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    The TSB has to do with the rough shifting and applies to vehicles produced before 5/21/01; after that, the new software was already installed.
    The fix is to simply update the software through the OBD II port. It takes only about 15 minutes after it's hooked up.
    I mentioned the TSB to my dealer and he had no trouble finding it, but I don't know where or if it is available online; it's not a recall, just a service issue.
    Good luck!
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    I called Ford to ask about stability control on the 2002 Explorer and they told me the availability date is November 5th. I don't know if that means the first build date or an estimate of when they will be on dealers lots. I assume that the Mountaineer is on about the same timetable.
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    I've had a 2002 EB on order since June--it's due soon. While my dealer assured me I'd be under invoice with my $750 repeat buyer credit when It shows up, I wonder what happens if Ford offers "customer cash" or rebates before it comes in. Should I expect incentives offered after I placed my order?

    And I have a beautiful set of PIAA Dual 90 driving/fog lights that I can't see any place to install on the EB. I know it comes with fog lamps, but I've got the PIAAs already. Has anyone added lights to the EB? Is a grill guard an option, and has anyone installed a good looking grill guard on an EB or Mountaineer?

    Thanks for any input

    [email protected]
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    Any incentives that become available prior to delivery are good. The only thing I can think of that would change that is if an incentive stated specifically it could not be used with another offer. When we ordered our Exploder, Ford Credit had an interest rate of 6.9%. It dropped between the time we ordered it and when it was delivered, but we got the lower rate.
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    Rear ended, and damage was minor. I was hit pretty darn hard this past weekend from behind, that "whump" sound will never leave my mind. I was in Santa Barbara on vacation and was sitting in heavy State Street traffic (it was fiesta weekend there much to our surprise) and all of a sudden, a 4Runner slammed me from behind. Thank God for that huge rear bumper and the impact protector under it. And, the tow hitch device! The bumper cover was gashed and the guy's license plate did a bit of damage to the plastic "step pad" at the top there, but the replacement for the entire bumper cover is only going to cost him $587.00 and we did settle this privately. He did a bit of damage to the front valance of his own car (it was a 96 4Runner 4wd) but needless to say, I felt relieved that the Mercury did so very well being rear ended at what I believe was a 15 mph impact. Dead on, too.
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    I got a mighty chuckle about your recent posts in the triplets forum. "Snailblazer, Convoy, Enchilada," that truly is funny. The triplets are no better than Ford in the number of recalls. They've had two as well. One for the center console and the other that required not even driving the vehicle for weeks on end. I'm with you, judging by the number of posts in that forum versus this one, one could surmise that the Fords are relatively trouble-free, save for a couple of well-publicized issues. When you read the triplets forum, there's a litany of issues. Air bladders exploding, mirrors pointing in every direction except the right one, not being able to get gas into the thing; not my idea of idyllic automobile ownership. One question, does anyone know when the telescoping wheel and memory pedals are going into production?
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    have a new 2002 white mountaineer for a about 4 weeks now and so far no problems and I take this truck to the heart of nyc everyday. the ride is ten times better than the 1999 I had. this one does not have the moon roof but I have the rear a/c and its cools the truck really fast. I looked at the gmc envoy but the dealers in n.y got a little crazy with the prices and couldn,t come close to what my merc dealer was offering me! and i think i made the right move! so far so good!
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    Thank you sir...may I have another. I always like to keep my audience riveted.


    or is that geo, as in Metro or Prizm or Tracker, or whatever it is you drive?

    Nice comeback dude. Quite frankly, I expected more from someone who wouldn't venture into the lowly Explorer boards. After all, there isn't any action in here. Why not go back to the GM triplet boards and find out how to correct the next problem you're destined to experience? He-he.
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    which in this case is the MY2002 Explorer/Mountaineer.

    Please leave the personal attacks out of your messages, and stick to discussing the vehicles.

