Tire Wear

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I have a 2000 Expedition XLT 5.4L with 6500 miles. I rotated the 17" General Grabber AW tires at 4000. I've clearly got "outside tire feathering" going on and I'm being told by the ford dealership that this is normal (Alignment is perfect - they checked) and that there is nothing that can be done. I've gone all the way up the chain at the Dealership.... Help!!! Do all Expedition do this? Is this normal? Anyone else have similar experience? Where do I go next?


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    I have a 2000 GMC Jimmy that was grinding the outside tread off (within a few hundred miles). The dealer said the alignment was "within spec".

    I took it to my mechanic who aligned it and the the tires wear perfectly now. Save yourself the aggravation and have it aligned by another shop.
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    Unless you're doing some very daring cornering in your Expedition sportscar, there's something wrong with alignment or the front end or tire inflation (the last is doubtful if it's only wearing on one edge).
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