Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier

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I have seen 2002 Ford Explorer sales brochures, pictures and specifications. Has anyone seen the vehicle and driven it? I would appreciate any additional information prior to placing an order.


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    The 2002 is very nice. The V-6 has a little more power and is more quiet than the old model. It handles and rides much better. It felt great to me and the wife. The controls feel better. The 6-cd in-dash stereo unit is great. I listened to it briefly and hated to turn it off, but wanted to listen for the engine and drive noise. There is some pronounced wind or road noise from the rear. However, nothing like in the 2002 Envoy. The rear hatch is very nice with the low lift-over. It has more "real" passenger room and feels better than the 2002 GMC Envoy that I drove.

    However, Ford left a great deal to be desired. You can't get heated rear-view mirrors on the XLT or XLS let alone the auto-dimming outside mirrors available on the new CM products. The dash is just plan boring. The interior feels cheaper. I believe that they call it "de-contenting" or something to that effect.

    If you have prior-experience with the Explorer, you must be careful not to assume anything. Check out every nook and cranny (and the under-floor storage is nice) to make sure that they left in what you liked about the old Explorer.

    One of the best things about the 2002 was that it had Michelin tires. I currently have a '99 Explorer and a '00 Contour. Both of those vehicles came with Firestone, but had replacements on them within the first few days of ownership.
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    Thanks gasman for your commentary and ideas. Did you see or drive the Eddie Bauer or Limited models as they are suppost to be upscale from the XLS and XLT? My literature states that you can get Michelin, Goodyear or if you really want Firestones-they are available.
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    I just test drove the 2002 Explorer XLT 4 door and I have to agree with gasman1 that there are some pluses and some minuses.. guess I was hoping that they'd leave in the things I liked and improve the things I didn't like, but some things I don't care for. such as... If you use a radar detector.. the lighter outlet is now in the driver armrest console where the tissue box used to be.. this is cumbersome because the plug must stretch across from the dash to the armrest.
    I didn't care to much for the driver instrumentation and the compass and odometer are stuck in the corner, looking sort of an afterthought and it does seem a bit cheaper.
    The ride was smoother than my '98 XLT but there wasn't a great difference, even over bumps. The steering was responsive and the brakes were great and it did feel that it had a little more balance and stability than prior years. It is roomier throughout and the third row seating is a nice addition, as well as it's lower and wider getting in and out. The back is lower also but I was disappointed to see that there is a noticeable rise a few inches into the back cargo area. I have a dog that is always jumping in and out and I couldn't help thinking that he'd hit that ridge with the front of his paws and it would hurt him.

    GoHuskers..I would definitely take it for a long drive first and see it in and out before I'd place that order. I'm content getting a 2001 especially with the rebates that are being offered, waiting a few years for undetered kinks to be worked out.
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    I am moving up from a Honda CR-V, and rode the 2002 Explorer yesterday and just loved it. What's really smart about the way they designed the second row seat is the way that BOTH sides flip down, so that you can enter the back row from either side of the car. Also, it felt far less trucky that any of the bigger SUVs I've tried (most of which probably have V8s). I drove the Expedition, the Tahoe, etc, and this car didn't make me feel fearful one bit. Probably a great car for the family, I'm guessing, and better on the gas mileage than the other ones, though not as room or luxurious.
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    I just test drove a 2002 Mountaineer. I currently own a 96 Explorer XLT. I don t understand how anyone could be content purchasing a 2001 Explorer/Mountaineer as the new model has so many improvements. The new suspension, available third row seat, better steering, better brakes, available side air curtain, and noise reduction make the new models a definite step above the older models...But of course..just my opinion
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    First off, let me just say I have test drove an XLS and really loved it. I plan on getting a E.. V-8 as soon as they come out with the late stuff on them.
    Second, I agree with the mrfenway about the pluses and minuses. But don't get me wrong I also agree with sirknightd about how any one would be content with purchasing a 2001 with so much changing with the 2002. (okay so money does factor into this) beck the 2001, 2000, 1999 all look the same anyway.
    Third, I really like what they have done with the new Explorer. Boy, they really thought some stuff out. The details are amazing.. larger coat hooks for plastic hangers... V-8 AND 4x4 offered together... my only complaint about it is where did the trip computer go? I have seen one BE and have yet to drive one. Did they put it in the dash by the speed limit? I wish they had left that along. I use that little feature all of the time. Besides that I am happy, well that and the two tone leather on the BE. Anyway I can't wait to get one and I must admit I am happy to see a 2002 Explorer board on Edmunds.
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    I just test drove a 2002 Eddie Bauer the other night. Like already mentioned here, there are a lot of pluses and minuses. The ride is great.much more car like, but there are still too many negatives about the truck to make me go out and shell out $30k+ for. The exterior is nice, but there is some parts that look very cheap. Who designed those running boards I will never know, but they are UGLY! and the wheel lip moldings on the XLT model are not painted.....just molded gray plastic. It gives it a very cheap look. Also, to get fog lamps you have to step up to an EB model. Also, the back tail area has the same cheap looking graph paper kinda of black plastic like the running boards. other than those details, the rest of the exterior looks great.
    Now the interior, it has a very import car kinda of feel to me anyways. They moved the compass and temp gauges into the instrument panel. I kinda like it better on the headliner like my 99 Sport has. One good thing about the EB is that they moved that silly computer thingy into the instrument panel as well, so you dont lose any center console space anymore. Another thing, the radio buttons are kinda small so they might be a pain to find in the dark, even though they'd be lit.One thing Im kinda dissapointed with is that you cant get the electrochromic mirror unless, once aain, you step up to the EB model. Now,the back cargo area is huge now..... compared to the last generation. Seem much more roomier. that independent rear suspension really made a big differen in space, no doubt about that.

