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    I saw 1 2002 Eddie Bauer on the lot with a V8. When I ordered my V6 EB, I was told the side curtain airbags would cause about a 6 month delay. When they priced my vehicle, the pedals, telescoping wheel and homelink were listed as credits. 2 hours later, when my order was placed, the homelink garage door opener disapeared from the credit list.
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    Anyone hear anything about the 2003 Lincoln MK9 that will be on the Explorer platform? I guess it will offer the navigation system that seems popular.
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    could somebody tell how much over invoice in the n.y. n.j. area the explorers are going for. i might even consider a 2001. a contact name or dealership would be great thanks brian

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  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
    has any body purchased a 2002 explorer in new jersey. im curious to know how much there going over invoice thanks for sharing the information brian 125

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    As a data point, last week we ordered a 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer 4WD 6-cyl from Douglas Ford in Summit, NJ.

    Options ordered: running boards, side air bags, moon roof, reverse sensing, 3rd row seat

    Salesman was Bud Dyer -- low key, very pleasant, no pressure, would recommend him

    We were shown printout from Ford ordering system giving pricing as $37,210 "retail" (i.e. MSRP), $34,074 "invoice"

    Per the printout, adjustable pedals and Homelink will be included when delivered. Telescoping steering wheel is not yet available -- credit of $54 given on invoice price.

    Total invoice price on printout included $250 advertising fee (called "FDAF Assessment") plus $26 for a tank of gas (13 gal at $2/gal). Except for these items, the invoice prices for the base car and the options seemed to agree with the info on Edmunds, given the $54 credit for telescoping steering wheel.

    Salesman said they wanted $1000 over invoice, or $35,074.

    Told him we had a quote from for $700 over invoice. But it's not clear if the quote covers the advertising fee and the tank of gas.

    Anyway, we finally agreed on $600 over invoice or $34,674. He asked for a $500 deposit.

    We were quoted 8 weeks delivery. They will try to locate a car with correct configuration if already on order by Douglas, or perhaps in trade with other dealer. No update on actual delivery date yet.

    Hope this info is useful. We'd be interested in hearing if anyone else was able to get a significantly better price in the north NJ area.

    Good luck.
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    I purchased it about a month ago. I am very pleased. The only options were auto cranny and the "sport" group. MSRP was $28595. I got it for $26800 or $648 over invoice.

    One thing I don't understand is how the extra $6000 - $7000 can be justified for the BE or Limited. The XLS 4WD with the sport group has power everything, cruise, tilt wheel, DC player (the standard one that sounds great), the same 4WD system as the XLT, BE, or Limited (3 modes, computer controlled WAD, 4WD, or 4WD low range), the same 4.0 6cyl and 5 speed auto as the more expensive ones, the same standard tow package (built in hitch receiver and wiring), the same roof rack, good looking 16in. alloys, running boards, tinted windows, very comfortable standard cloth seats, and the same good looks.

    Granted the EB has a certain look that I like but I could not justify the extra $7000. The XLS has everthing I need. Just my opinion.

    1. good power from the 4.0
    2. good exterior appearance
    3. good ride quality (for a truck)
    4. it's an American made SUV
    5. comfort level of the seats
    6. interior room (I'm 6'3" and when I have the
    driver's seat adjusted to my comfort level
    and when I get in back behind the driver's seat my knees just graze the seat. Something I could not say for the 2001 or most other midsize SUV's.
    7. the under floor storage compartments if you don't opt for the third seat.
    8. That new car smell and feel.


    1. The white paint had rail dust on it. (white buyers beware. It can only be seen on very close inspection. It will look like very small dots of rust. The dealer acknowleged the exsistance of this problem on white cars and it is at the dealer right now being taken care of under warrenty. Removal of this is best left to a professional ie. labor intensive.)
    2. more wind noise than I expected at highway speeds. (75mph speed limit here.)
    3. a transmission that shifts sluggishly from 2-3 and 3-4 under very light acceleration. It does not have this problem under moderate to brisk acceleration. The dealer is also looking into this.
    4. a rattle coming from the middle of the dash near the windshield. Also being looked into.
    5. an intermitant "raspy" sound from the engine at certain loads and RPM's. Also being looked into.

