2014 Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



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    leave info in my im box I will get back to you later

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    I got lots of good info from these discussions so I thought I'd tell you my story. I'm in Southern CA and bought a 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L 2WD on December 30, 2013. I didn't want the stress and time of shopping around but I did get a referral from an employee at the dealership. I paid $26,330 (incl. destination) for the vehicle, no extras or add-ons, no navigation, no entertainment system. They removed the HDAG fee when I asked them to, took the already-installed security system off, and were ok with me declining the extended warranty--but is seemed like they were required to explain the benefits to me. It was about as low stress as spending that much money can be, and the employees were upbeat, worked well together, and were very efficient. It's a high volume dealership and their priority seemed to be making sure I was happy to get my business and high ratings, which was fine with me. Here's a tip: if you are a distance from the dealership and they say they have the car you want, ask the salesman to message you photos of the invoice and sticker for the car so you can check out everything before you make the drive.

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    brian , hope you are staying warm up there in ny ... just wanted to get your input on where to buy accessories and approximate cost savings that we might see ? have you heard of bernardiparts.com ... their claim is genuine Honda parts and accessories. just not sure of their cust service level. any input would be helpful ... thanks again for all your help

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    Bernardi honda up in MA has great pricing on parts and accessories.. They also have one of the best price's in the country on honda warranties along with Hyannis and Sachi honda.

    Parts and Accessories check out these web sites..... prices are very good

    Cheap honda parts

    College hills honda parts.

    The weather here in NYC area is very cold today about 5 degree's with wind . Good day to sit around and eat / relax.

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    unfortunately ... that's what the Jets & Giants will be doing ... sitting around, eating and relaxing.

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    Dont leave out the miserable Mets year after year.

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    @brian125 said:

    Great price your model is 25,519 with dest charge.. No brainer make the deal.. This is a 1500 below invoice price sale..

    Post the dealership and state your buying in after you complete your sale..

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    Looking to purchase 2014 crv exl awd with navigation in Springfield, pa. Looking to get a great price. Any info would be helpful. Seen one today OTD price is 29,786.00 plus approx 240.00 in fees. Destination charge is included already. Suv has mud flaps,all season mats and wheel locks already from factory. I will still look around for a better price. Financing is 0.9 for 3 years because I have 1st tier credit .

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    Does honda have any incentives if you go thru their financing the only thing I have seen was military. I will be financing thru them, but my loan will be not that much. What is the least amount you can finance thru honda. If I trade my car and get what I want I will have a great down payment . I live just outside Springfield, pa. Thanks

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    Does an> @jealkon said:

    Philadelphia area, 2014 CRV EX-L AWD $27000 (Car price)

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    fassa ,

    Some dealerships have flex cash of 500 dollars some wont . Yu need to call ahead to see what dealerships are offering flex cash. Read thru the boards to get idea's on pricing.. End of Dec sale prices might be hard to match in the beginning of Jan. There is a 10k Minimum for flex.. Not to many dealerships will do 5k.

    A goodtarget price to buy is 500 below invoice to 1000 on all models 2014

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    Hi Brian, just wanted to let you know we closed on our CRV. Like you mentioned though - the dealers were more ready to sell "what they have on their lot" these last days then going and looking for what you want. We got our 2014 EX-L AWD W/Nav for 27600 - +TTL. The Honda Dealer in Salinas was the ONLY one that would go get what WE wanted.(they did not have it on the lot and White W/Black leather seemed to be short supply here!).. I think the funniest thing in the end was a EMAIL we received from 1 dealer asking if we wanted instead a Fully loaded CRV With ALL accessories +that the general manager was driving for $32,000+ We replied "No thanxs" LOL

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    If you're shopping for a 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L FWD in Dallas, this comment plus Brian125's negotiation strategy should be all you need to buy a vehicle. (I negotiated everything in person same day after four hours of online research the night before, which is not what Brian125 recommends but my wife is pregnant and due any day now so the amount of time I could spend drawing this out was**** limited.)

