Please help me compare 2013 Civic with other cars; and get the best price for 2013 Civic in NJ

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Hello friends, I want to buy an overall great inexpensive sedan for lowest price, and I am considering 2013 Civic LX, EX-L, 2014 Corolla, some Hyundai/Kia sedan...I'm gravitating more towards 2013 Civic and am not sure if Civic EX-L is worth buy with disc brakes, metal alloy.
Is 2013 Civic LX just decent enough ? I'm targetting for total on the road price of within 18,500$ in Central New Jersey. Is this doable as the 2014 Civic has entered the what price should I ask for and how do I know which dealership offers lowest price?


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    Depends on current drive. I have an Civic LX, coming off a Buick Regal, Civic LX a bit too bare bones and economy. If doing again I would get an Accord LX.

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    Don't understand people wanting an inexpensive car, then loading it up with alloys, leather, etc. To each his own.

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    I had a 2008 civic lx from new. It's got the same motor as the 2013 civic. The 2014 lx has a bit more power, stiffer suspension and might cost more money. My 1.8L lx, was a great commuter. I drove it really hard for 5 years, city and highway, and the majority of the service bills were just oil changes and gas. In that time, I replaced the intake and cabin filters, wiper blades and a battery. It had 135,000kms and upon trade in, was down to 20% left on the original brake pads. I agree it needed more features and a bit more power, so I got a 2012 si with navi. Although it takes premium, the difference in fuel consumption is not noticeable considering the engine is a lot bigger. In fact the si has a smaller gas tank, and will go just as far, mileage-wise as my 1.8 lx. The difference was in the monthly payments lol. All in with a starter, my Canadian si was $33,500. My 08 LX, $23,800 (cars are more $ here)
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