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    I'd just go to the dealership that you purchased it from and ask them if they would take care of it first. Fortunately in my situation I had just bought a loaded Fusion SEL from the dealership so they agreed to only charge me $100. I'm having it replaced on January 30. Hopefully you have had most of your vehicles maintenance done at that dealership and have developed some kind of relationship with a service advisor there. In my case, the dealership that I purchased my Mountaineer from went out of business. I believe the only reason Ford took care of me was that I bought a $27,000 car from them.
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    Regarding the transmission, I have an 04 ( :lemon: ) but the guy at the shop said there was no recall on file. He had to overhaul (refurbish) the whole thing for $2,500.
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    Can you tell me how you pursued this. I talked to the dealer and all they offered was a 20% discount on the $365. repair and Ford Motor is backing that up since there hasn't been a recall. Any suggestions would be apprciated
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    I have an '04 AWD V8 and there was only a recall on the fluid for the transmission not for the transmission itself. There definitely was not one for the transmission inner parts. There was a Technical Service Bulletin for the Solenod which was replaced along with the Pan and Gasket under warranty at 13,000 miles.
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    Hi, my dealer didn't want to fix it, I had to call Ford direct and describe my problem. Before you call Ford direct, get an estimate from your dealer, because Ford will ask for an estimate. The Ford direct # is in your manual, or just ask your dealer. There is a lot of people with the same problem. Good luck.
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    My 2005 is in the shop right now 1/3 of repair paid by me and 1/3 by Ford and 1/3 by dealer. Did you figure out no cost repair. if there is a huge problem like there is Ford should be taking care of this 100%. Why should we pay for a known issue?

    My heater having an issue also they are fixing under same program or it alone would have cost $1200+ now heater and crack repaired for $400+ still ridiculous.
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    So far I have had no luck in dealing with the dealer or with Ford. I did find out that Ford
    had a service bulletin regarding this problem with the Natl Highway Safety Adminstration
    but they are unwilling to take care of their "problem" if the car is out of warranty. It is outrageous of them to take this stand. I filed a report with the Natl Highway Safety Adminstration. Maybe if everyone who has this problem filed a report with them , then
    they would see the enormous problem this is and issue a safety recall
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    I am thinking about buying a 2002 Ford Explorer. It has 71,000 miles, and asking price is $5,000. It is a private party in Chicagoland area. I took a quick look and it seems nice, but I don't know anything abouth the Explorer. I have been a Ford man my whole life, but only Taurus since 1993, and a couple of Lincoln Town Cars before that. Any and all input is apreciated. Thanks.
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    If anyone else has this problem PLEASE call the Ford Motot Company and complain. I woke up this morning to the same crack in my 2003 Mountaineer. I called the Ford Motor Company and made a complaint. They informed me there was no recall as of yet because no one is calling them to let them know what is going on. Just calling your local dealership is not good enough.
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    I already reported it to Ford and NTSB to no avail THey have known about this problem since 2003 esp with their Ford Explorers. They are not willing to cover this
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    The part is about about $120 on most sites, and repairs start around $300. (yes, almost $200 in labor charges). Therefore, looks like the upped your price $65 so they could "give" you a 20% discount. So, not much of a deal. Most dealers accuse you of slamming the hatch, but the problem is a manufacturing defect. The panel is glued to the hatch glass. The 2 parts expand at different rates & since the plastic is thinner, it breaks. They don't have this panel on the 2006-current year Explorers, because they knew of the issue back in 2003. (7 years of this happening, but it's not a problem). The best part is calling Ford Customer Service & having one of their agents tell you that this is the 1st time they've heard of this. (really??!!!??! did ya just start there today???) :mad:
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    Had the same thing happen to my 2003 Eddie Bauer 4WD, 2 years ago. Went back to the dealer (Mission Ford, San Jose, CA) he agreed with me that this was some sort of part failure and he called Ford. After some discussion they Agreed to replace entire liftgate and repaint for $100.

    This is not a first time for this type of issue and Ford knows it. Push your dealer to replace at minimum cost.
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    I purchased a new 2005 mercury mountaineer, and I tell you it is a bad investment. Liftgate cracked over the top and around the side of the emblem. Also are having so much trouble with transmission jumping into gear when place into reverse, and jerk when in drive. I have went to and called the dealership,also called their home office and got no help. All I was asked was about miles and do you have extended warranty.. I like Ford product but is afraid of the bad risk I would be taking in getting the F-150 I want to purchase.
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    Like many, many Explorer owners, I have that same crack that runs through the back panel under the rear window, close to the Ford decal. It developed one cold night in December of 2009, when my Explorer had only 70,000 miles. I love the vehicle otherwise, but because of the lack of satifaction I am receiving from Ford Motor Company, it will be the last Ford I ever buy.

    I've tried dealing with Customer Service and the corporate office of Ford Motor Company, plus with our local Ford dealership in Owensboro, KY, which is Champion Ford. No luck from anyone on getting it repaired, though they acknowledge it's a common problem.

    So, here is my next step: I am starting a Facebook page highlighting this problem. I shall post pictures of my cracked Explorer, and encourage others to join it and post their photos. If Ford still doesn't repair this flaw, I shall make a video, post it on YouTube, and hope it goes viral.

