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  • lchiallchial Posts: 5
    Hello! I'm trying to decide between a 2001 auto CIVIC EX and a 2001 auto JETTA GLS 2.0. Any suggestions?
  • I'd like some help in deciding what car to buy. I currently still own my first car,a 93 toyota carolla and was thinking of buying a new car. I thought of getting the 2001 honda civic lx because i've liked driving my sister's 2000 civic ex around. However after reading about the problems on here, i'm wondering if i should reconsider and get a 2002 Carolla le instead. I would appreciate any suggestions. Also has anyone been able to get invoice price for the civic now that the 2002 models should be coming out soon.
  • Hello I recently purchased a 1989 Honda Civic SI from the original owner. A 34 year old woman who kept the car garaged 80% of the time in California. She shipped the car to New York where I live. She's moved back to Cali but didn't want to take the car. I purchased the car and fell in love with it because it's CHERRY (Immaculate condition) The car has 109,000 miles, Red, Sun roof, PGFI 12 valve 1.5L HO, Original clutch, EVERYTHING is original. The car starts and runs smoother than my parents 1996 Toyota celica. No ticks, dings or clanking sounds. Never crashed and drives straight as an arrow on the high way when you release the steering wheel. My question is; What is the value of a (possible collector) car like this one? It's the last year of it's boxy body style. Is it worth more than the blue book value to a true Honda enthusiast??
  • Hello-
    We just bought our first Honda over the weekend. We have been Nissan family since 1981(when it was still Datsun), but decided to take a walk on the wild side and try something different. I count cars on my way to and from work and Honda always out numbered Nissan's. I know this is a strange reason to buy a car, but...Anyway, we are hoping to get more EXTRA special miles out of it than our 94 Sentra, which is still going strong with 151K miles and almost all original parts. Wish us luck!!
  • Hi Everyone,
    My name is Linda. I just bought my first car a month ago (at the tender age of 38). I wanted to love the Mazda Protege because I had read such great reviews and they were having a rare financing deal (0% for 48 months). I test drove the 2001 Civic EX 5 speed manual first for comparison and loved it. I drove the Protege next and found it extremely uncomfortable. So I went back to the Honda dealer. I live in central Illinois and paid $300 over invoice and got 6.7% financing for 5 years over the internet (Honda offered me 7.3). I had an easy, no-hassle, no extra sales pitches experience and feel that I got a good deal on the car. The Edmund's TMV for my car was $200 over invoice, but I still think $300 over is a good deal.

    My partner has a 1995 Honda Civic EX, 5 speed manual and it is interesting to note the differences. I thought that the conversations about the Macpherson struts versus wishbone struts were for gearheads only, but we both noticed the difference. I like the suspension better in the '95, but like everything else about my 2001 better. The shifting and acceleration are both more fluid and the change in design makes it much more comfortable inside. I only have about 460 miles on it right now, so I can't say anything about the mileage I'm getting, but I really like driving it.
  • Hello everybody,
    i just bought a 2001 Honda Civic LX sedan,i only have 400 miles on it.When i start my car from the parking lot or at a light, and take my foot off the brake very slowly, the whole underneath of the car makes a creaking noise, this is my first car ever, so..maybe this is supposed to happen.
    if not, please let me know how to fix this.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    What are the most important factors in your car-buying decisions? The Chicago Tribune is looking for a ranking of concerns such as safety, price, monthly payment, styling, quality, etc.

    Please send your response to, or post in Talk to the Press.