    I had a 1985 Bronco II some years ago that I bought new and I loved that truck but it was an absolute heap compared to this one. How far ford has come with their mid size SUV's.
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    make that tranny and EB
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    In the 4/30 Business week in an article on Continental about stability systems they quote Ford as saying stability system will be an option in November.
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    I had a pretty pleasant experience. I purchased a 2002 Explorer and traded in a '96 Explorer. I also got a $ 750 customer loyalty rebate. I got a Mineral Gray XLT with leather, 3rd row, moonroof, side impact airbags and running boards for about $ 300 over invoice. Invoice was $ 30,356. MSRP was $ 33,360 and Edmunds TMV was 31,040. I paid 30,690. The 2002 handles like a dream and blows away my '96. I'm really hard pressed to find much fault with it. The 6 cyl has more horsepower than my old '96 6 cyl. It's much quieter, too. As we left the dealership, my 5 year old said it felt like we were floating - even he could feel the 4 wheel independent suspension and the vast improvement over the '96 we had. I waited a year for this vehicle, and I'm glad I did. I really needed the 3rd row, which is more roomy than the new Tahoe's 3rd row, believe it or not.. the beefed up horsepower, decent gas mileage (with higher prices looming)and a vehicle with a 3rd row that could fit in my garage sealed the deal for me. Lower step in height and higher ground clearance also helped. These 2002's are going to be huge. Ford kinda created the whole SUV craze with the original Explorer, and they set a new standard and raised the bar with this new one. So people don't think I work for Ford, I have a few minor complaints.... the powerpoint next to the cup holder was a dumb idea, because inevitably, somebody is going to spill coffee or soda all over it. The keyhole where you start it is also cheesy and the key doesn't go in as easy as it should. Also, foglights should have been standard on the XLT. I don't even think you can get them as an option unless you go with Limited or EB....Anyway, that's my experience/review....
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    thanks to all for your response on the price you received.autoland in springfield n.j.sent me a fax the salesmans name is shahid qureshi.he quoted me $100 over invoice.i bought a 95 voyager there and i know first hand autoland plays no games there a high volume dealer. my voyagerin 1995 i bought for invoice.good luck to all of youand enjoy your new rides.

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    We went to our dealer who gave us a great deal on a 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer. He gave us his invoice cost which agreed to the invoice cost on Edmunds. I was happy until I saw the residual values and monthly lease payment. WOW! The residual on a 2 year lease & 12k miles is 55%. On my 1998 EB Explorer, we had a 3 year with 15k and a 58% Residual. Even though we got 3% APR, our monthly cost went up $105. The three year lease was a joke because the APR went up to 7% (supposedly fords way of getting people in a new car every two years).

    Anyone else getting better deals on a lease or residual values? Is the dealer jerking me around by messing with my residual or can they do that?

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    I can help. Just purchase one, take care of it, and in 2 - 5 years you will have a nice vehicle and NO PAYMENT!!
  • uthemanutheman Member Posts: 18
    A few interesting things I found out after my trip to the service department.
    1 The transmission will sometimes shift slowly. This is the computer learning and is normal. Something about enhancing durability. The condition will improve the more the computer learns. Apparently it will adapt to your driving habits. Point of note. Disconnecting the battery will start the learning process all over again. It said so in the TB.

    2 If you have a rattle coming from the dash area it is probably a part somewhere in the steering caolum. The TB said it is a known problem and the will replace it. There was a number that the service guy was to call to get the scoop on how to fix it.

    3 No fix yet on the "rasp" sound coming from the engine, see prior post. Still no effect on drivability and I think it is getting better. It is smooth and powerfull on the highway.

    4 They took care of the rail dust. Polished it out.


    Does anyone know what the tongue weight limit is for the standard, built in, reciever hitch?
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    Just bought a mineral gray 02 mountaineer. It just came off the truck this afternoon. Have not seen it yet. Wondering if it will have any of the items on it that Ford has been crediting. One concern I just thought of is whether it might have Firestones. All vehicles that I have seen up to this point have had Goodyears. Are dealers actually ordering with Firestones? Is Ford using any other brand of tire? Too late for me to call dealer tonight. They probably will not know brand of tire since they located this vehicle about 50 miles away.
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    Just picked up my 2002 4.0 with 2 wheel Drive. Granite Grey with leather, rear a/c, audiophile 6CD sound package, rear radar back-up sensor, dual front control a/c , convience group, luxury group, running boards, trailer tow package, yada, yada , yada. Gooodyear tires (Eagle LS) are superb. Quiet and "sticky". The vehicle rides like a car and handles the same. Power smooth and adequate. tranny shifts well. Brakes really good. Interior well designed and well put together. The folks at Ford Truck in Louisville and the Guys and Gals from The UAW. did an outstanding job on this SUV. More later after I put a few miles on the vehicle. Rollier
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    What is the latest on the all aluminum 4.6 liter engine? I have been waiting since last year to purchase the 2002 Explorer with that engine. I check every Ford dealership I pass for a V8 but have never seen one.
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    What does everyone think about a long-term comparison test pitting the new 2002 Mercury Mountaineer against the 2002 GMC Envoy?

