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    I'm sorry, but I have to make this post. We got our 2002 XLT 1 1/2 weeks ago (with V8 I might add), and so far I can't say enough about it. Acceleration is great, fit/finish great, no squeaks or rattles, and the ride/handling is very good. I'm impressed so far. This is our first SUV, and thus far I can't see where we could have made a better choice. I really like this thing!!!
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    Had my '02 XLT since March, 4600 trouble free miles - until last week. Opened glass hatch and when I went to close it it SHATTERRED! Right in my face! No personal damage (except small cut on hand where it disintegrated). I THINK the attachment on the left pneumatic mis-aligned and stressed the glass. I had already taken it in for the 'recall' way back when, but that was on the hinges only. Went to dealer and asked if he saw many of these, he said 'not until today' -- mine was the second one in one day! Anyway, I'm driving a courtesy car until they can get some new windows in stock. Other than this (which I hope is not usual) it has been GREAT - much more forgiving handling and better ride than my old '98 EB or '95 XLT. Anyone else heard about shattering rear windows???
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    Two weeks ago I was at a dealer comparing the Mountaineer vs. the Explorer. The sales person had all the doors open with the glass hatch up while we were looking at a Mountaineer. While my wife was sitting in the third row, the glass hatch exploded! The sales person was standing under the hatch and was slightly cut. The pnematic arm on the glass had come undone causing stress on the glass.
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    sounds like ford wants to let those disgruntles
    calling the explorer the exploder...

    i ll buy another one anyway...cause overall..they do a fine job
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    Two weeks ago, the left gas cylindar broke loose on my wife's 02 Mountaineer. Caused body damage. Was in body shop for 5 days. I told dealer to double check the left cylindar. On Sat in a funeral home parking lot (during my dad's wake) the left one broke loose. I was fuming. The timing couldn't have been any worse. Couldn't close the glass, cylindar was sticking outof the vehicle. I really needed the 7 passenger capability of that vehicle and Ford let me down. I was so embarassed and upset over the whole situation. THANKS FORD. MY DAD WAS A FORD RETIREE WHO HAD A LOT OF PRIDE IN YOUR COMPANY. YOU LET US DOWN.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    so sorry about your dad
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    To the people who have had the rear glass break, is there something we should look at to prevent this from happening? (I've asked my dealer twice and in so many words they said they don't care).

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    I am looking to buy a new 2002 Explorer and wondered if anyone knows the current incentive interest rates that Ford is offering for a four (4) year loan? Also, I currently own a 95' Explorer and had heard about a $750 owner loyality rebate that was being offered to present Explorer owners if they buy a new Explorer. Does anyway know if this is true and any details?
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    I thank this discussion group for allerting me to the $1,200 price advantage of the 2002 Mercury Mountaineer over a 2002 Ford Explorer. We had rented an Explorer while on a trip and liked it, although the V6 is slow after 30MPH. The new GM Bravada, Envoy, and Trailblazer have an excellent engine, but lack the independent rear suspension, 3rd row seat, and side curtain air bags. I was offered 3% over invoice by two dealers - Tustin Lincoln Mercury and Galpin Lincoln Mercury. I ordered a Mountaineer equipped with 2 wheel drive, V8, Convenience Group, Luxury Group, Trailer Towing Prep. Package (to get the 3.73 rear axle ratio for better acceleration), Air Conditioning, Automatic Rear, Radio System, audiophile, Restraint system, front & 2nd row side impact air bags, Reverse sensing system, Seats, Leather Surfaced Sport Bucket, (5) P245/70R16 Goodyear BSW tires, Exterior Color Mineral Grey Metallic, and Interior color Parchment, Medium. I will pay cash, and the total with tax and license will be about $35,500. Santa Margarita Ford offered me $1,000 over invoice, which is also about 3% over invoice.
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    The harsh shift problem was fixed by dealer. there is a TSB out on this issue. Explorere built before 5/21 may have this problem and can be fixed via a transmission programming change. Works fine after the update.
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    You can search for incentives either on the Ford website ( or through edmund's. The incentive programs vary by region, so you'll have to check for your area. In my region, they are offering 3.9/4.9/5.9 3,4,or 5 yr financing. The $750 owner loyalty rebate, I believe, applies nationwide. It expires on 7/2/01, so you'll have to act quickly. It applies to vehicles delivered by that date, not on factory orders delivered later.
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    Mountaineer deals are far better than that in Southern CA. If you need info on how to be treated right and get a more than awesome deal + excellent trade values, I will be pleased to tell you where I bought ours. It was for $300 over invoice. We got the two-tone blue luxury colors, and it's very well equipped, with dual air, 3rd rear seat that the kids LOVE, running boards, roof rack, memory seats and keyless remotes, alloys, geez, I could go on! Leather, heated seats, the works. Best thing was the red-carpet lease at awesome lease rates. Due to my experience with my last Ford (Explorer) it was great to be able to get out of the Explorer at a VERY good trade value without the new car being marked up to accomodate my trade value wishes. I really did pay $300 over cost and got the nicest car! Honestly, I got $2,000 more trade value than Rancho Santa Margarita Ford or the San Juan Capistrano dealers appraised it for, and heck with the idiots at Tuttle Click, they were nuts!! I did sign for a short term lease to be able to hand the keys back at 36 months when the warranty is up. Even better was the fact that this dealership delivered the car right to my doorstep with no hassle, full of fuel. And, the "Wear and Care warranty" for $500 to cover me up to $2500 for overmiles was a godsend, as I will not be able to keep this comfortable, great car at 12k a year. It's too nice to NOT drive!
    Loving the 2002 a LOT EVERY DAY, MORE AND MORE! No rattles. No squeaks. Not a bit of comparison with the late model Explorer I was in.