    Overall I am impressed with the 2002, but I sure wish they made some of the things you can get on the 2001 XLTs available on the 02's. Im sure in the next 2-3 model years they will. But for now, Im gonna trade in my 99 Sport for a 2001 XLT with the Sport package. The interest rates and rebates are just too damn good pass up. Maybe in 2-3 yrs I will upgrade to a 2003-4 or so.
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    I have to agree with intrepidJC about the features and option structures on the 2002. I wanted an XLT with the MACH stereo, fog lamps, and trip computer. But you have to move up to the EB/limited for all that. But I dont like leather seats. I just cant justify the $4000 price jump to a Limited for those options and the other things you get. I also wanted the V8 but have been reading about the durability/overheating/coolant leak problems they have been having with that engine I curently own a Subaru Forester that has been totally reliable but wanted to buy American this time around. Toyota and Nissan are doing a total redesign of the 4runner and Pathfinder for 2002. I think I'll wait and see what those will be like.
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    We test drove a new Explorer today - I was pretty impressed. I thought the ride was MUCH better than the previous model, however it didn't feel like the V-6 had a ton of power with four people in the Explorer.

    I was disappointed to find out that a lot of the options like people have mentioned are only available on the Eddie Bauer and Limited and not on the XLS/XLT. You can build an XLT w/ leather, sunroof, third seat, etc. and you would still have to jump in price almost $2000 to get the little options like on the Eddie Bauer (auto climate control, electrochromatic mirror, message center, etc.). That is a lot of money just for little gadgets like that.

    I was impressed with the third seat room - with the independent suspension in the rear, it really gives the Explorer a lot of third seat room. I'm 6'2" and I had plenty of leg room and head room. We have a Toyota Sienna minivan now (which we've had a lot of problems with), and I thought there was more headroom in the Explorer's third seat than in our minivan. There was also more leg room. However, you sacrafice a lot of cargo space in order to seat 6 or 7 people in the Explorer.

    Anyway, thought I'd throw in my two cents worth. Talk to you later.

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    I test drove a 2002 Explorer today and was very impressed.

    First, it seems that the packaging is a lot better than seems roomier inside and has a 3rd row of seats yet does not look or feel much bigger on the outside.

    I also liked the versatility of how the 2nd row of seats each folded independently and how the 3rd row os seats disappear when not in use.

    I was also surprised to see that ground clearance has increased a lot, more than 9 inches now, while having a lower step-in height.

    Overall I was very impressed.
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    Has anyone priced the Mountaineer with the luxury and convenience packages which include the XLS unavailable optional gadgets ?