    Look for me on Facebook soon. I'm thinking of calling the group Ford Explorers on Crack, or something like that. Surely, Ford will not like this negative publicity and do something to fix all Explorers with this problem.
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    How do you go about reporting this to Ford and/or NTSB? I want to file a complaint about the crack in my rear liftgate. I also noticed quite a few people with the same crack where I live. I would like to pass this along. Strength in numbers. This is ridiculous that Ford is not owning up to this.
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    Ford has known about the problem since 2003 and doesn't give a crap. They cared a little up until 2009 when they discontinued their "assistance" program. You are on your own. On the bright side, you can order the part thru a dealer (I got mine for $120), and the instructions to replace it are online. Just need the part, paint & double sided automotive tape.

    good luck! (btw, I still have my part, sold the explorer).
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    I've had 3 of them crack - Ford stepped up and replaced all 3 of them, no charge. They discontinued this rear door in 2006 because the liftgate material was flawed by the subcontractor who provided this panel. They continued to replace them until 2008. But how long does a manufacturer have to guarantee their flaw? 7 years? I don't think so. No manufacturer does on body panels. It's not guaranteed not to age. I think it's asking a bit much to expect them to do something all these years later, myself.
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    That was your dealer, that was not Ford. If you call Ford, they will tell you they never heard of the problem or the program to fix it. And I guess as long as you got yours fixed 3 times, to h*ll with anyone else. Mine cracked and it was one of their "replacements" done in 2007, so YES, since their fix was bad as the original, they should've fixed it again. But hey, long as you're happy, why give a crap about anyone but yourself.
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    So, only you are entitled to have an opinion? Dealers don't absorb repairs when they are factory design flaws. My dealer told me Ford issued a TSB on this problem, so Ford knew about it.
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    Oh they know about it, they just pretend they don't. Most people just give up & pay for it themselves.
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    I have the same problem with my 2004 ford explorer and so far its mum's the word from FORD. I know if atleast 13 other explorer owners with the same problem; what do they think we are "STUPID"? I fianlly got back home and will see the NHTSA at ther DC office and show them this problem and the pictures from the others.

    They had this same problem before 2002/003 models and their is a service notice for it; they must be buying from the same company. I thought Ford got over this after the tire problem (lack of customer care).

    Will let you know how it turns out
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    I think everyone will agree that this is an annoying problem.
    It just looks bad.
    What it is not, is a safety issue.
    I had the panel crack on my '02, it got replaced and the replacement cracked, too.
    Second time was probably my fault.
    The fact is, 2002 was the first year the Explorer had this design.
    To me, the clouded plastic headlights I see across many brands is more of a safety issue worthy of the NHTSA.
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  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I had a 2002 with this problem, a 2004 with this problem, and still have a 2003 with this problem. All of them cracked, Ford replaced them all under warranty until the warranty expired, the replacements all cracked too. This is the reason why Ford changed the tailgate design in 2006 and eliminated the composit sill on the backlight, they couldn't cost effectively remedy the problem. Maybe they should have come up with a permanent fix, but they didn't. I agree, it's not a safety issue, it's cosmetic, and is merely annoying. I'm annoyed too, but not enough to ditch the cars because they have been so good in so many other ways. Clearly, they were and are the best design of their class inside. I bought an 06 and still have an 07. All in all, I've had 7 of them since 94. I will likely buy one of the new Explorers too, if they still measure up. IMO the only car maker than can complete with their design and exceed their quality is Toyota, and they are brutally expensive these days. I'll likely stay with the Fords.
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    I own a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer and the same problem exist . The rear hatch is cracked down around the emblem. I hope Mercury recalls this soon, I keep my truck in tip top shape and since this is a defect they should fix it.
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    They will not be recalling this. It is an old issue that they usually will claim to know nothing about. It is not a safety issue, it is a cosmetic issue. Your only choices are to have the shop fix it ($400+) or buy the piece yourself & replace it. ($130+). The instructions to replace this part are online. Just Google or Bing Ford liftgate fascia.
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    Afraid I agree with both of you. A) they should fix it, but B) they won't be doing a recall. It's not safety related as mentioned above, it's not functional so no lawsuit or possibility of injury is likely. It's kind of like the GM cars of the 80's, with the rubber strip that went down the side of the cars, that was glued on. Every one of them fell off the first year, and continued to do so, until people just pulled them off. Very poor design. Ford discontinued the design in 2006 because of the failure of that piece of fascia, which even cracked after replacement. The subcontractor who made that piece did a lousy job on it. But don't hold your breath on a recall. Ain't gonna happen.
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    yeah there is a recall on the back hinges! my window fell out, got everything replaced!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 North Central OHMember Posts: 17,742
    Good news, although you replied to a 10 year old post.
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    Hi guys I have a 97' Explorer XLT. It's got 35,806 miles on it (believe it or not) and it has an ugly cloth interior and an ugly, fat steering wheel. I picked this bad boy up for $3300 and I wanted to know what years of Explorer are seat and steering wheel compatible with this car. I'd like a tan leather interior out of an 01' or so, and a steering wheel out of an 02' or up. Tell me if I can do this, how, and price.

  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    The complete redesign of the Explorer occurred in 02. So no parts from an 02 are likely to fit. 01 should be fine.
  • davidcullen90davidcullen90 Member Posts: 2
    Would you happen to know the size of speakers in a 97' explorer?
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    I have the same issue with my 2005 Mercury Mountaineer. Looks terrible and went to several ford dealers. No one from Ford will accept responsible nor cover the charges. I also have my right wheel bearing replaced and need another replacement on both, right and left. I had a warranty which lasted of course when I need the most help. Also my funds are low and this is my only transportation :mad: :cry: :sick: , as I have heart failure at 41 yrs old and pacemaker/defibrillator and a 13 yr old son who has severe Crohn's Disease and constantly have several doctor appointments several times a week. Is this safe for two ill patients to have a tire fall off? We our both weak and scared that my investment in this 2005 was not a safe means of transport. Ford has not replied or returned my emails. I have foreclosed and was evicted and have no funds to fix my Mercury. I am inline for a Heart Transplant. Where's your heart Ford??? Help someone in need-we helped you!
  • nvbankernvbanker Member Posts: 7,239
    I'm sorry, I do not.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454 may have a fitment guide with those specs.
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