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    Comedydrama - why didn't you write the name of the dealer offering $300 over invoice? Also, dealers are more willing to sell what is on their lot at a lower cost, as no vehicles are selling well now. McPherson Ford in Tustin offered an Explorer EB at invoice if I would drive the V6 and compare it to the old V8. I have seen large inventories at all of the dealers, although most are V6 models.
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    that's funny... I think that the only part of the dealership that is being "stormed" now is the service dept by people looking to unload their Firestone tires.. not buy a new Explorer. At my uncle's dealership, sales on almost everything is down... partly I guess because of the economy and the layoffs, and maybe in part because people have taken pause about Ford and its integrity.
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    I'm sick of logging onto this site and seeing the Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada getting more "hits". We all bought these vehicles because we felt they were better than the GM version, at least I did. I'm extremely happy with my purchase thus far...what say we voice our confidence toward our recent purchases, and blow these GM dudes out'a the water?
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    I'd say we stick to the topic of Ford before a tangent starts about GM products, we surely do not want a repeat of ML talk like we had a while back.
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    Actually, I'm kind of glad that there aren't a multitude of posts here. It appears that the reason that there are so many posts on the GM board is because everyone is venting about all of the problems that they are having. If fewer posts means fewer problems, I'm happy. The wife and I are in the market for a new vehicle. I want a car, but the wife wants an '02 Mountaineer. We all know who will most likely win that argument. We rented an '02 XLT for the weekend and loved it. At any rate, I too would be happy to read more posts about experiences with the '02s.
  • footballfan777footballfan777 Member Posts: 29
    You want positive, you've got it. We've had our 02 XLT for 2 weeks now. The only options we ordered were the V8, 3rd seat, tow pack, and side airbags. After two weeks and 1000 miles, all I can say is it RULES!!! This thing is quiet, ride is good, acceleration is great, and handling is very good. Fit/finish is outstanding. We both actually liked the looks of the Mountaineer better, but the local Merc dealers wouldn't come down to invoice, which the Ford dealer did. I have nothing but praise for this vehicle to this point...hope it lasts much longer. My wife is still getting accustomed to the higher ride than her Legend, but so far, she likes it also. From my experience, I would definitely go with the V8. The thing will flat fly, but we got it for towing. The tow pack is the best $300 clams I've ever spent...will pay for itself in the hitch and wiring alone, not to mention the 3:73 rearend. Add to that the fact that we can carry mucho cargo or 7 people...all in comfort. As much as I hated to spend $28K on a car, it's probably the best 28K I ever spent.
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    To davipar Jun 20, 2001 12:55pm, I was able to get a $750 owner loyalty rebate when buying a new explorer.
  • jimmydelrayjimmydelray Member Posts: 38
    Have had a few problems.....just a trim piece and a module for the flasher. Only thing that dissapoints me is that it is taking 2 month's to get parts...hard to believe. I do really love my '02 Explorer and diffinately feel it is the best value for the dollar. Ford did an excellent job of meeting customer requirements when they reengineered the Explorer. If the durability is as good as it claims to be this is going to be one long lasting vehicle.