    Thank you,

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    I currently have a '98 XLT Explorer - currently trying to decide whether to return for a 2002 Eddie or jump to a Nissan Pathfinder. The options list on the two are comparable but the Pathfinder ends up at approx $1,200 less with financing 3% lower (even taking into account the Ford loyalty rebate). Anyone out there face a similar decision - please share your thought process. Also, anyone who can provide a comparison between the '98 and '02 Explorer (drove the '02 briefly and the ride feels pretty stiff). Thanks in advance.
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    Personal attacks do not belong here in Town Hall. "Name calling" is also inappropriate for Town Hall as it violates our Terms of Use. Consequently, I have removed several posts.

    "I agree to disagree in a civil manner should I take issue with the statements of another Town Hall participant or any, Inc. Editor or content contributor. I understand that civility and respect underlie the success of an on-line community such as Town Hall."

    If you have a disagreement with another member, please be respectful of their opinion even if you disagree with them. Please be mature and do not resort to name calling simply because you disagree with another member's viewpoint.

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    I'm reposting as my email address was not correctly listed before...I'm still looking for some honest opinions...Thanks!
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    I have had my 02 mountaineer for about a month now and for some reason it was built in April but was still on the lot in July (I'm still trying to figure out why, is something wrong with it or maybe cause it's a newer dealership?) This was th eonly one on the lot in a color we liked (Black) and without billions of options. SHould I assume they did any work necessary per the TSB's or should I ask?

    I don't have homelink and I'm wondering if I'm missing anything great without it. Is it just a garage door opener? I was thinking about the steering wheel and wondering why I would want it telescoped out. Would that bring it closer to my chest and face and cause me more airbag injury risk?? I'm just trying to rationalize not trying to hold out longer for these options, but really I had no choice as my lease on my 98 mount was up.

    Yes,for those who asked,the ride is better (still not a luxury car by any means) It feels slightly bigger, looks a lot bigger, the kids love the 3rd seat but miss the rear audio controls they had in the 98, and the neighbor's kids think it looks cool.

    Thanks for listening. Any comments would be appreciated.
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    One other question, somebody a few posts back (around # 276) mentioned that he rented an explorer that had no front headrests. My Mountaineer does. Is that an Explorer/Mountaineer difference or did they change that since he rented? I am always looking for the little differences between the two to justify the price of the Merc.
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    Good questions. The telescoping steering wheel allows for greater adjustments, therefore more comfortable driving positions. Think of it this way, if you had really long legs and really short arms, you could move the seat all the way back and then pull the steering wheel out. Accompanied with the adjustable pedals, the telescoping wheel allows a driver to sit farther away from the dash. My wife is 5'2" so these features are important to her. As far as the headrests go, Explorer XLTs and XLSs have the ridiculous all-one-piece seats. The Eddie Bauers, Limiteds, and the Mountaineers have adjustable headrests; a much safer arrangement in my opinion. When comparably equipped, the higher-end Mountaineer is actually cheaper than an Eddie Bauer or Limited. Enjoy your Mountaineer, it's a great vehicle.
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    I have a new 2002 Explorer XLS with 4wd and at 500 miles the service engine soon light is on. My manual mentions vehicle running out of fuel, poor fuel quality or water in the fuel, or the fuel cap not properly installed. I had approximately 1/4 of a tank of gas and filled with mid-grade (89 octane) and installed cap. Its now been 2 days, several trips, and 150 miles but the light is still on. Also, just found out a friend with the same vehicle had the light go on at 175 miles. Any others had this problem?
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    OooOO my kinda guy. I could hear the sarcasm dripping! LOL! ::high 5::
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    I'd have to agree with Mazman, Goldenjake with only 500 miles on a 2002, i'd be driving it into the dealership as soon as it came on the first time before theres a major breakdown.
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    Now be nice kids, I think Goldenjake99 knows he should get it checked (benefit of the doubt here). He is just wondering if this is a problem that is out there with lots of the trucks, or if it is just his particular truck. Since I haven't hit 500 miles yet I would be interested to know if there is a problem I should watch for too.
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    Thanks hungry. That is exactly it and thanks mazman and fiery after your posts I drove directly to the dealership (I hadn't thought of that.) and was told if it didn't effect the driveability I could make an appointment for 2 weeks from now. Since warranty service is free I figured I'll wait until something serious happens and have them fix it.
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    The dealership didn't even run any tests on the truck or nothing? they just told you to make an appt and they'll get you in two weeks later? I would have complained especially when it comes to being a new 2002 with 500 miles on it they should have kept it and gave you a loaner, in my opinion thats risking getting yourself stranded somewhere or making the problem much worse, I suppose maybe they'll just unscrew the service engine soon light bulb and call it good when you take it back in two weeks :)
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    Two weeks? It may not affect CURRENT driveability but what about what the problem is right now? Meaning, what if you affect the long term car "essence" by not taking care of it right away?
    Find another Ford/Mercury dealer to bring it to right away.
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    How is everyone's gas mileage?
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    When my 2WD XLT (V6)was 6 weeks old and at 535 miles we drove it from near Ft. Worth to Park City, UT. Admittedly this is not the time that
    fuel economy should be computed, but here are the