    Part 1: Itemized Invoice

    Out-the-Door Price: $27,750.00
    Title Fee: $33.00 (Legitimate)
    License Fee: $57.75 (Legitimate)
    State Inspection Fee: $23.75 (Legitimate)
    Road & Bridge Fee: $10.00 (Legitimate)
    Child Safety Fee: $1.50 (Legitimate)
    Deputy Service Fee: $5.00 (Optional, But Non-Negotiable)
    Dealer's Inventory Tax: $51.01 (~0.2%, Legitimacy Debatable)
    Negotiated Price: $26.662.42
    ProPack: $196.90 (Amazon Pricing, Parts Only)
    Door Guards: $66.49 (Amazon Pricing, Parts Only)
    Pinstripe: $0.00 (Ascribed Value)
    Tinting: $150.00 (Yelp Review Pricing, Parts & Labor)
    Trade-In Premium: $79.33 (Actual Versus Edmunds TMV)
    Brian125 / Edmunds Forum Price: $26,169.70
    Advertising Fee: $150.00
    Documentary Fee: $180.00
    Destination & Handling Charge: $830.00
    Vehicle Price: $25,009.70

    In other words, I missed Brian125's $800-$1500 range by $139.70. But this (1) ascribes no labor value to installing the splash guards, wheel locks, and door guards; (2) assumes the most aggressive trade-in book value (i.e. if you use KBB instead of Edmunds TMV, or the fact that I needed two new tires, I'm easily within range); and (3) deems the advertising fee of $150.00 is illegitimate (which it probably is, though Edmunds adds it for my zip code in the invoice price calculation and you could argue that this is just another way of assessing regional price differences). So I'm okay with the deal that I got. My only regret is that I didn't ask them to throw in all-season mats to close the deal.

    Part 2: Add-On Calculation

    Protection Package ("ProPack"): MSRP $799.00 (Parts $274.00, Labor $525.00)

    • Cargo Tray: $86.20 Amazon third party with shipping (MSRP $114.00)
    • Splash Guards: $68.70 Amazon third party with shipping (MSRP $104.00)
    • Wheel Locks: $42.00 Amazon Prime (MSRP $56.00)

    Twilight Blue Door Edge Guards: MSRP $299.00 (Parts $84.00, Labor $215.00)

    • $66.49 Amazon third party with shipping

    Pinstripe: MSRP $299.00 (Parts & Labor)

    • $28.00 Google Shopping (Parts Only)

    Tinting: MSRP $299.00 (Parts & Labor)

    Part 3: Trade-In Premium

    2011 Honda Civic LX, Automatic Transmission, 23,815 Miles, Clean Condition

    • Actual Trade-In Value Given: $11,993.33
    • Trade-In Edmunds TMV: $11,914.00
    • Trade-In Kelley Blue Book: $11,538.00
    • Trade-In Quoted Price: $11,400.00 ("Two New Tires Needed")
    • Trade-In Quoted Price, Alternate Dealership: $11,250.00

    Part 4: Dealer Tactics & Responses (if you choose to negotiate in person)

    "No one will sell you the car at that price." (Response: "You're probably right, I'm not educated on the market, but I need to learn that for myself by talking with the other dealerships.")

    "This [over-accessorized] car will sell with these add-ons." (Response: "That's nice, just not to me.")

    "We're the highest volume dealership in the area." (Response: "So you're good at what you do and now I feel like a number, is this really a place that I should be buying something from in a negotiated transaction?")

    "I have to make a living." / "We have to make a profit." (Response: "If you told me what your true invoice price was with holdbacks and corporate volume incentives, then I could work with you around your need to make a living, but that's not disclosed anywhere.")

    "Other dealers offer fake Internet prices to get you in the door." (Response: "It'd be nice if anyone posted an Internet out-the-door price with add-ons and doc fees so that everyone's time isn't being wasted, but you don't appear to be interested in doing that either.")

    "Edmunds / KBB don't reflect real pricing." (Response: "Show me a real print out then, since you guys are always asking for a real print out offer from other dealerships to beat.")

    "What dealership is your offer from?" / "Do you have a physical print out of a price?" (Response: "I can't tell you, and of course I don't have a physical print out. Do you let anyone who hasn't purchased a vehicle from you walk away with an offer sheet that is even remotely close to the actual minimum at which you're willing to sell the car?")