    Please visit this page for the scoop and an email address to send those comments.

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    Even on a locate, the dealer will knows what tires are on the vehicle. It is on the invoice what brand they are. Be sure to get your $750 mountaineer owner loyalty rebate!!!!!
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    I heard this was $500, if you lease. Where did you hear about $750?
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    My wife are looking to replace our 94 Explorer Sport. We've narrowed it down to a 2002 EB AWD V8, 2001 Pathfinder LE and Acura MDX. The MDX dealer said that we were almost up so we dicided to go on some more test drives to really figure out which we wanted. Our first stop was Capitol Ford in San Jose CA. They had almost no selection, so we had to drive a V6 XLT without leather. (Basically get the feel of the new suspension). It's much smoother than the 94, but the increase in weight is noticable, as it's not too quick (over 10 sec 0-60).Anyway, I asked to work the numbers on one configured the way my wife and I want it, and the guy said "We can't do that today, the computer room is closed." (It was a Sunday) We were ready to order! So we left and went across the streat to Capitol Nissan. We test drove a Pathfinder LE (REAL Nice Motor!) and the little twerp locked out the OD on the transmission to make it sportier on the freeway! Then, after the test-drive, he started with some huge price, almost $38k I think. I told him if he was going to start from high MSRP to stop wasting all our time and I'd leave then. I also told him that what I was looking for was to find out what retail and invoice was for the car we wanted, what incentives were available, adn what interrest rate we qualified for. The credit manager came back with 30688 (invoice less $1200) and 3.9%. The salesman went to see if they had one with the options in the color we wanted, and dissapeared for 45 minutes! We got up and left!

    My wife an I have never had such a hard time trying to get someone to take our $35k-$30k!

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    When we looked for Sub's and Excursion found the Ford's had pretty good inventory lists on the internet. Found one the way we wanted and happened to be at an AutoNation dealer, Dublin. Got the price by email but still had to spend 3 hours at the dealer since at the time I decided to take the 0.9% financing, which took all the time.

    Good luck.
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    SVMAN- I got $750.00 for going from a 98 Mountaineer to an 02. Both were purchase rather than lease. I have never heard of a $500.00 rebate being offered.

    MATT - Don't give up on the Ford. These products are truly a giant leap forward in progress.
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    Would one get a $750 loyalty rebate going from an Explorer to a 2002 Mountaineer?
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    I have heard that Lincoln plans on introducing a 2003 Lincoln SUV based on the Explorer/Mountaineer platform in Spring 2002.

    Does anyone know what features/ options such an entry will have? Perhaps more wood on the dash and navigation system?
  • eweygrineweygrin Member Posts: 33
    SirKnight - The way I understand it, you must go from Ford to Ford or Mercury to Mercury. I don't necessarily agree with this line of thinking. The other unusual thing is Mountaineer pricing versus Explorer pricing. If you desire a more basic vehicle then the Explorer is your best bet. If you want something loaded, you get more for the money with Mountaineer. Loaded Mountaineer costs less than Eddie Bauer or Limited. In addition with the Ford, you must upgrade to Bauer edition in order to get the priviledge to buy certain options that you can add to Mountaineer for less. Mountaineer is geared toward luxury buyer yet costs less than Explorer when loaded up.
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    Does anyone know of any dealers in the Southeast (I'm in Mississippi) selling 2002 Mountaineers at or near factory invoice? Thanks.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    Dear Ewegrin,

    Thanks for the advice. Since I want it very loaded, I checked and you are correct, seems simarly equipped loaded Mountaineer and Loaded Eddie Bauer or Limited have about a 1500 dollar diference, with the Mountaineer being more cost effective loaded. I have a 96 XLT so I can split that diffence in half if I purchase an explorer. I happen to like the Mountaineer stlying better except for the plastic aluminum trim around the radio and the interior of the doors. But i also like the Explorer low gear 4WD for the few times I drive on the beach each year.

