92 Mazda, B2200, intermitent starting problems

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My Mazda truck has been having intermittent starting problems for a couple of weeks. On 4 or 5 occasions during the past month it wouldn't start. If I leave it for a short time (usually 10 minutes or so) it starts. The problem isn't a frozen gas line, or flooding and I am getting spark. It turns over ok but won't start. This past weekend it wouldn't start even after sitting overnight. I had it towed to a garage and of course it started then. They couldn't find any problem. Any help out there???


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    These intermittent problems can drive you nuts...usually, though, logically speaking, it's electrical if it's "on again, off again" like that......not always, but usually......often, if a fuel pump dies, it dies, same with an injector, fuel filter, etc...but electrical things can die and come back to life, depending on temperature, etc. You may have to wait until it fails completely.
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    Don't forget, these beasts are carbeurated...I know that in cold weather, over time, the old B2000s would develop choke problems. I don't know if this also is the case with the 2200. My dad solved this on his '86 B2000 by installing a manual choke (my dad...ever the MacGyver)
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    Really, the B2200 was still carburated in '92?......gee, I remember working on the carb on a 1988 model or so...it was impossible to fix...ended up buying a new carb for $500...we went through that thing ten times and replaced every valve and needle and spring and cleaned every orifice...it ran better, but never well. Still, on the '88, the defects weren't subtle...I still think a malfunctioning carburetor is pretty blatant.
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    The only old-style Mazda pickups with FI were the B2600i models.
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    Have your mechanic check the fuel pump relay - your problem could be electrical.
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    Mazda B2200 pick ups were fuel injected as of
    1990 in the U.S.A. Your intermittent no-start
    condition is most likely electrical. One easy
    thing to do (if you're mechanically inclined) is
    next time,check fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. If no pressure exists, the problem
    may be either a pump ( take off the gas cap and
    listen for a humming noise while someone cranks
    the engine) or lack of power to the pump.There is
    only one relay on this system,its located near the battery. Also,check your fuses.
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    Sorry, but according to cars.com as well as going down and looking at a '91 B2200 for sale at my local dealer, they were still carbeurated. Only the B2600i models from this era were fuel injected, hence the "i". The original poster's problem could well lie in the carb.
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    I own a 1991 Mazda B2200 pick up. It is
    fuel-injected. Cars.com is mistaken. I am a technician in a Mercedes dealership who works
    down the street from a Mazda dealer. Both the
    Service and Parts managers at the Mazda dealer
    tell me that the B2200 came fuel injected from 1990 onward. Only in certain markets were these
    trucks still carbureted,as likely the truck in
    message 8. But few of the carbureted trucks were
    made after 1989.
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