    Part 5: To-Do List Prior to In-Person Negotiations (If you choose to negotiate in person)

    • Read Edmunds forums for amount to offer below invoice via Internet (e.g. $800-$1,500 for CR-V)
    • Read news articles for incentives that corporate is offering (e.g. $3,000 at Honda in December 2013)
    • Only buy during the last week of December or when a new model year rolls out
    • Look to purchase previous year if there hasn't been a major redesign and you will be driving the car to the ground
    • Trade in a leased vehicle to get the sales tax deduction
    • Know what car you want in advance - make model, trim, color, and options
    • Research Amazon price for accessories and note the ridiculous markup against MSRP (the protection package, or "ProPack", is particularly egregious, as demonstrated above)
    • Research Edmunds and KBB prices for current and previous year models
    • Identify the vehicle inventory within your acceptable range (e.g. 50 miles) and note any offers (only four dealerships in the area had Twilight Blue Metallic; the less picky you are the greater your leverage)
    • Request OTD (out-the-door) prices from each dealership
    • Research Edmunds and KBB trade-in values for your vehicle, calculating the final OTD price you're willing to pay for your new vehicle assuming the highest of the two trade-in values
    • Research the holdback on your vehicle (e.g. Hondas are 2% of MSRP?)

    Part 6: To-Do List During In-Person Negotiations (If you choose to negotiate in person)

    • Ask for desired, non-included accessory to close the deal (e.g. all-season mats)
    • Call a competing dealership between offers and counteroffers with the dealership that you are physically in
    • Involve all of the dealerships that have your specific vehicle
    • Force them to counteroffer each time you make an offer, or threaten to walk away (and make good on it)
    • Ask for the number of vehicles the dealership sells each month to point out the ridiculousness of the doc fee relative to the actual expense (e.g. one dealership I talked to sells 500 cars a month at a $180 doc fee, which is $1.08 million a year and far greater than the financing staff's total pay)
    • Do not under any circumstances buy your vehicle from the first dealership that you visit
    • Psychologically anchor yourself lower by offering an absurd initial price, as the dealership is doing the same with its MSRP
    • Do the math for them (using my itemized invoice above) so that they know you are buying a car today
    • Do not make more than three offers at any dealership, as you will start to grow weary and are more likely to give in
    • Point out that they will make a profit on your trade-in by having the dealer and certified prices handy
    • Bring an HP 12-C and use it to do your calculation work as an intimidation strategy

    Part 7: Honda Dealership within 30 Miles of Zip Code 75202

    • AutoNation Honda Lewisville
    • David McDavid Honda of Frisco
    • David McDavid Honda of Irving
    • Freeman Honda
    • Honda Cars of McKinney
    • Honda Cars of Rockwall
    • Huggins Honda
    • John Eagle Honda
    • Lute Riley Honda
    • Rusty Wallis Honda
    • Vandergriff Honda
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    Nice job with your sale................. and well said with great advice and tips for our forum members..


    Glad it worked out enjoy your new CRV. These dealers are a real piece of work.

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    Hi everyone. Reading through this forum has been tremendously helpful and now I have a question of my own.

    I'm in the Twin Cities area of MN and interested in buying a 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD. I've only visited one dealership so far (the one that does the largest volume I'm pretty sure) and was told by the sales guy that invoice is $28,100 and they sell this model for $28,000. In his words, "gone are the days of haggling; now pretty much all the dealerships around the area use the same practice and all customers basically pay the same price". He said this more than once and even though I liked him, it was not at all motivating to me since I'm driven by bargains. I also don't recall seeing or hearing anything about this dealership having a "no haggle" policy as some do.

    Since I'm buying at the start of the year instead of the end of last year, does this mean I shouldn't count on dealers being very willing to bargain? Does anyone know whether there's any truth to the claims that Honda dealers in this area are all selling for about the same price of only $100 under invoice?


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    Choose the model you want color, and options. Look to buy your model for a target price of 500 below invoice to as much as 1000 below invoice price.. Read thru the forum on buying tips and advice/ when and how to buy and you'll do ok. you need to figure on a target price to buy then apply how to go about negotiating your lowest deal by the end of the month.

    I will start you off and others could chime in on negotiations and homework

    1- make a list of as many dealerships as your willing to travel

    2- decide on your target price to buy.

    3-Start your calls and emails to the dealerships asking them if they have flex cash to offer, How much there doc fee's are etc. Get each dealerships internet dept mgr. name, number, email so when your ready to make your offer to buy you have this info..