    Also has anyone had any experience with an WAD Mountaineer on the beach?
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    well, no 2002 Explorer for me. I just picked up a 2001 XLT Sport package today. Couldn't pass up all the rebates available and the great interest rates. Also was able to take advantage of some rebates i had available from my ford citibank card and also from my employer, who is part of a program called XPLAN. You get a $1000 rebate on any 2001 model on top of any other rebates and incentives in effect. MSRP on the truck I got was $34,220... getting it for $28,200 after rebates and stuff. Definitely can't complain. Sure beats paying top price for a 2002. I'll wait another model year or 2 until Ford starts coming out with some of the EB/Limited only features like the electrochromic mirror, and fog lamps. The trip computer thingy I dont care much for.
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    Yesterday I drove the 2002 Eddie Bauer Explorer as an owner of a 98 XLT with the V6 and came away very frustrated. Ford has put in a lot of great new content, but at the same time taken away good points from the last design.

    The good news: more room, 3rd row seat, great tailgate setup, more responsive steering, improved ride, so quiet at idle you could barely tell the engine was running, passenger assist handle on the A pillar.

    The bad news: the instrument cluster (looks like it came out of a base model mustang), one piece console (very cheap looking and the rear seat controls on the back of the console look like an afterthought), seats (they feel mushy and much less supportive), the plastic surfaces seem like they belong in an economy car, who thought up putting the 4WD selector on the passenger side?

    It seems like maybe the folks who design the interior for the Taurus didn't have enough to do, so Ford let them have at the Explorer interior.
    After driving the Explorer I went and drove the new Olds Brevada. Its interior was where I thought Ford would have gone, building on the previous generation Explorer. Did GM hire the people who did Explorer interiors?

    Maybe in trying to hold the overall price Ford decided they had to cut corners in some areas to offset the new goodies in the package. I think this approach is more apparent to someone coming from the previous Explorer than it would be to a first time Explorer buyer - unfortunately.
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    Currently I own a 96 4WD Exploer XLT.
    Thursday I test drove a two wheel drive 2002 Mountaineer and yesterday I test drove a 4WD 2002 Explorer XLT.

    I am also frustrated in the decontenting Ford has done. I also expected them to build on the old Explorer. They took away a few little things like the extra sun visors, and the audio controls on the second row console. The finished areas of the doors and other plastic were actually rough to the touch.
    That being said
    Overall, the 2002 models are so much more car like
    and i cant wait to get one of them

    I d like a Mountaineer with 4WD, but of course they dont offer that, just AWD is offered.

    I m going to wait for the stablilty control, dual stage air bags, and rollover senses due later this year.

    The two wheel drive Mountaineer seemed to drive nicer than the explorer. But i drove it second, and the drastic change from my own explorer to the Mountaineer was my first impression. But also the Mountaineer has different shocks and tires.
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    Back in the Firestone trouble, Ford said they would offer stability control in 2002 mid year. I saw the pricing press release several weeks ago and they mentioned a mid year option but stability control wasn't mentioned. Are the dealers saying anything about it? Does anyone looking really care about it as a safety option, the car companies usually reflect what the consumer wants?
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    Both dealers that I spoke with said that the stability control is coming, but they couldn't say when. You can get some information on it from the brochure. I'm "guessing" that it will cost around $1,100 since that's the cost for stability control on the Focus. Toyota offers it for $850. Traction Control comes with stability control and I "think" that the limited slip comes with it.
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    As an owner of a 98 Mountaineer, I was anxious to finally see the 2002 model. While the exterior was sharper than I thought (though I still don't like the headlights), the interior was cheap, blah, and didn't appeal to me at all. All those satin chrome accents inside gave it dull look to it. The fit and finish was also poor with loose coverings under the steering wheel. And I hate a standard 3rd seat. My wife refused to even drive it, guess I'm back at the new Chevy Trailblazer -much more appealing - or getting a 2001 Mountaineer. No change from the 98, which we think is better than the new model.
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    I checked out the 2002 Explorers today, and noticed that each one of them had an additional price of $2995 over and above the MSRP. It was called "adjusted market value."

    So Ford must think it has such a hot vehicle that people are willing to pay a mark-up in order to get it?

    Or is that just in my area (Wash DC)? The inside does sort of look somewhat cheesy, with the plastic paneling. I didn't drive it, and won't even consider it if this mark-up continues. Someone is making a huge mistake, don't know if it is Ford or just the local dealers.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    I became intrigued about the mark up in your area.
    Funny...the sticker was removed from the 2002 EB Explorer
    i saw in the show room.