    Xplan is the way to go,

  • mean1mean1 Member Posts: 15
    I just leased a 2002 Explorer and received a $750 and a $500 rebate for owner loyalty and for coming off a lease of a '98' Explorer and I also got a phone call from Ford offering an additional $500. And on top of that, I got a letter from Ford giving me another $400 because my son was graduating from high school. that was a total of $2150 before I even started dealing with the car dealer. I ended up getting an XLT for over $4000 below the sticker price. I leased it, I gave the dealer a total of $73 and drove off in a new Explorer with monthly payments of $384. I was pleased and so far I find the car to be an improvement over the '98', especially in the way it rides and handles. One complaint, where are the fog lights? Ford's ad campaign says 'no boundaries' unless you run into fog.
  • footballfan777footballfan777 Member Posts: 29
    Guess you should'a gone with the EB or Limited, or with the Mountaineer. They come with fog lights We picked up our XLT three weeks ago, and I'm very pleased with it to this point. I hope three years from now our only complaint is the lack of fog lights...I could live with that.
  • mrankellmrankell Member Posts: 21
    I have a 2002 mountaineer with the leather package. I noticed that the second row middle seat has four slots when you fold the seat flat. Does anybody know if these slots are for anything.

  • mrankellmrankell Member Posts: 21
    When you fold down the middle seat in the second row of seats (the seat back) I have 4 slots cut out in the back of the seat(where the carpet is covering the seat back). I cannot figure out what these slots are for.

  • eweygrineweygrin Member Posts: 33
    I have leather in the 02 Mountaineer. The seat back of the middle seat is not carpet. It is hard plastic which can be used as a mini table.
  • mrankellmrankell Member Posts: 21
    I solved the mystery of ther slots.. I went to a Mercury showroom yesterday and found out that i was missing the plastic tray. The dealer will order one for me.

  • garymac216garymac216 Member Posts: 1
    With just 600 miles on my new XLS Explorer 4WD, I have heard, and "felt", a low-speed "clunking" sound coming from the upshifting transmission on a couple occasions! Seems to occur in the 25-30 mph range. I can't say it happens all the time, but when it does, there is no mistaking that something is not right!

    I have not yet had the opportunity to discuss this situation with my dealership's service manager.

    Is anyone else having (or had) this problem with their transmission!?

    Other than this problem with the transmission, I, in general, am satisfied with my recent purchase. This being my third Explorer, I'm pretty familiar with the product and have been mostly satisfied with overall quality! I hope this isn't about to change!
  • mrankellmrankell Member Posts: 21
    I have around 1,000 miles on my 2002 Mountaineer and i am getting the same transmission rough shifts and clunks. I think the transmission needs to be re-programmed. I will make an appointment next week. I am also getting a rattle around the radio bezel.

  • gregb5gregb5 Member Posts: 82
    Ford has a service bulletin out for the transmission rough shifting problem. I understand that Explorers built before 5/21 may have this problem.
    You might find the service guys asking you to wait until at least 2000 miles before they'll touch it, however; the transmission is supposed to "learn" and they say it takes that long before it is shifting optimally.
    I've experienced the same problem on several occasions. Mine was built after 5/21, though. I'll wait before asking them to look at it.
    No other complaints so far.
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    I just picked up my new 2002 Mountaineer. I used Edmund's "TMV" and then started my dickering. I was down to $400 over invoice ... $200 over invoice ... $100 over invoice ... and finally at invoice. I like the third row seat and the new and improved ride. I would have bought an Explorer, but couldn't find one in my choice of colors and equipment. Winter will tell how I like All Wheel Drive!
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    Anyone have any suggestions?

    squeaky1339 "Exploring the Ford Explorer" Jul 3, 2001 8:23pm

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    I ordered a '02 EB almost two months ago and still haven't got it. It was ordered with a V8 and moonroof. Why the hell is it taking so long?
  • mazman1mazman1 Member Posts: 229
    aren't the plants shut down for June? I recall reading that they normally shut down for the last 2 weeks of June and they were shut 2 weeks early this year because they wanted to make more tires available for the recall.