    Once you have done your homework on your area's dealerships you are now ready to start your negotiations with each one to buy your model. If your credit is bad get outside financing in place first.

    Try truecar pricing with your zip code to see what others are paying in your area. Truecar pricing is just a price guide for you.......... not a final selling price. Check board to see who has bought in your city..

    Any further questions just ask

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    Hi all. I'd appreciate any input you have on these numbers - all are from dealers email to me. Car is a 2014 LX 2WD.

    • MSRP 23,775
    • Invoice 22,534

    My price is:
    Internet price: 21,204
    Dest charge 830
    Accessories 499
    Paint & Fabric protection 299
    Subtotal: 22,832
    Sales Tax 1,427.00
    Dealer Doc Fee 150
    Inspection, Licenses, Dealer Inventory tax: approx 189

    Cash Balance on vehicle 24,596.98

    My goal for a car price (I'm still narrowing down which car) is/was 20k. This was taking into account our tax rate. I've emailed a few other deals to see if they can get closer to my goal, but so far - how does it look? The price is 1300 under the invoice figure they provided, but the $1600 in destination and other crap hurts and put my payments above where we wanted to be. We're putting 5k down if that matters.

    Thank you for any input!

  • sewsleepysewsleepy Member Posts: 2

    Oh, and we're in Houston.

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243


    Find a dealership that wants to sell you the same vehicle without getting suckered into paying 800 dollars for unwanted accessories and fabric protection. Or if dealer agree's offer them invoice price on added accessories and he throws in that bs fabric protection.. you buy vehicle that moment.. Thats your pitch.Or walk

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    The quote u got is not 1300 below invoice. 22534 invoice includes dest charge of 830. So yours is 500 below. I'm in dallas so our tax is the same. I got mine LX fwd 22100 OTD b4 year end with Honda finance. I'm not sure if dealers are less willing to discount at beginning of jan, but at least can go for not more than 22300 OTD.

  • tpdfwtpdfw Member Posts: 3

    Hi roundhead,

    I am in Dallas too. Could you tell me which dealer? Also any add-ons? Thanks. TP

  • roundheadroundhead Member Posts: 3

    I bought from patterson (120 miles away and delivered to me). A few dealers offered close to 23000. If you are patient, you can always try them to beat the best offer you have at hand. I asked them all via emails. Cargo tray, mud guard, mats and pinstripe are included.

    @tpdfw said:
    Hi roundhead,

    I am in Dallas too. Could you tell me which dealer? Also any add-ons? Thanks. TP

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    I am interested in a 2014 CRV EX-L AWD... I spent a lot time reading all of the advices.. There is almost too much ;-)

    Here is what I have so far from 3 dealers (internet)

    D1 - 28870(Car)+830(Dest)-500(flex)+1752(tax)+DOC(225)+TR(65)=31242$

    D2 - 28220(Car)+830(Dest)-000(flex)+1743(tax)+DOC(243)+TR(65)=31101$

    D1 - 28439(Car)+830(Dest)-000(flex)+1756(tax)+DOC(131)+TR(65)=31221$

    Looking at these numbers, D2 has 355$ under invoice which is short from 500-1000$ recommended. Being January, are the below invoices prices still applicable?.

    For the accessories, is there a way to find out the invoice prices?. I was interested in the running boards and mats..

    The other issue is that none of the dealers do not have the color (urban titanium + black interior). Not sure if this could be used as leverage.

    Also, I plan to trade in a honda civic which value I have researched through KBB, Edmunds, car.com

    Thanks for your patience and advice,


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  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243


    Majestic honda parts list your parts at


    a/s mats.............100

    Cross reference with college hills honda and cheap honda parts. These 3 sites are as close to dealers invoice as we know. Usually sites like kbb, edmunds, nada etc will list invoice prices for accessories but honda has no listing on them. Use these 3 sites as a guidline to get pricing.

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  • polarpolar Member Posts: 2

    @brian125 said:

    Majestic honda parts list your parts at


    a/s mats.............100

    Cross reference with college hills honda and cheap honda parts. These 3 sites are as close to dealers invoice as we know. Usually sites like kbb, edmunds, nada etc will list invoice prices for accessories but honda has no listing on them. Use these 3 sites as a guidline to get pricing.

    Thanks brian125. Not sure if caught my other question:

    Being January, are the 500 to 1000 below invoices prices still applicable?