    First of all this is not a high altitude car and
    an awful lot of these numbers are from altitudes
    of 5,000' and higher. The owners manual cautions
    you about buying the 85 octane fuel in high
    altitude locations, as a result almost all fuel
    is mid or premium grade. The 22.5 gallon tank
    makes it neccessary to buy fuel only twice a day
    on a trip like this - full at departure and one
    fill up at lunch - fillup at days end.
    677 miles on the first day (refueled in Amarillo)
    ended day at Pueblo, CO - 19.025 mpg.
    619 miles the second day (refueled in Rawlings,
    WY) refueled at intersection of I-80 and US40
    very near Park City (Park City is not a cheap
    place to buy fuel!) 20.365 mpg.
    Nearly all of this driving was at the speed limits of 65 to 75 mph. All across the plains
    of WY (elevations 6,000' to 8,000' ASL) the limit
    is 75 mph and that is what the cruise control was
    set on. For 1,312 miles (some local driving in TX was on the first tank) 66.022 gals. and an
    average 19.87 mpg.

    A recent tank fillup that encompassed only 191.9
    miles (1/3 around town and the rest going down
    hill into Salt Lake and back up the hill to P/C)
    was 10.621 gals - 18.067 mpg. The vehicle has
    over 3,000 miles now and this was all COSTCO
    91 octane fuel.

    Will write more when we return to TX at the
    begining of next month. That trip will be through the mountains of CO to intersect I-25
    south of Pueblo and will be an interesting
    comparison to the all interstate driving.
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    My wife's V8 2WD with tow pack is up to 16.5 in purely city driving. With every tank the thing has improved. It's up to 3500 miles now...probably going to level off, but I can live with that.
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    First, the telescoping wheel. I am 6 foot one inch and find it difficult to be comfortable in many vehicles mad for people with short legs. If i move the seat back far enough, I find my arms (which are not short), may be straight out, rather than bent slightly. A telescoping wheel solves such problems.

    I have a V8 2WD Mountaineer on order and it will cost $1,200 LESS than an Explorer EB with the same equipment. Some earlier posts here alerted me to this advantage. The person who asked about the headrest diffrences probably rented a base Explorer. It seems Ford made a mistake, as the bass Explorer loks better than the XLT, EB, and Limited with their ugly lower body plastic pieces. If I had bought an Explorer, I would have removed the plastic parts and had base model bumpers painted and installed.
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    I ve recently also ordered a new Mountaineer since late JULY and still no truck. Is the truck in such demand or are they having ongoing delivery problems.