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  • Replaced my '91 Camry 4dr with a 2002 Civic EX sedan. I like it a lot, but it just doesn't seem to feel the same as the Camry. It feels cheaper. I couldn't afford the Accord. The suspension on the 2002 Civic feels quite firm to me. I've seen complaints that the 2001s were mushy and hopped too much, especially around corners. The 2002 seems to hug the road. The day after I drove it home, I discovered a leak in the Power Steering pump. Took it back to the dealer, and they replaced some sort of seal. My first tank of gas yielded 38 MPGs.
    My experience with the dealer was great. I dealt with the Internet manager, and was able to negotiate a deal over the phone. I got the vehicle for $16,400, which included destination. The dealer was Ontario Honda in Canandaigua, NY.
  • cwliangcwliang Posts: 54
    bschwager - I'm just like you, I went from a '91 Camry (blue DX) to an '02 Civic EX sedan... The interior seems to be similar (some more conveniences in the new Civic, like map lights and a sunroof), but it definitely rides firmer than the Camry, handles much better, and is jolted by potholes a lot more... And to think, it cost about $5,000 MORE than the Camry did back in '91... Gotta love inflation. :)
  • I bought a Civic DX coupe a couple of months ago. I would like to make a few
    modifications to boast the performance of the car. It is an automatic (though
    I wanted 5-speed). Can anybody help me with a systematic way to achieve this.
    I don't want to make a race car, and with this model, I probably can't. I would,
    however, like to reach the full potential of the car eventually, but a little at a time.
    What should I start with? Thanks for any help.
  • I own a 1997 honda Civic EX coupe automatic. I have been a Honda owner for many years now and I guess you could consider me a dedicated customer. I have owned a 1985 JDM Honda Prelude while living in Japan and sold it to purchase a 1987 JDM Honda Integra which I sold to purchase a 1990 JDM Honda Prelude. I purchased my Civic after returning to America. I was looking for an economical and reliable automatic.

    In response to message #41- It depends on how much power you really want. For thousands of dollars you can technically achieve 300 hp and still be street legal with very little reliability concerns. I am like you. I wanted just a little more power from my Civic. Here are the modifications I have made:

    1). Cold air tube style intake with K&N filter
    2). Cat back exhaust system with 2.5in pipe from the cat to the Magnaflow muffler
    3). Enlarged plug wires (9mm I think)
    4). Front and rear sway bars

    The performance gains are not HUGE. They are noticable though. Remember, if you make significant power modifications don't forget about stopping! Upgrade your brakes!

    There is a magazine you might find at you local book store called Honda Tuning. There you'll find lots of performance tuning ideas. There are other tuning magazines like Superstreet and Sport Compact Car. Superstreet caters to a younger crowd while Sport Compact seems to cater to the elder. Both are good.

    I plan on making future modifications that are significant after I scrounge up enough money to by another Honda as a second set of wheels. Tuning can be fun but remember to play it smart and do your research. Todays vehicles are computer controlled precision machines. Uneducated modifications can be costly and may null any dealer or manufacture warranty you may have.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Last week, Edmunds rolled out new pricing pages. Along with this is a new "consumer ratings & reviews". This functionality lives in the "consumer opinions" area of the new vehicle detail page, and allows users to rate a vehicle on a number of different criteria (1 to 10 scale), as well as add his/her own free-form comments.

    If you have some time, we would really appreciate Town Hall members writing a review of their current auto, or a favorite make/model. It takes approximately a week for your review to appear on that make/model.

    If you have any questions, please let me know!


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  • mgreene8mgreene8 Posts: 8
    numuffler you might want to get the window tracks lubricated. My front passenger window was slow on the uptake and once the track was lubed, operates *much* better.

    My Bear is a white `98 Civic LX and I'm the 2nd owner. ((yes, I gave him a name just like all the other vehicles I have owned.)) Great gas mileage, tight turning radius and can blow doors off on a good day (when I'm having a good day). Just a few miles over 46k (26k+/- are mine) and tomorrow, he gets a new trans. Have I had major trans problems?? NO. Just 2 days out of 2 years. Apparently, my dealer discovered a "bulletin" when I took him in for a diagnosis of the 2-day problem, and the answer was a complete replace. Have I had any other major problems?? Just a salesman that I would never deal with again, since he repeatedly lied, but other than that, not a thing. The dealer service is great and has provided, including today, a ride home and tomorrow will come and get me. Is that unusual?? Even though I can't keep him clean, and can't find a reputable detailer, he's my Bear. [[and I NEVER thought that I would own a Honda, since everybody else on the planet does.]]
  • Hi everyone, I am a proud new owner of a 2002 Civic Ex Coupe, with manual transmission. I purchased the car from Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in Cerritos Auto Square for $15,200. It has been a little less than a month now, and i already have 1800 miles on it. Shows how much i love to drive this car.