    Thanks again,



  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243

    Yes...... try to buy the last days of any month. End of the month buying will result with you getting your target price or best price from dealers.

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    I used this forum so much in my research that I feel I should pay back with my own experience: purchased a 2014 EX-L AWD in North Dallas, TX, on Nov 29, 2013 for $29,000 Out The Door. Had to visit 3 dealers 5 times total. Walked away from offers until I realized I could not go lower. DavidMcDavid in Frisco said they're big enough to offer the best deal but, after offering $29,500 saying it was not their best offer (I still had to get rid of my old car), the next day when I was ready to buy they said $29,900 was their best and final offer. I felt cheated. If you ask my impression, I think their sales people were not aware of their own store offering 3 years of free maintenance for all deals closed by Nov 30 - and that made them less competitive. Well, the same DavidMcDavid, but the one in Irving (yes, they are the same company) accepted my offer of $29K. This price includes adds that unfortunately we can't get rid of (some are actually useful but the pin stripping... really?). As I guessed, no free maintenance package included and I had to finance (0.9%) for 3 years to get a $500 rebate. Here's the breakdown:
    Vehicle price: $27445.61
    Rebate: $500
    Total selling price: $26945.61
    Sales Tax: $1684.10 (6.25%)
    Dealer's Inventory tax: $60.79
    Road & Bridge: $10.00
    Doc fee: $180.00
    State inspection fee: $23.75
    Deputy service fee: $5.00
    Licence fee: $57.75
    Title fee: $33.00
    Total Due: $29000

    This car has the following adds: trunk tray, wheel locks, splash guards, pin stripping, door guard edges and tinted windows. As much as you don't want to pay for them and as much as you know they're not worth $1600 as they say, it is still worth something, at least a couple hundred dollars.

    Financing the car will make me pay a total of $414.88 over the course of the 36 months in interest, only (about $11.50 a month). I was told to wait 3 or 4 months before paying off (my intention was to pay cash) but when I called Honda Finance before my first payment they said I could pay off then if I wanted, so I made my first and only payment a couple of days before my "due date" and ended up paying about 27 dollars of interest. That means my car ended up costing me a total, out of pocket of $29,027.00. Oh, and since the dealer's price for the all weather mats and side moldings were outrageous we bought them on Amazon (Honda original parts) for less than half of what they were asking and installed them ourselves. The car looks great!

  • lizlemonlizlemon Member Posts: 3

    What am I missing? When I look at Polar's pricing for the EX-L AWD he/she says dealer #2 is $355 below invoice but the math on 28220(Car)+830(Dest)-000(flex)= $29,050 (not including TTL). Edmunds says the invoice for the 2014 EX-L AWD is $28,000 so it looks to me that Polar's best dealer quote is actually $1,050 OVER invoice not under.

    I'm just hoping for clarification so I can do the best "apples to apples" comparison and negotiations when I hopefully buy within the next week or so. So far I'm being quoted $28,000 (includes dest) - $500 Flex = $27,500 + TTL for an EX-L AWD.

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    Polar's post and numbers are wrong. 28k with dest/ charge is correct. for that models invoice price..

    If you buy your model at months end last 2days, last day 500 below dealers invoice should be very easy to get. then add on the flex cash if your financing . this would put you at 1k below invoice price..

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  • lizlemonlizlemon Member Posts: 3

    Thanks Brian. Glad to know I wasn't just interpreting those numbers incorrectly since it threw me off as I did comparisons.

    I'm hoping to hold out until the very end of the month to try for a better deal but I've been amazed so far with how unwilling dealers anywhere in this vicinity have been to negotiate. Maybe the CR-Vs have been enough of a hot seller that they meet goals without much discounting? I'm not sure but they all seem to have their 'lowest price' that's within $200 of each other and all have been willing to let the customer walk if that price isn't acceptable. No willingness whatsoever to budge on price. It's so different from my last car buying experience.

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243

    liz, some area's are harder to work a better deal than others. Buy on the last 2days, last day of the month. hopefully one of your area's dealers may need to make a incentive sales number thus lowering your price..

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  • sdeame1sdeame1 Member Posts: 2

    here's what i am looking at. how does this look to everyone?

    MSRP on the vehicle is $31,275 invoice on the car is $ 29,404.56 my price is $28,058.