    Has anyone experienced similar problems ?
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    First, I regret the many typos in my previous post. I ordered my Mountaineer on June 19. Today, the dealer told me that it was being shipped from Kansas City (they are made in Louisville, KY), and would probably arrive in two weeks. Given the normal summer break, and maybe additional break time due to weak demand, the delivery time does not seem abnormal. I have ordered about half of the cars I have purchased,
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    Your Mountaineer was probably made in St Louis. I live in Lexington, Ky, but mine was shipped by rail from St. Louis. Bought it on May 31, and it took ten weeks from the order date. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't built in Louisville, but was just happy to get it.
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    Our 2002 Mountaineer is a great vehicle. Compared to our previously owned 1990 Ford XLT and 1995 Eddie Bauer, this enhanced SUV provides more space, better gas mileage and most of all a softer ride. We have the V6 engine and live in Vermont were the roads are very hilly, yet we get excellent mileage. Seems to average 22 mpg and have got up to 25 mpg on one trip, that one was on a short trip over straight and flat terrain.

    We love it except for the harsh/firm shifting. At 3,000 miles I brought it back to the Dealer for oil/filter change and explained how it would slam into gear so hard it felt we ran over someone
    or drove over a huge speed bump (doesn't do this all the time).

    Service Mgr informed me that the transmission needs to learn how to shift and after it gets more miles on it it will get better. It's been 6,000 miles and it still hasn't learned. Brought it to another Dealer and got the same story but, they said they would contact Ford to see if there is a solution.

    Anyone having the same experience? If so, let me know if you found a Dealer that cured the problem and how they did it?

    I had read were the contol module can be re-programed but, my Dealer knows nothing about that fix.

    Thank you
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    I find it very hard to believe you are getting 25 mpg with an Explorer/Mountaineer vehicle...LOL .. unless you are going downhill with a towtruck.... A more realistic mileage is 16-19 mpg. Just take the number of miles you drive and divide by the number of gallons of gas you buy.. dont rely on the trip computer...
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    I must confess that the miles per gallon I reported are based on my trip computer in the car and I haven't calculated the mileage using the miles driven by the # of gallons used. However, I do know that the old 95 Eddie Bauer's trip computer never read over 21.5.

    Sorry if I excited anyone with my mpg story. I'll calculated it the conventional way on my next trip and report it here. I do know it gets better mileage than the V6 Explorer ever did.
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    Thanks for the reply on my earlier question regarding the delivery. Apparently the dealer now says the truck is closer (in Tampa) and should be here soon. I'll keep everyone informed. Still have to make the final deal.


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    I had the same problem with my 2002 EB Explorer. There is a TSB for this problem, and the dealer loaded the new program in about an hour. No problems with shifting since then.
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    I have had several unwanted activations of the Anti Theft Alarm.

    It only occurs in this way:
    You come out of the super market and use the key
    fob to unlatch the window in the rear hatch.
    As the stuff is being loaded, my wife wants to get into the car. I used the manual unlock
    button, adjacent to the rear hatch, to unlock the
    remaining doors. When a door is opened the
    Anti Theft Alarm is activated. The rear hatch
    window is still open when this occurs.

    It does not happen every time that this same scenario takes place - just on occasion. I have
    stopped using this method to open the remaining doors and of course have not had a recurrence.

    Anybody have any ideas about why this might be happening?
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    from the dealer after ten days down for repair. Since new, it shuddered when shifting. Kind of felt like a subtle rumble strip. Most noticeable on the 2-3 shift at approx 25 mph. It progressed and a whistling could also be heard coming from the drivetrain. The delaer found nothing obviously wrong. They called the factory and a transfer case was pulled from the line and installed. Feels better now... so far.

    Just thought I'd post this in case others are having similar problems. I'm not too upset since it appears to have been a bad part from the start, not a bad design that worked for a while then broke.

    If they could only fix the rattle in the driver's door...
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    Howdy, I haven't posted here before, but I've read all previous posts and those on the ML vs. MDX vs. Explorer/Mountaineer. I'm inclined to go with the Explorer/Mountaineer, although I'm uncertain as to which. I'm looking for a 2WD, as I don't need the 4WD fuel economy penalty. In my experience, a 2WD SUV can go to 95+% of the places a comparably equipped 4WD can go. As I live in Arizona, off-road opportunities are plentiful, and SUVs provide the needed ground clearance and suspension minivans just don't offer.