    Ok, now on to my question for Earwen. Can you please tell me what I should start to work on, in order to increase the performance of my car? I am looking at doing it piece by piece and NOT doing anything that will ruin my car in ANY way. I don't want to void my warranty and would very much like some suggestions on the most reliable way to modify my ride. Do all the suggestions in mod Mags like SuperStreet suggest reliable methods of modifying my car?

    Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. What is the first thing i should work on to notice the most amount of change in performance???
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    Hello guys,

    We just bought a 2002 Civic EX Auto 4dr Sedan for my daughter. Just noticed oil cap says 5W-20 oil and owner's manual says to use 5W-20, 5W-30 is an ok substitude to use if 5W-20 is not available, but should change back to 5W-20 next oil chnage.

    My 01 Odyssey oil filler cap also says to use 5W-20 but owner's manual got updated to list 5W-30 only.

    Any comments?

  • rickinnj8rickinnj8 Posts: 9
    I have owned my red '96 Civic EX coupe from day 1. It was sitting on the showroom floor with aluminum wheels, a spoiler, a sunroof wind deflector, a cassette player, Lojack and leather interior. It still looks like new with 83K on the odometer. I haven't had a single problem with it (except the issue with the sunroof molding that I mention in "Honda Civic Problems"). I have only changed the oil, the tires, the brake pads and the muffler. I guess I can say I got my moneys worth. I'm looking forward to passing on this car to my daughter when she gets her license soon. Any comments on what I should buy next?
  • jrl03182002jrl03182002 Posts: 10
    Hi All -

    I just bought my car a month ago and I love it. This site and others are really very helpful to me in getting a good deal.

    Any advise I could give to new car buyers, just let me know.

  • igloomasterigloomaster Posts: 249
    thinking of buying a 2002 LX auto w/a/c.

    I'm a musician and will be transporting roughly 300 - 400lbs of cargo in the trunk and some in the back seat -- -- on a regular basis.

    No, I don't want a truck or van.

    Question: can the Civic 1.7 liter engine handle carrying this weight, or will it be constantly straining and thus could wear out fast?

    I guess the weight is about the same as transporting 3 adult passengers in addition to the adult male driver, all the time.

    Anybody have any experience to share?
  • Hi, 2 weeks ago I bought the SI, with 510 miles so far, i'm just starting to race it a little (breaking in period). So far i LOVE the car, quiet, smooth, quick, sharp turns, excelent location for stick shift, super nice seats, etc...
  • civicamycivicamy Posts: 2
    Hi, I just bought 2002 EX Civic Sedan last week! I love it so far, but I have heard rumors that new cars should not be driven very fast in the beginning. This is due to "breaking them in". Any advice? I am about to take a drive to Atlanta from Philadelphia, and the thought of driving at 50 mph frightens me!

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    Read owner's manual page 164. Yous don't have to drive @ 50-55 miles per hour. As long as you don't drive with full throttle or hard breaking you should be fine. Make sure you don't rev your engine to redline.

    Enjoy your new Ex.

  • little9little9 Posts: 30
    Bought a 95 del sol si with auto trans at the end of april. Had 63089 miles on it but now has about 3000 more. Only car I've ever owned that I've driven just for the pure fun of it. Too bad Honda stopped making them. No leaks, no squeaks but no headlight on warning and certainly no useful cup holders but what a little dream to drive. Oh yes, every female says ther same thing "It's such a cute car". Too damned bad they never said that about me...but such is my life. Maybe when I win the lottery...I'm willing to believe lies.
  • mogasmogas Posts: 8

    I purchased my 4th Honda vehicle, a Civic.
    When I returned to America in 1999 I decided to buy a used Civic. When I purchased the car it had been on the road for almost 3 years (21,000 miles at purchase) and already had aftermarket 16" rims and Falken tires along with an Alpine head unit and six speaker set up.

    While living Japan I had gotten into sport tuning so I decided to tinker around in the garage with my little Civic. I have made the following upgrades:

    Cold air intake (AEM)
    DC Sport Headers (4-2-1)
    Maganaflow cat back
    JR Highflow cat
    JR Fuel Pump
    AEM Fuel Rail
    AEM Fuel Regulator
    Venom Injectors
    Venom Fuel Controller
    Venom Throttlebody
    Venom Intake Manifold
    Holly Digital ignition system
    DC Sport front and rear tower strut bars
    Tokico adjustable shocks and struts
    Neuspeed lowering springs (only .75")
    Crower Cam
    Unorthodox Clutch Kit (Ultra G, street)
    Nology plugs and wires
    Bosch fuel filter
    K&N air and oil filters

    The exterior remains stock other than the wheels, and the slight lowering and I plan to keep it that way. Next on the slate is a four wheel disc brake upgrade (may keep drums in rear, not sure yet) and more engine work- pullies!