    I figure the new 2003 Lincoln SUV offered next spring will be a lot pricier and probably will not offer a low gear either.

    I will order the new Mountaineer as soon as the Andvance Trac yaw control system comes out( not that it will help me on the beach, but i like that safety system in general). I d like to get it before my extended ford waranttee expires in Dec of this year, so I wont be waiting to see the Lincoln as I prefer not to keep my Explorer ( which has been trouble free) past the extended warantee.

    Thanks for your help
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    anyone have a delayed delivery due to a hail storm that hit the StL plant in early April. Many trucks out in the lots awaiting delivery. Tennis ball sized hail in the area.
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    Just picked ours up; found all the comments from owners on this board very helpfull. Got the AWD model, fully loaded with everything but sunroof (wedgewood blue).

    Just like noted in one of the threads, I have a small rattle somewhere neear the drivers controls on the left or steering column - will have dealer look at it soon. Also heard the suspicious sound from the engine or transmission the other day, but no performance issues associated with it.

    The most worrysome thing is while driving very slowly at about 10MPH up a very mild uphill grade (maybe 3%), I heard and felt a KLUNK from what felt like a rear wheel - it was EXTREMELY pronounced. I pulled over and the street should no signs that I ran over anything - -it was something mechanical - it was a BAD feeling - no repetitive occurance so far to be able to explain or demonstrate to service technician - let's hope it never happens again.

    The fit and finish is "OK" so far - having some minor irritation with lever that controls the row 2 center seat back. That notwithstanding, after my 92 Explorer XLT, and 95 Eddie Bauer 4x4, the comparative ride and handling is extremely refined, and I'm very happy.

    Once or twice a year, I really appreciated the selectable 4 wheel drive on the Eddie Bauer - - but the full time tracking on the new AWD is very nice; we'll see how it does in snow next winter.
  • 1stmountaineer1stmountaineer Member Posts: 1
    Bought my Red Toreador 02 Merc Mountaineer about 4 weeks ago. Got the convenience and luxury grp.
    with side steps.
    Rides great and feels good.
    Thanks to edmunds, I felt I got a good deal from Fiesta Mercury here in San Antonio.
    According to edmunds prices with above options, invoice was 28,300 and I paid $100 above invoice plus destination of $600, for a total of $29,000.
    I did have a problem with the a/c twice:
    1. it was not cooling properly and they had to recharge the system. They said the factory put only 1.5 lbs of freon where it should have been 2 lbs.
    2. the a/c would cycle on and off and not cool. I took it back last week again. They found out an a/c wire had broken and barely making contact. They kept it for 3 days to make sure they got it done right which so far, they have. So heads up!
    I have found though, on the drivers side, it's a tight fit for your hand between the driver door and seat.
    The 3rd row seat is also sort of tight. It is better for smaller kids than adults.
    I was disappointed Mercury does not have a better looking side step like on their previous models.
    But it still drives well.
    Any comments on design from new oweners?
    Have a good one!
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    Anyone have 2 carseats installed in the second row? Is it still easy to get to the third row? Interesting about the small size of the third row seat some of you have noticed. My local dealer sold out on his '02's with the third row seat already and doesn't carry the Mountaineer, so I haven't been able to try it out yet. I'm also looking at the '02 Buick Rendezvous with the third row seat and captain's chairs in the second row. Great vehicle at a great price, but it might not be truck-like enough for me, especially with the low ground clearance.
  • cdavantcdavant Member Posts: 5
    I can't seem to get an answer about the availability of the side airbags on the 2002 Explorer. Does anyone have any information?
  • rollierrollier Member Posts: 8
    Drove from Toledo OH to Grand Rapids MI last weekend (180 mi each way) and averaged 22mpg at 65-70 mph. Not bad mileage with only 300 miles on my new Mountaineer. Has anyone passed 3000 miles yet and have a better mileage idea in town and on the road? If so, let me know. Thanks
  • njdevilsrnnjdevilsrn Member Posts: 185
    1 - Check the math - 180 x 2 = 360.

    2 - There is no way on this green earth you got a not even broken in Mountaineer to make 22mpg. IMPOSSIBLE!
  • mazman1mazman1 Member Posts: 229
    with a towtruck and a strong wind!
  • thornthorn Member Posts: 91
  • koblinkoblin Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know when the new V-8 engine is coming?