    I have a 2-year old daughter that will ride in the middle position of the 2nd row, while leaving the outboard positions available for adults, as need be. The 3d row seat would be needed occasionally, and, otherwise, the cargo area is far more useful than the MDX or ML offer.

    Would anyone care to share your ownership experience to date with your Explorer or Mountaineer? Why you chose the version you did, etc.? I'm looking for something that will offer the creature comforts found in the EB/Ltd or Mountaineer trim levels, as this vehicle will by wife's primary ride (I have a '00MY Lincoln LS that I love!) but I will put plenty of miles on this vehicle as well. In all, this vehicle will be the family work horse and probably see 20K miles per year. Any help, recommendations would be appreciated.
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    Lola, I have a 2002 Mountaineer, and I love it. I have three kids and the reasons I bought it were: style (sure looks great, yet not like all the other SUVs on the roadway), and 3rd rear seat and the V6 motor. Add to that the little extras usually found on more costly cars like heated seats, memory seats (3 positions!) and the great brushed metal style inside... and ease of entry to 3rd rear seat, it's a thumbs up for us. It was barely over $30,000 very well equipped (rear air, CD, leather, alloys, two-tone, etc) and it too is a 2wd. I love it. I also commute daily in an Echo (hey, 50 miles each way and a 42mpg car = better budgeting for certain) and it's so hard to get into the Echo on Monday mornings after using the Mountaineer all weekend. I could have bought Sequoia, but didn't want V8, all that length/size, and the cost for the SEQ with all the "goodies" was a lot higher. I think the only car that could rival Mountaineer is Explorer for value but let me also say this: I leased it for very short term because I wouldn't trust a Ford product past warranty. Been there, done that. If you plan this to be a 5-6-7 year car, look at cars like Acura MDX, Toyota Highlander or Sequoia, or wait it out for the restyled 4Runner in 2003. That's the only recommendation I have against 2002 Mountaineer. It's still a FORD.
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    Thanks for your feedback. However, I do not share in your view of Ford. I'm quite pleased (ecstatic, actually) about my 2000 Lincoln LS (purchased in Sept. 99). I have also had the opportunity to meet several Lincoln managers, and Ford Engineers and am genuinely enthused and impressed with the direction of Ford, generally, and Lincoln-Mercury specifically. If I were to wait until the 2003 model year, I'd also have the Lincoln Aviator high on my shopping list. As you may or may not know, the Aviator will be Lincoln's new SUV based off the same Explorer / Mountaineer chasis. I have not yet heard how Lincoln intends to differentiate the Aviator from the existing Explorer and Mountaineer models. I think it would be safe to assume improved engine performance, but beyond that, I'm uncertain.

    What kind of fuel mileage are you getting on the V6? What's your impression of acceleration and passing power? I would appreciate it if other's would provide their feedback as well. I'm leaning toward the V8 engine for improved passing power and hill climbing (for long, 7% highway grades, as opposed to steep off-road trails).

    Has the rear lift-gate glass issue been adequately resolved? What tires choices seem to be best?
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    I am getting my 2002 Mountaineer back for the second time to fix the hard shifting problem. The dealer is re-programming the computer for the second time. They claim the re-programming does not always work on every transmission and Ford is aware of this problem. Has anyone had the transmission re-programmed and found it did not fix the problem.

    marty rankell
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    Here's more on the continuing saga re delays on delivery of the 2002 Mountaineers. Ordered mine in mid may. Projected delivery was 6 weeks. We're coming up on 14 weeks and still no truck.The worst of it is I sold my Grand Cherokee first of July. Hopefully, those of you who'll be ordering wont make the same mistake I did.
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    See my message #327 for mileage experience on a
    low mileage V6 2WD Explorer. As the message
    states the figures were collected before the
    ownners manual recommends mileage be computed.