    All the 2002 Mountaineers had stickers on them with no mention of any mark up.

    I d be surprised the Ford Motor Company would institute such a policy. It would seem to be dealer based and quite transitory in nature. I bet that quite soon the mark up you mentioned will be gone.
    When i priced the ACura mdx i was told of some finance acquisition fee of about four hundred dollars. When i grumbled i was told it would be dropped if ordered one option such as running boards.

    I bet a little grumbling will have that fee dropped. When negotiating for a vechicle, always start up from the invoice price and remind them they get about a three per cent dealer holdback.

    Some cars have high markups such as Mercedes, and they dont seem too impressed if u know the dealer invoice. Basically they will get what the market will bear. Typically with most vehicles about a thousand dollars over invoice is a fair deal.

    EVery deal is different, new models will command a premium until the novelty wears off. If u can hold out, a few additional options may be offered later in the year, some of the quirks may also be ironed out by then.
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    I'll keep looking and I didn't know they had stability in the Focus, guess it is going down market.
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    I'll continue to drive our 98 Blazer. I just got back from driving both the Mountaineer and XLT 4x4. I was at first excited to finally see them on the lot in the small little town we live in. We are always the last to see something new. However, the inspection and test drive left me walking away still looking for another car/suv. Yes they do have a better ride and has this and it has that. What they do not have is, is, my undivided attention in the areas of quality and the feel that it is built/designed correctly. I just don't feel a winner here. Some examples are:
    The AWD on the Mountaineer is always roaring from the front end. The AWD causes the transmission to constantly down shift in the Mountaineer. It felt like I was driving around in an underpowerd 4 cyl. I did not get that from the XLT that had the 4x4 system. The steering was very tight (almost alarming) on the Mountaineer as I gave it a test but it did not feel top heavy. The Mountaineer transmission was not right. It did not shift properly. I kept telling myself it was new, it only had 4 miles on it when I took it for a test drive. I have alot of test drives from most makes under my belt and this was far from the smoothest shift I have witnessed. That concerns me. So I took the XLT out just to see if the roar from the front end was gone and if the transmission was different. Both items were not evident while dring the XLT. I have to tell the interior on the XLT looked and was cheap and put together poorly. I pointed out the center console construction (or lack of) to the salesperson. For 34K the XLT is not currently on my short list. The Mountaineer was only 35K and had more options than the XLT (heated seats, dual climate control, 5000 additional buttons that did all sorts of things). You be the judge. If you have to buy the EB or Limited to get some of the options that are on the Mountaineer the Mountaineer might be the better buy for less $$$.
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    I drove a 2002 limited with a 4.0 V-6 today, the V-8 models will not be available for another 2-3 months. Great, smooth drive, acceptable exterior, cheap interior. The V-8 should add needed acceleration and passing power.
    The dash had a small amount of gray woodgrain around the radio AC control area, much better looking wood grain interior moldings on all the other SUVs I have driven. The high series center console looks like it came out of of an Escort, not a limited. But, the console did contain Air and heat vents for rear passengers. It had the third seat option and we could not get the seat to recline into a flat cargo deck configuration, probably our fault. It had optional rear air which means no moonroof because of the overhead vents and controls. I had the front seat moved back because I am 6'3" and had a difficult time entering/exiting the rear seat through the back door with the front seat in a tall person's position. My legs were also cramped when sitting behind the driver's seat. Some options like adjustable pedals, Homelink garage door opener, telescoping wheel and stability control will be available later in the model year. The dealers are issuing credits for the first three features which are not available.
    I would rate the 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited a little better on clear coat external finish and much better on interior material and quality. The Grand Cherokee Limited is also several thousand dollars cheaper with the current $2,000 rebate.
    I'm waiting for the Eddie Bauer series to arrive before making a decision.
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    I was just at a dealer who said they are expecting a delivery of Explores with V8s April 2nd. He also metioned the "to come later items" will also be available at that time. Has anyone else heard of this sort of this time scedule?
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    Has anyone leased an '02 Explorer and if so can you share an estimated payment. GM is being ridiculous with their new SUV's, but I had heard that Ford was offering good rates on even the '02's.

    I am not wild about the interior, but maybe it will grown on me. I would definately have to have the EB or Limited because the gray plastic bumpers scream "Cheap, Cheap, Cheap."
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    I visited one of the Ford dealers here in KC today - they had 8 '02 Explorers on the lot. One of them was a white Limited with the silver around the bottom, and it was very nice with the gray leather inside.