    I did change out the head lamps to an after market set due to condensation build up in the stock pair and I had a power window shelf bracket break that required replacement. Found one at the local junk yard for about $5.00. Other than that I have had no problems at all with this car, even with the extensive upgrades I have made. I keep up on the routine maintenance, and trust me, that helps out alot in the long term! Sport tuning is lots of fun whether it's a '69 GTO or a Datsun 510, just remember one thing- keep it off the street! The place to play is on the track.
  • mgrmgr Posts: 40
    Sounds like some great upgrades. My name is Mike, I just purchased my 02 Civic EX coupe in black. I have ground effects and 17" wheels with Goodyear performance tires. I had Sparco pedals and shifter knob installed. Also have a performance exhaust and an AEM cold air induction. I estimate about 147hp at this time.

    I am new to sport tuning and am looking forward to adding more. I love this Civic, the first Honda I have owned. It is quick off the line and is great through the gears. I drive mine hard, right up to red line. I live in a big city, so not many places to run this thing. Have only had it up to 105mph. After a few more upgrades, I plan on taking it to the local strip.

    I'm currently doing research as to what upgrades will do the most for performance. I want to stay away from NOS at this time. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • jefff4jefff4 Posts: 1
    Hi I am Jeff and I have 95 civic sedan. Unfortunatley there is no indicator sound for leaving your headlights on after you exit your vehicle. Well needless to say 3/4 of a work day in I drained the battery and now have no radio. To top it off I just moved and I can't find the owners manual(no I didn't leave it the glove compartment like a good boy) to enter the code for the radio. Can anybody help me while I feverishly look through a forest of boxes? I appreciate it.
  • Im Dave live in Fort Worth TX i am buying a '95 Honda Civic VX Hatchback with only 50,620 miles on it damn im
  • new old car, my first honda...glad to find it ...49990 miles
    dark old car...chevy nova manual trans (toyota) is still running at 219k. My nova is crying since I moved it to the driveway. My honda is inside with my 91 stick shift S15 sonoma (6) 207k mi....oh well. I love my honda, although its an auto and it is a little of a dog after driving sticks....dont know what to do with my other foot now. tina
  • Just bought an Eternal Blue Pearl HX, and am having the dealer install A/C Monday. I love the promise of phenominal gas mileage, especially since I expect petrol to top out at over $2.00/gal this winter. Traded in my 1999 Ford F-250 V-10 gas-guzzler because I couldn't afford to pay for it and feed it. :-( I love my new car, and have owned hondas in the past, so I know that they can have very long lifespans. I only have 98 miles on the car, as it was just bought yesterday evening. Still haven't thought of a name for it yet (haven't even figured out the gender). Oh yeah, the dealer charged $13750 + 299 +1200 (A/C). I don't care if it's almost as much as an LX....MPG MPG MPG MPG!!!!!!!
  • Hi, my name is Greg, and my wife and I have a 2000 white four door Civic, and a 2000 green four door Accord. We love these vehicles. Both are four cylinder and they run very smooth. I run both vehicles on 92 octane fuel, and I make it a point to add 4oz of Marvel Mystery oil to each 10 gallons of fuel as an upper cylinder lubricant for the valves, the piston rings and the fuel system components, --(fuel injectors and valve guides need lubrication). Both engines run very quiet, and the acceleration is outstanding for a four cylinder car. The idle on both engines is smooth and steady. Marvel oil is "ok" for both the oxygen sensor and / or the cat. coverter. You can purchase this product from Pep Boys auto stores. At 4oz for each ten gallons of fuel, you will not even see it in the gasoline, but it is just enough to supply some lubrication to the fuel system components. I also run this product in the fuel of four and two cycle boat engines. Add the Marvel just before you fill you tank, and the incoming fuel will mix it in the tank. ---Just my opinion. ----Greg
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