GMC Terrain Navigation screen and check engine light

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I bought a new terrain in May 2012. Almost immediately I started having problems with the navigation screen going black, dimming and coming back on. I took it to the dealership on at least 3 occasions and even got GMC involved. It is still not fixed, they do not know why it does it and do not know how to fix it. I finally stopped taking in in to get it fixed because hey what's the point of taking it to them if they can't fix it. Now I have another problem my ck engine light came on a few days ago. I took it in and got a loaner. When I got it back I was told random misfire, do not know why and not doing it now so can't fix it ( that's my interruption of what they said). Got the car back and before I got home light on again. I took it back, it's still there and I have loaner. This time I got called and they want to know where I buy gas and try to sell me 30,000 mile ck up. I called and got the general mgr involved. I told him about navigation problem and ck eng light prob. They are going to do the 30,000 mile service at no charge and see what the other problem is and fix. I told the general mgr that I got stuck with a lemon. I am so fustrated- this is the only new car that I've bought and have had problems with.
im ready to tell them that I don't want it back until it's all fixed


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    When I get it back- if there is still a problem, I will be contacting GMC again. I'm not getting stuck with a lemon and have to pay $$ to get it fixed when warranty expires

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    I bought terrain in November 2013 Almost immediately jerking and cutting out. The second time the check engine light keep coming in and started the jerking. I took it to the dealership on at least 3 occasions it is there now. I am in my 4th loner. The first 2 times I was in a lacrose for 3 weeks got it both times I had to take it back. The 3rd loaner was so small I couldn't even fit my kids in the back sit. They have me my 4th loaner yesterday a Quad cab pickup truck I put $30 in the tank didn't get to half a tank didn't go far but the gas going very fast!!! Damn shame getting screwed all the way around with the LEMON FROM GMC!!!!! It is still not fixed, they do not know why it is doing the jerking, engine light on and do not know how to fix it. They just keep replacing parts damn near have replaced the whole engine.
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    I own a 2012 Terrain SLT-1 AWD. I am extremely pleased with the vehicle. I have had some issues, but the dealer repaired each one. I had received the Monthly Vehicle Diagnostic Report. The report indicated a problem in the emissions system, but the check engine light had not come on. I took the vehicle in for its' normal oil change and told the service write. The tech found the problem. A sensor had not hit the check engine sensor hard enough to trigger the light. The sensor was replaced and the monthly report has not showed any other problems. The other problem was the seat motor failed, it has been replaced. I enjoy my Terrain even though I rarely drive it. My daily driver is a 2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara Luxury 4WD. The Terrain is quiet and rides smoothly. I am considering the purchase of a 2015 to replace my Suzuki. Maybe I am just lucky. I own the vehicle coming on 2 yrs, and it still hasn't got 15K miles on it.

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    I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with your Terrain. I understand that your vehicle has been in and out of the dealership for your concerns. Please let me know if you would like for us to take an extra look into your concerns. If we can be of any assistance, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]

    Kristen A.
    GM Customer Care

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