    There is plenty of power for hill climbing with
    the V6 on a 2WD model. With 4 adults and 2
    children in car seats my Explorer will climb out
    of the Salt Lake Valley, (I don't know what the
    gradient is) where you go from abou 4,500 ft.
    above sea level to 7,000 ft. ASL in about 15 or
    20 miles, without straining. All the while
    maintaning the 65 mph speed limit. It does
    require energy management - don't get bogged
    down behind an 18 wheeler and expect lightning acceleration back to 65. The OHC V6 appears to have far more acceleration than the push rod
    V6 in my '93. If I were going to tow a boat or camping trailer there would be no doubt about the need for the V8.
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    I said what I said about Ford due to my personal experience with my 97 Exploder. The minite it went out of warranty, it went under continual breakage. From the timing chain tensioners to the tranny to the air conditioner to the radio and electronics... tires, brakes, and back to more timing chain problems and oil leaks and AC compressor again, and each/every time it was a battle to get them to fix it right and ebven under warranty back in the early times, getting a loaner car was hell. I speak from experience in that personally, I will never have another Ford product after this Mountaineer 2002. I leased it to the point of warranty end, and that is IT for me. The very week I rid myself of the 1997, I got 3 recall notices on 3 different things to add to the 4 I had gotten in the previous month for other things, similar in nature. That was the final straw -- me realizing that in good conscience, I couldn't ever sell that car to anyone.

    As for the new 02, My worst gas mileage has been 15.6 average miles-per-gallon tankful with a full load of kids/adults (6) and stuff on the roof + both air conditioners going. The best was with just me on the freeway and using the air cond only on my way home.. that was a 17.8 average mile-per-gallon tankful.

    I like the "small things" like the memory seats that are heated, and the brushed metal look inside. On another tack here, I was rear-ended in it in Santa barbara on vacation and was hit hard -- hard enough to gash the rear bumper cover and that was minor. More minor than I expected as I was hit hard. No damage to the absorber back there or the parts under the bumper cover!
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Member Posts: 420
    Thanks for the insight, I appreciate the quick responses. I take it that gas mileage is about what the EPA figures suggest. I do anticipate towing on occasion, so I feel more confident in going with the V8.

    fiery1: Recalls are done to correct potentially unsafe conditions. Once performed, I wouldn't feel too concerned about the vehicle's safety. While you seemed to have more than your fair share of problems with your 97 Explorer, perhaps some of your difficulty was attributed to your dealer (maybe not). I dont mean to sound "preachy", but periodic maintenance is key when you plan to keep the vehicle for many years, and that usually entails good communication with your dealer's service shop. Also, not all dealerships are the same. If you aren't getting your vehicle serviced to your satisfaction, you should definitely seek out another.

    The good thing about domestic brands is that you usually have many more choices than with imports, not to mention spare part costs. That consideration alone heavily influences my decision to purchase the Explorer/Mountaineer rather than the Mercedes. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where there are 2 Mercedes dealerships. Outside of Phoenix, you'll find 1 more in Tucson, then you have to go to California! No thanks. If I have a problem near the Grand Canyon, I know I can get repairs implemented quickly if need be. I'm not trying to slam Mercedes, or any import for that matter, it's just that vehicles are complicated machines that will break-down, regardless of whether they're taken care of or not.

    I happen to like the interior versatility of the Explorer/Mountaineer over any other offering in the mid size SUVs. It doesn't hurt that it's also a domestic.
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    We're just coming off of a lease on a 1998 Durango. While it's been O.K., we're not in love with it and want to try to address it's shortcomings with our next ride. (ride, braking, mileage, cheap interior, etc.)We've checked out the Jeep GC and new Ford Explorer. Can't seem to get over the lack of space and seating in the Jeep - otherwise it has great style, interior, and ride (solid axles at both ends notwithstanding). We drove the Ford and it seemed to have it all (almost) then I noticed what I thought was the 4.6L from the rest of the Ford applications (Crown Vic, Mustang, etc.) is actually a NEW aluminum V-8. I can't remember a successful launch of an aluminum V-8. History records disaster after disaster. Any feedback? Is this engine anywhere else in the Ford line with some track history? We like the truck, but this scares me to death. (This is the same reason I didn't even look at an Envoy)
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Member Posts: 420
    Yes, this is the same engine block used in the Mustang. It's been around for a few years now, even in aluminum form. It is new for the Explorer application, and only has a single overhead camshaft per cylinder bank, as opposed to two in the Mustang.