  • jimmydelrayjimmydelray Member Posts: 38
    Well, just bought this vehicle. Seems very nice compared to the other Explorers I have owned. One thing though, very minor but the lights are suppose to flash when you lock the doors with the remote. They don't. Took it to Ford and it will take three month's to get the part????? Doesn't seem possible does it? I'll bet if it meant a sale or not it would be fixed the same day!!!!!

  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    Side airbags are a $495 option on all four 2002 Explorer trim lines (XLS, XLT, EB, Limited). They were due to be available for ordering the second or third week of April. The side airbags cover the front and second row of seats when ordered.

    They were a $395 option on my 2000 Explorer XLS. I suppose the extra $100 on the '02 accounts for the addition of the bags to the second row; the '00 side air bags were for the front seats only.

    Hope this helps. Thanks!
  • eweygrineweygrin Member Posts: 33
    The dealer which sold me my Mountaineer has had vehicles with side airbags for at least the last two weeks.
  • thadjosh76thadjosh76 Member Posts: 4
    Hi Everybody,
    Went to the dealer today and looked at Explorers. They had two V-8 Explorers for sale. Both limited white ones.
    As for the air bags my understanding is there are two different kinds. The 02 have the new side curtain bags. The alder Explorers have just "side airbages". What is the difference? Well the 02 cover 75% of the windows on the 1 and 2nd rows of seats. They are also right above the seat belt in the Explorer. The alder Explorers have them in the driver/ passenger seat. Are they as safe? I do not know? Anybody else know?
  • cdavantcdavant Member Posts: 5
    I know the 2002 EB comes with fog lamps. I have a set of PIAA 90 ProXT driving/fog combo lamps and wonder if the new front has a decent spot to mount them. I don't spend a lot of time in the brush so I'd rather not go the grill guard route.
  • sirknightdsirknightd Member Posts: 96
    Anyone seen Michelins on a 2002 Ex/Mount?

    Haw do the Good year eagles do in rain.

    I have 50,000 miles on my original Good years All Terrain on my 96 Explorer, but I never liked them in the rain. I I looking forward to All Season Tires.. and will take my chances on the few times I go to the beach
  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    The '02 Explorers have two different types of "side" air bags. The $495 optional side air bags are in the seats, just like the "older" Explorers. The only difference being that they now also include the second row of seats. They are perfectly safe. Just remember not to put seat covers on the seats with these air bags if you have them. It could severely hamper their effectiveness should they deploy. The '02 models also have a curtain style air bag that deploys in the event of a roll-over. They are mounted above the seat belts. Not sure if the roll-over curtain style air bag is available yet or not. They should be safe as well.
  • rysterryster Member Posts: 571
    Hi again... just need to make a quick correction to my previous post... further research seems to indicate that side SEAT mounted air bags are not available in the '02 Explorers (although they were optional in the pre-'02 models; my '00 has them). The $495 optional side bags are, in fact, the curtain air bags for helping with roll-over type accidents. Sorry for the inconvenience. Looks like there is only one type of side air bags in the '02s.
  • jybnashjybnash Member Posts: 4
    02 explorers have available side curtain airbags that deploy from the roof and cover 63% of the window areas for the first and second row passengers and protect the head and chest. They use a cool gas(much less than 200 degrees) and deflate immediately in the event of a side impact. However in the event of a rollover they stay inflated for up to 6 seconds. I've seen explorers with them installed.
  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    It's early after a new introduction to see such aggressive pricing. Local dealer is advertising an '02 Mountaineer with leather and V8 for $359/mo with about $2100 down plus first payment (36 month lease). I had been considering an Envoy but will look at the Mercury as it is about $55/mo cheaper. I assume the V6 would be even less money.
  • dindakdindak Member Posts: 6,632
    Saw a Mountaineer on the weekend visiting from Michigan. It's too bad Ford isn't offering it for sale in Canada because it's much better looking than the '02 Explorer. I'll never understand why Ford killed Mercury in Canada. Dumb thing to do.
  • masonmimasonmi Member Posts: 148
    Did Ford really kill Mercury in Canada? I was just wondering if i read that post correct.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "Two years ago Ford eliminated Mercury dealers in Canada." (sounds painful!).

    Forbes article: Mercury Lives--Up To A Point.

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