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2014 GMC 1500 Sierra Design Flaw , corrosion

daviddgmctruckdaviddgmctruck Member Posts: 10

This is my 15th or so new GMC Sierra in 30 years, aprx 900 miles now. After taking delivery of this new truck I started to do a fine detail and wax job. Little did I know what I would find. After beginning to work around the wheel arch openings I found a disturbing corrosion problem . All the wheel arch moldings have a design defect that there are gaps between the moldings and the painted body fender. This allows road debris such as dirt, sand, grit, salt, etc, to get lodged between the molding and fender. These gaps will expand and contract with temperature changes. That in itself hurts the problem more because with the constant movement of molding and debris lodged there it is a grinding effect like sandpaper. I have already had to remove these that were stuck there with tweezers , the ones I can see. There is not to my knowledge any way possible to fix this without properly designed moldings that attach to the truck firmly and secure. And no way of tightening them. So I let the sales manager know of this and he said '' thats not good and GM needs to fix that. Knowing that the dealership is going to have a very hard time doing anything without a different part# to replace the flawed ones, I call GM customer service. I explained in detail and with pictures and here is the response I got finally after telling them I looked at every Sierra on the lot and they all have the same problem, I found gaps between the moldings and body fenders on all them. I was ask " do you want us to let you talk to the design team and build new ones that fit correct for every 2014 on the road" I said yes, they said they will not do that, and cannot. This is not except-able on the highest price professional grade GMC Sierra 1500 truck I ever purchased or any other I would purchase. The dealer service manager was to look into what to do and call me but never did. That is cause there is likely nothing anyone could do without a proper fitting part . There is no doubt my truck is already starting a corrosion problem behind these moldings , if you just lightly touch them you can hear the grit grinding on the paint that is lodged there. Since I am writing here are a few more problems on the new 2014 Sierra we purchased. The knobs that control heat and fan settings will jump and skip numbers or make no adjustment if turned quickly, not good in electronics they may get worse . I have rattles in the door , and deep inside the dash that would be a disaster to try and fix . The remote start will not work below 10deg, I tried on two others new 2014 Sierras and they did not work neither below 10 deg. There can be sometimes very rough and clanking shifting if the computer decides to put the engine in four cylinder mode at the same point of up shifting . A very hard jerk with a clank. My truck does it regularly if i am driving easy.


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    daviddgmctruckdaviddgmctruck Member Posts: 10

    To make a update to this point on the new 2014 sierra about a month gone by and just words nothing has been done. Also a update to list of problems, the tailgate on this truck when opened will rest on one cable and the other is very loose, so to get the tailgate to properly rest evenly on both tailgate support cables I have to put a lot of weight on the tailgate actually causing the tailgate to twist therefore bending the metal. Dealer said cant be fixed and no adjustment, basically tuff. More to come and updates to this post.

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    jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109

    I dont have a 2014 i own a 2008. But my tailgate falls off alot when i close the tailgate. And to open the tailgate i also have to push on the tailgate and then pull the latch and thent he tailgate opens

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    haik6909haik6909 Member Posts: 1

    The tailgate on my 2014 GMC Sierra works fine. The floor of the bed was welded wrong. There is a gap up in the nose of the bed and my tailgate rubs on the bed when you close the gate, rubbing the paint off. They ordered a new bed. Now they're gonna disassemble the whole back half of my truck and replace the bed. I'm pretty pissed off right now. The day I drove the truck off the lot, got home and the door locks would not work. They had to replace BCM(body control module.

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    gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252

    Hello haik6909,

    We are sorry to hear that you've experienced issues with your 2014 GMC Sierra. We understand your concern, you do not expect issues when purchasing a new vehicle. If you'd like us to document these concerns in our system, we'd be happy to do so. Please send me an email to socialmedia@gm.com Attn:Andraya with your contact information and VIN to further discuss.

    GM Customer Care

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