    I was comparing the sticker of it (around $36,500) to an EB, and there was no difference. Actually, I found an EB that was a couple 100 dollars more than the Limited. Does anyone know what the difference in options/features are, if any?

  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    does anyone know if the new 2002 Explorer/MOuntaineer platform has a lower center of gravity than the previous one?
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    From what i can remmeber, the EB and Limited are the same except for different available grill color, and wheel style. If you can do without the 4Wd, and accept AWD, the Mountaineer when equipped similarly is less expensive than the limited or eb. I also like the mountaineer s styling better. I currently own a 96 XLT 4WD, which has been great. I plan on getting a 2002 Mountaineer when the V8, stablility conrol, rollover sensors, dual stage air bags become available later this year.
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    Hi, We bought a V-6 Eddie Bauer for $750.00 over invoice and got Ford financing of 6.9% for 36 months. I called two other dealers and they told me MSRP is the selling price. I had bought my 96 Explorer new from the same dealer, so I guess that helped. So, I know for a fact that Ford is dealing, I live in Maryland and would be happy to refer you to my salesman...... And we love the new Explorer and we never had a problem with our 96 either, which had 60,000 miles on it when we gave it to our daughter.
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    Good luck with your new EB. Sounds like you got a greate deal
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    anyone know of any other bulletin boards. web sites about the 2002 Mountaineer/Explorer
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    Does anyone have any idea when Ford will be offering Control Trac stability control for Explorers and Mountaineers?
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    I looked at 2002 Explorers at Portsmouth Ford
    in Portsmouth, NH today. They had a very good
    selection (15-20) and they were discount priced.
    $2500-3500 off MSRP depending on model. No haggle
    dealership. I think I'll wait for the V-8 and
    stability control.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    I wrote control is really called advance trac...the ford stability control system.

    i d like to know if anyone knows or has any idea when will it be available...will it be available on 2002..or in future years..I d like to get my mountaineer before the end of this year.
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    I was reading the Ford news on earlier - looks like the new Explorer may have a recall coming soon - not good! It said they were having reports of the back tailgate glass breaking when the door was being shut. Anybody else heard this news other than from the Blue Oval News site?
  • elemelem Member Posts: 1
  • starrow68starrow68 Member Posts: 1,142
    Ford said several months ago that it would be an option mid year on the 2002 Explorer, but they did not repeat that in latest press release on pricing. Don't know if that means delay or just not high enough priority to make the release.
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    I ran across this article on the web. Ford already has 100,000 orders for the Explorer, not sure how many orders for the Mountaineer.

  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    Here is what the Ford web site says for the availability of the AdvanceTrac system.....

    "New AdvanceTrac; interactive vehicle dynamics system - the first application on a truck or SUV - combines the benefits of traction control and electronic stability (yaw) control (available later in 2001)"
  • tractiontraction Member Posts: 141
    here is the link to the Ford web site that talks about the safety equipment

  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    Thanks so much for all the information on the introduction of the stablity control option..
    I m gonna wait for it and am so happy that it is expected this year...I ve decided on a Mountaineer with all the options except rear AC ( i want the moonroof)..I m not so keen on the lack of 4wd low and the funky aluminum plastic..but other than that..i think the vehicle is terrific
    The mountaineer seems to be priced better than the Explorer Limited and Eddie Bauer.
  • njdevilsrnnjdevilsrn Member Posts: 185
    The thing looks like a minivan on steroids. I am glad I bought a late 2000 model instead of waiting for the 2002.

    The newly re-designed Chevy Trailblazer is a much nicer exterior design.

    But then again, I am a 26 year old guy who wants a truck, not a 38 year old soccer mom who has a family to haul around.
  • jhetellejhetelle Member Posts: 2
    njdevilsrn, you may be right that the Trailblazer has better exterior looks (but that's a matter of personal opinion), but the 38-yr old soccer Mom can haul around her family in her new Mountaineer while you have your Trailblazer sitting at the dealer to have the suspension replaced (see latest recall).
  • joelisjoelis Member Posts: 315
    There are issues with both of your statements.

    njdevilsm - obviously, you are trying to justify your purchase of an older, inferior model with a history of problems. Whatever makes you feel better.

    jhetelle - check your own backyard before you criticise others. I found this article on the website:

    "2002 Explorer fuel tank ruptures halt shipments to dealers -

    It's a good thing that the 2002 Ford Explorer isn't subjected to the three strike rule in baseball or the three time convicted felon rule in California. But what it is subjected to is Ford's "Quality is JOB1" launch process that is becoming synonymous with words like disaster, butchered, etc.

