair either. The cars are not very exciting but given the mileage/reliability they are fine. We use 4-5k mile oil change interval using dino. No additives ever nor premium fuel used just followed manual's maintenace schedule.

    I plan on keeping mine now till it requires an expensive repair (>$1000) which according to my mechanic could be still a while to come. I'm sick of it but given it only requires about $200-$400 a year recently in maintenance/repairs that beats paying out $300 a month.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094

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  • andyman73andyman73 Posts: 368
    Hi, I'm Andrew, I am in my 3rd year ownership of 3rd Honda Civic. Currently have @106K on the 94, I have upgraded the plug wires, K&N filter/3" intake tube, and as of 2 days ago, cat on down replacement. Cat broke at the exit end, so needed a new one, got 2" pipe, straight through resonator,and a nice Magnaflow with dual DTM tips. Sounds great. The 5M shifts nicely enough, since the previous car was a 4M '91 DX hatch stripper. Only took 6 months to stop looking for 5th gear. Pain in my butt! But got @42mpg summer,and 38 mpg winter. Had same upgrades as current '94, but had Flowmaster with dual straight tips. Got it up to 105 downhill, on a cool spring morning. Before that, owned an '88 CRX Si with 1.6l and 5M. Was great to drive, even coming from an '85 325e BMW 5M. CRX had K&N, Jacobs Electronics full ignition upgrade, and catback w/o resonator to 2.5" Flowmaster w/dual 3" tips. Could modulate throttle at coast to make it pop at light throttle tip in, was cool. Only problem was geared out at 125mph. Would go that fast before upgrades, and that fast after, but much much quicker. Interestingly enough I liked the way the rearend would rotate around, the Beemer couldn't touch it in that aspect. Also, never even got a second glance from the folks in blue(or black), eventho' I have heard of people who have been stopped.

    By the way, I'm 30, and have owned a Lincoln TC,2 classic Mustangs, the Beemer, '84 300Z turbo, and the 3 Hondas, wife owned a 90 Accord, 94 Beretta w/3.1 V6, and currently owns 99 Contour SE with 24v V6. So, no, I'm not brand loyal, but recognize a good car when I see one. Honda does need to step up to the plate and join the rest of the makes with upgraded hp in the entry level offerings.

  • Your car is only 4 years old. What is the resale value of your vs. if you had bought an 01 Malibu or Altima?

    Not much huh?

  • Hi, I'm Emily and I have an 02 Civic LX in Satin silver metallic. I bought it new and still love it
    as much as the day I picked it up from the dealer!
  • My name is Heather, and I just bought my 4th Civc. I got a magnesium metallic Civic EX SE manual. I spent the last two years fantasizing about what my next car would be (thought I wanted something different), drove a Civic to humor my husband, and ended up buying it! I love it! My 97 EX had over 175k on it and it was time.......


    This one is so zippy! The CD player that comes with the SE is awesome, and I love the rims. It's a nice upgrade. Anyone else out there with an SE?
  • tretre Posts: 1
    What's up all! My name is Tre and I've owned my '86 CRX for a year and some change now. It now has a little over 190K and is still runnin' strong. Wouldn't give it up for anything (well, maybe except for the right The only problem I have is that I have an after-market sound system installed and when I turn the head lights on, the bass stays but the words to my music disappears. Go figure. Can anyone tell me anything about this? I'm completely stumped!
  • I just bought one an hour ago for my wife for her 30th birthday. It's red with tan interior, drives great for the 8 miles it's got on it. I'm thrilled to hear such great comments about the Civic. I've been driving VWs and got tired of the expense of maintaining and driving them. I am back to Honda (my first was a '96 civic DX hatchback, which I NEVER should have sold).
  • lucyfurlucyfur Posts: 1

    Im Lucy and i brought a red honda civic 97 model cxi about just over 1 year ago. Since i have purchased the car i have put in a new head unit, new 6 x9s and a 10" sub which is about to be upgraded to a 15" sub. Currently the interior is being painted silver and should look very sweet when it is finished the only problem with this is that the centre console wont come out with out snapping so i have to have it painted in the car!

    And Tre it sounds like the wiring to your head unit may be dodgy!!! i found that the head unit that came with the car (aftermarket kenwood) was not wired correctly and neither were the speakers. But i may be wrong may just be the head unit is not any good, how old is it?

    Lucy :P
  • tanya2tanya2 Posts: 29

    My name is Tanya, and I own a 2004 4door automatic Honda Civic. I am 25 years old, a second grade teacher, love old country music, love to fish on my dad's 28' Carolina Classic fishing boat, enjoy reading about and working on cars, and I enjoy attending boat shows.

    As a young person, I was exposed to the automotive business, since my extended family is involved in the sale and service of vehicles. You might say that I was born with a wrench in my hand.

    I am looking forward to making a contribution to this board.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    Welcome to Edmunds Forums! :)

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  • eddief1eddief1 Posts: 13
    tre congrad with your crx. maybe the dimmer switch is turn towards low and not showing the words, see if your dash light is bright and will go from high to low lighting.
  • eddief1eddief1 Posts: 13
    hello honda owners hope all of you have a safe and fun journey with your vehicles.i have just purchused a 1987 civic 1.5 hatchback for the purpose of saving gas money verses my ford f150.when ever i buy a vehicle i do a complete parts update.this vehicle has 130,000 from the original owner all parts are still original the following was replaced. waterpump/ timingbelt/ cap,plugwires,rotor/axles,brakes,drums/added pas side mirror/aftermarket radio,speakers/alloyrims tires.the floor under carriage has some rot and the quarter panels. also the paint is faded which i will prime the car.i guess my hands are full but it is a fun car to drive and the engine runs great.
  • chidorochidoro Posts: 125
    I purchased a '98 ex black sedan new a little over seven years ago. Aside from an exhaust system from the catalytic back, it's been a trouble free 128k. My wife owns a '01 black ex as well. She has had a little over 4 years and 54k of trouble free usage.
    She actually said to me yesterday that she really is starting to grow attached to the car. She opted for reliable first, fun second instead of just fun in her car selection this go around so she wasn't really thrilled just to drive. It's good to see her begin to enjoy it fully now as they're both paid off and going to be with us for awhile :D
  • Hi, I'm looking for Honda clubs in the DC area where I can get some advice on how to treat my 87 civic hatchback.
    I thought I posted a message along these lines yesterday, but I don't see it in the forum yet, so here goes again.
  • d15b7d15b7 Posts: 4
    Hello everybody!
    My name is Vesko.
    A have a Civic ' 94(D15B7 engine) 4door, stick shift! ;) Almost for a year. I'm very happy about my Civic and looking for Civic lovers in Chicagoland!
    Do you make any meetings around here?!?
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