    chill out!
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    I took a suggestion from a post earlier in this group about using the Ford web page to get quotes from different dealers. We have five Ford dealers in the metro Phoenix area, and I sent of identical requests to each dealer, for an EB with the 3rd seat, V6, and rear AC. It was interesting to see what each one sent back, as each response was completely different. I had one group say that for quotes from the internet, they will do $1 over dealer invoice, but of course they did not give me that invoice price! 2 other dealers came back with Explorers in their stock that were no where near what I had requested. Another came back with the highest MSRP I have seen anywhere for the vehicle that I requested, almost $2000 over what the Ford web page even had. And the fifth, I have not heard from, yet I have received emails from Ford asking me to give them my opinions on what I have received. Very interesting stuff. My main intrigue is for the dealer who claims to offer the $1 over dealer invoice.
  • barrylewisbarrylewis Member Posts: 2
    We are looking at a 2002 Eddie Bauer. We don't need the third row and prefer the moonroof to the auxillary air. My dealer is telling me that even though the 3rd row seat and auxillary air are "options" on the EB, that no EB is made without these. Therefore, I am paying nearly $1400 for those features. In the meantime, since you can't have a factory installed moonroof when auxillary air is installed, he wants to charge me over $1600 for a dealer-installed moonroof, which is more than double the option price if it were factory installed. Does this sound right? Does anyone have a 2002 EB without the 3rd row and auxillary air?
  • fsmasekfsmasek Member Posts: 14
    barrylewis, you can order an explorer EB any way you want it. I have ordered about half of the cars I have owned. I have a 2002 Mountaineer on order. The dealer I ordered it from thought that the V8 models all had four wheel drive, but that was simply all he had seen. Ford will build what you order.
  • pnewbypnewby Member Posts: 277
    Find another dealer. He is telling you that he has only ordered EBs with those options. I have had a Med. Wedgewood Blue EB for a month now, and it has no 3rd row or Aux. Air. I ordered, and it took 9 1/2 weeks to arrive.
  • footballfan777footballfan777 Member Posts: 29

    That was probably my suggestion. About two months ago we decided to order either an Explorer or the Mountaineer. I started with Autobytel. Submitted quotes for both vehicles, identically equipped. Autobytel sent me to the local "no haggle" dealer for both. I hadn't heard anything good about that dealer, so I contacted three other local dealers via the Ford website, one of which was the dealer I bought my F-150 from 4 1/2 years ago. Interestingly, I never did receive a quote from the Autobytel dealer. He contacted me several times, but never gave me a quote. The other three dealers (one was a Ford/Merc dealer) all contacted me by phone (when I sent the e-mails, I included work and home numbers). All three gave me exact quotes on the same day they called me, with the Ford/Merc dealer giving me two. The lowest was the dealer I bought the truck from...beat one by $50 and the other by $300. All three included their "processing" fee in the quote...something to keep in mind. The fee ranged from $50 to $129.

    Ended up with a 2WD XLT, V8, tow pack, 3rd seat, premium sound, and side airbags for $28K. The car was delivered 6 weeks after the order, and actually would have been quicker if not for the Memorial day holiday.

    All I can say is dealer's practices vary not only by dealer, but by geographic location. The dealer we bought ours from has a very organized and well run internet operation. It's actually somewhat surprising, as we live in Oklahoma City...not exactly the tecno capital of the world.
  • sj6sj6 Member Posts: 13
    Help. My '02 XLS 2WD automatic has a low frequency (like a subwoofer freq.) vibration/hum/resonance between 60 and 65 mph. It is NOT the tires/wheels. It is NOT tread noise. I believe it is somewhere in the drivetrain. Two dealers can hear it, but cannot find the source. Anyone else have this problem? Otherwise the vehicle is fine with 1900 miles on it. This noise started at about the 300 mile mark. Thanks.
  • barrylewisbarrylewis Member Posts: 2
    Thanks everyone for your comments. I decided my dealer just didn't want to really try and look. He finally called back today and told me that he would do a factory order for just what I wanted and still give me the "no haggle" price. Well, 15 minutes later, another dealer called me. He had gotten my lead from Autosearch. He had found the EXACT car I wanted and less than 200 miles away. And his "no haggle" price came in $900 less than the first dealer. Plus I can pick the car up on Friday night!!!
  • tnguyen9tnguyen9 Member Posts: 2
    Just wanted everyone to know that we purchased/ordered a '02 Explorer 4WD Limited a couple weeks ago. We drove tested it a few times and came away very happy with the ride and roominess. Also, test drove the '02 Toyota Highlander 4WD but didn't like it. Room and carge space was small, it was nicely finished inside but the ride was different. Too much wook trim! FYI, we currently own '99 Honda Accord and '98 Honda Civic, so this will be our first SUV. The Civic will be traded in. We ordered the '02 Limited V6 Black on black with the options running boards, side curtain airbags, moonroof, and reverse sensing. Had to order because seems like every Explorer sitting at dealers have the 3rd row seat, which is nice but we don't need the added capacity. We decided between the EB and Limited and preferred the look of the leather and exterior moulding on the Limited. The auto climate is nice also. I agree that the controls for the power drivers seat are hard to reach, but it is a minor issue. Overall we like the new look and ride of the '02. Purchsed price for the '02 Limited 4WD V6 with the 4 options specified above and tax, tags, license came to out-the-door price of $34,450.
    P.S. the approach lamps under the side view mirrors seem interesting. Are they helpful and what do others think of it? Also, does anyone know if the security system 'beeps' the horn when activated by pressing twice? Just curious cause I forgot to check or ask at dealer.