    We first reported that the all new 2002 Explorer wouldn't be available with a 4.6L V8 engine (link at end of article) or a manual transmission until later this year due to engineering problems. Then we reported that the PCM's (powertrain control module) on an estimated 15,000+ Explorers were allegedly programmed with corrupted software - which prevented their shipment to dealers.

    Now, Reliable sources at an Explorer assembly plant told BlueOvalNews that yet a new problem has put a choke hold on those shipment plans to dealers. It's alleged that some 4x2 versions have been unable to pass certain required NOVA side impact crash tests. Inside sources say that during simulated left side impact crashes, certain 4x2 Explorer's transmissions would come lose and directly or indirectly rupture the new plastic fuel tank, which has been relocated on the passenger side center of the frame for 2002. "
  • fedlawmanfedlawman Member Posts: 3,118
    Just thought you'd like to know, I visited a Seattle area dealer 2 weeks ago that advertises itself as a "no dicker sticker" dealership. They quoted me a flat $700.00 over invoice for any 2002 Explorer, off the lot or factory order.

    elem - with the "SUV's" you're looking at, it sounds like you're looking for a 3 row seat family hauler with AWD rather. Have you considered the Buick Rendezvous coming out this month? A well equipped AWD version should start at around $28,000 (MSRP). If you don't need AWD, get the FWD with traction control for about $25,000...or a minivan.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    I agree that the new trailblazer might look slightly better than the new explorer.

    That being said, I think the Explorer is a much better vehicle overall because of the IRS (independent rear suspension)

    I also like the third row seat, probably because i m a soccer dad

    If looks are really important,I think the Mountaineer looks nicer than the trailblazer

    The thing is there are so many vehicles on the road that i think are ugly, but others love them.
    So of course it would be senseless to argue over which vehicle looks the best.

    I dont agree that the Explorer resembles a minivan.
    I would have liked a more stylish design for the explorer...the new toyota suvs(Higlander and Sequoia) look nice as does the new montero..again preferences.

    And about all these recalls...I won t argue that the manufacturers should test more before unleashing the product on to the public. But it would seem to me that when these defects arise, and recalls need to employed, that this must be very costly both monetarily and in reputation ....I suspect vehicles are so complicated today, that all the defects and design flaws may not be evident until they actually are driven by consumers. Even the vernerable Mercedes M class had lots of issues when it first debuted.

    I wouldnt recommend buying one of the first 15,000 vehicles of a new product run. Many wait until after the first model year.

    I dont know how long i will last before purchasing my new Mountaineer.
  • joelisjoelis Member Posts: 315
    "Sorry, but none of the info you listed is true. Its funny how false rumors get spread."

    I pulled it directly out of Blue Oval News. Why would they lie to that extent?

    Would you care to back up your statement, or did I just hurt your feelings and that was the best you could do at the time?
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Watch for news about rear window problems if you have an '02 model.

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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
  • joelisjoelis Member Posts: 315
    When you look at this and also the problems that the new 02 GM midsizers are having, you are going to get those import lovers come in and gloat about how much better their POS is, etc.

    The thing to remind them however is the deviant secrecy in the way that the import manufacturers work. They would do whatever it takes to hide these types of situations from the public and rather try to sweep it under the rug.

    I applaud Ford and GM for coming up front with these new issues and hope they get the right reactions to doing so, otherwise they may revert back to the 'imports' way of doing things again and hide it.
  • gohuskiesgohuskies Member Posts: 40
    I have experienced problems getting clear and definitive answers from Ford Customer Service or two local Ford dealers regarding in several areas, they are:
    1. When will V-8s be available at dealerships, it appears that the April schedule has been changed to when?
    2. When will the "late availability" items such as the adjustable pedals, garage door opener, etc be available?
    3. What is being done to correct the rear window shattering glass problem on delivered and undelivered vehicles?
    Appreciate any information that comes from a reliable source.
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