    As an aside, I have an all aluminum 3.9L V8 in my Lincoln LS (Jaguar design - used also in the Jag S-Type). On all accounts, this has been a very reliable engine. I wouldn't be deterred by the fact that it's an all aluminum desgin. All the major manufacturers have gone to aluminum blocks in recent years without trouble.
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    I'm not sure if this applies to the Explorer, but the problem with aluminum engines occurs when an aluminum head is paired with a cast iron block. The two metals react to heat differently and expand/contract at different rates.
  • lolaj42lolaj42 Member Posts: 420
    Sorry to disappoint you, but I am an average auto buyer, and in no way, shape, or form work for Ford, or any other auto company, dealership, or other. I am a mechanical engineer though, and am knowledgeable enough to know that complex mechanical devices break, despite the best efforts put in by myriads of people involved in the process. If you don't like, or trust your dealer, find another. If you're not convinced that Ford, or any other manufacturer can build a decent product, then DON'T BUY IT!

    Car maintenance can be both frustrating and expensive. For most people, maintenance issues are a complete mystery, unable or unwilling to understand or trust their dealership service advisors. In many cases, the mistrust is well founded. There are plenty of lousy service shops out there, and they can be associated with any brand of vehicle, not just Ford.

    The average person is far better off trying to work with their dealer/service shop in a positive rather than antagonistic manner. I don't know if that is the case with the person that posted earlier, but it's awfully easy to place the blame on a manufacturer for problems that are caused (or not solved) by dealers. Sorry if I don't sound objective, but I happen to own a Ford product (my first actually -- a 2000 Lincoln LS) and have been thoroughly impressed with it, and my dealer.

    My two previous cars were Nissans. While I was pleased with the cars over the 10 years I owned them, the service department that used to take care of me gradually declined (through personnel turnover) to the point where I was put-off enough to find another dealer for service.

    One other thing mazman . . . lay off on the personal attacks, they don't do anyone any good. You don't know me, so don't pretend that you do.
  • eweygrineweygrin Member Posts: 33
    I totally agree with your last post. Part of getting a problem solved with your service dept hinges on your own attitude. Furthermore I feel it is unfair to single out Ford dealerships for bad service. At my place of employment I am responsible for purchasing and maintaining the vehicles driven by our executives. I can tell you horror stories about experiences at Buick, Honda, Mercedes, BMW and Chrysler dealerships. One dealership charged me for an alignment they never performed. Another dealership (BMW) feels that it is not unreasonable to have to purchase new brake rotors every 20,000 miles. Chrysler found nothing unusual about replacing air conditioning condensor on a minivan with 70,000 miles 3 different times. The list goes on. I have purchased over 50 vehicles in the past 15 years and in my experience there is no such thing as a vehicle without its share of design or dealership problems. Cars are more complex than ever and will have things go wrong.
  • tvbraintvbrain Member Posts: 10
    We recently leased a '02 Explorer for my wife to use, so now we both drive '02 Explorers. Something came up while we searched for a model with all the options she wanted: I was entitled to the Explorer Owner Loyalty rebate ($750) even though I wasn't trading in my Explorer. This was on top of the current $500 Explorer rebate and $500 rebate for releasing a Ford. (We were done with our Windstar.) I bring this up, not to crow, but to make everyone aware of it. One dealer informed me of it, and the dealer I leased from didn't know about it. I was happy to inform him.
    Anyone have any suggestions for obnoxious his and her vanity plates?
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