    Can't wait, what is the recent delivery times for recent owners that have ordered and '02 Explorer?
  • eweygrineweygrin Member Posts: 33
    Just got back from a 450 mile trip with our 02 Mountaineer. Mileage wasn't too bad. We had 4 passengers, luggage and ran the air the whole time. I averaged 21.5 mpg with the V-6. I don't think that is too bad.

    This was a real nice vehicle to travel in. We had plenty of room. Perfect vacation vehicle. Gets lots of compliments too.
  • sj6sj6 Member Posts: 13
    The dealer has determined that it is a driveline vibration. Ford authorized a new driveshaft and differential assembly to be ordered and installed. Good progress, I will get the vehicle back middle of next week. The dealer was also kind enough to supply a loaner car.
  • tnguyen9tnguyen9 Member Posts: 2
    Just a correction to my out the door price in previous message. Paid $35,450. Still a pretty good price I think....about $300 over invoice.

    What do people think about the V8? Is it worth it over the V6? Has there been any problems or recalls with the V8 engine?
  • jmfreshourjmfreshour Member Posts: 57
    Footballfan (or anyone else that has purchased a V8), what is your real world gas mileage? On the sticker, it states that the mileage should be 14 city, 19 hwy for the 4wd, only 1 mpg penalty from the V6. I'd really like the V8 if it actually lives up to its stated mpg. Thanks in advance.
  • darrenjonesdarrenjones Member Posts: 6

    I have a 2002 Explorer V8 Limited 4x2 with 3.73 diff. I have 4400 miles on it so far. I live in Atlanta, GA, with a 7 mile commute that takes me 18 minutes to drive. In the city, I have been averaging 14.7 - 15.1 mpg. I usually accelerate fairly hard, but not always.

    I also have taken the Explorer on a 400 mile trip (one way) to the beach in S.C., and several 180 mile trips to visit family in N.C. On these highway trips, I have gotten 18.5-19.5 mpg if I drive 50-65 mph. When I drive 75-80, I average 17.5-18 mpg.

    Keep in mind that these are my real, calculated mileage figures. My trip computer generally reports slightly high (as much as 0.5 mpg high). At the beginning, it also reported low a couple of times, but not recently.

    Hope this helps,
  • footballfan777footballfan777 Member Posts: 29

    Ours has less than 2000 miles, and has been getting 15.5 MPG. This is all city driving, and includes two weekends where my wife towed her hoss trailer. I suspect it will get better as it breaks in, but only time will tell. I honestly think it will get 20 on the freeway based on experience. I'll keep you posted.

  • jmfreshourjmfreshour Member Posts: 57
    Those figures sound very reasonable, in line with the stated mpg. I don't think that the mileage penalty of the V8 is enough to keep it off of the options list. Hope everyone is enjoying their 2002s. We are waiting until Ford starts production of the telescoping steering wheel and adjustable pedals to order ours; the wife is rather short and hates sitting so close to the steering wheel.
  • tvbraintvbrain Member Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 Explorer XLT. V6.
    So far, I am mildly pleased with the truck. It's a smoother ride than the '96 Explorer that we leased until '98. The turning circle is amazing for something of its size. It's also nice and quiet. My mileage, with a 29 mile commute (20 on LA freeways, 9 on surface streets.), has been between 16 and 18, usually closer to 16. Gas prices have come down almost 30 cents since I bought it in May!
    Now the problems:
    -I had yellow spots under the paint on the back of the truck. 2 days to fix.
    -I had a transmition fluid leak. (bell housing) One week for the part, two days to repair.
    -The car "pings" after I've stopped it. When I'm standing beside it, the loudest ping sounds like it comes from the driver's side, between the front and back door. The dealer "Reprogrammed the PCM." which didn't fix it. It's hard to pinpoint because the pinging is an inconsistent symptom. ANYBODY HERE KNOW ABOUT THIS KIND OF THING?
    -The gray seating leather seemed to become permanently creased almost immediately. It looks old already. Plus, the seat seems to shift back slightly when I accelerate from a complete stop.
    -At 6'5" I'm not as comfortable as I like, The seat goes back so far that I can barely reach the steering wheel. I can't afford a model with the telescoping steering wheel, so I'm outta luck there.
    P.S. Let me be the lone voice on the board for the Explorer being better looking than the Mountaineer.
  • mazman1mazman1 Member Posts: 229
    is the pinging sound coming from the engine or the exhaust system? It is not clear from your post. If it is from the engine, why not try a differnt brand of regular gas. My truck runs best on Mobil Exxon and Aamoco... it runs poorly on Gulf, Shell hess and getty.
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