    2014 Honda CR-V EX-L w/Navi $28,058.00
    Wheel Locks $89.00
    Dealer Document Fee $298.00
    Title and Registration $130.00
    MA State Sales Tax $1,759.19
    Total OTD Price $30,334.19

  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTMember Posts: 15,523


    So if you include your dealer's doc fee of $298, you are essentially buying the car for $1,048.56 under invoice. Nice job. Have you contacted other dealers to see if they will beat it? Weymouth Honda is always good to get a quote from & another poster had a great experience with Honda Cars of Boston.

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  • ckd0518ckd0518 Member Posts: 1

    I am getting this deal for Honda CR-V LX AWD. Please take a look and see if it is decent deal.

    Location: Chicago
    Car price: $22,971, Doc fee: $167, EVR/ERT fee: $25, Tax: $1621.36, Registration: $196
    Out-the-door price: $24,979.63.

    As long as this is not totally nonsense deal, I am willing to take it.

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    To guage your deal you need to provide the correct info. Otd pricing differs from state to state due to taxes and dmv fee's , and dealers doc fee charges.

    Info needed is..... Selling price w dest charge included

    dealers doc fee charge.

    any added accessories in vehicle and dealers price

    Your target price to buy should be between 500 below invoice to 1500 below before taxes, dmv, and doc fee's. Supply and demand and your area will effect prices.

    any rebates/ incentives should be minused off your agreed price.

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    I purchased a 2014 Honda CRV EX-L 2WD with Navi last night in the DC/MD/VA area. I did my research and sent emails to 23 dealers asking for a price below $27,500 including ALL fees (except tax and reg fees). About 5 responded, but only 4 were willing to negotiate by email.

    Received an offer of 27,234.44 (exactly 1000 below invoice, including destination). Sent a number of emails to confirm there would be NO extra charges (especially for dealer-installed options). Agreed to the purchase. I then received a better offer, but the original dealer offered an extra $500 flex cash for financing, which I accepted. He secured the car from another dealership and emailed me the VIN. I went to the dealership and left with my car after about 2 hours.

    OTD price: $28,877
    27234 price including 200 dealer fee
    1892 tax
    251 DC DMV fees (title, reg, resident parking, etc)
    -500 flex cash

    In addition, the car had a few dealer-installed options that he didn't charge me for (or remove from the car): cargo tray, wheel locks, pinstriping

    Lessons learned:
    1) wait until the last 2 days of the month.
    2) email either the internet sales manager or the new car sales manager at each dealership on your list.
    3) request prices below a certain threshold, and give yourself a full day to negotiate with all responders. that way you give them all a chance to beat the best price.
    4) use Edmunds and Yelp reviews to weigh the value of the price differences. is it worth $200 to deal with a 1-star dealership?

    Good luck!

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    Pohanka Honda has great pricing and are really moving vehicles off their lots..

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  • rutgersdaverutgersdave Member Posts: 1

    Just received this offer from a dealer in NJ (Bridgewater). Would love to get thoughts. 2014 CRV EX/L w/ Nav

    27445 - Car Price
    830 - Destination Fee
    2014.45 - NJ Tax
    299 - doc fees
    7.70 - Online MV Fees
    7.50 - NJ Tire Tax

    30,899.45 Out The Door Price

    Trying to get them lower, but not sure they will budge.

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    Negotiate thru this month with Auto-Sport honda they are in bridgeport. they will sell lower by the end of the month..

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  • austin360aaustin360a Member Posts: 8

    I am in SoCal, and I am looking for a 2014 CR-V LX FWD. I am wondering if it is worthwhile to wait till end of March (end of quarter) instead of end of Feb to buy?

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243

    both dates are a good time to buy. Start your search and negotiations 3 week of Feb, buying at End of march if you cant strike a good deal prior.. get several dealerships involved.

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  • stfwaynestfwayne Member Posts: 26
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    Hi, I am looking to buy a 2014 CR-V EX-L AWD with no navigation.

    I was quoted 30,895 OTD at one dealership in Michigan, then quoted 30K OTD at a 2nd dealership with some haggling in person, finally I was quoted under 29K OTD at another dealership (over the phone) but I would have to come in to finalize the price.

    So I am going to go to the dealer that offered me the following:

    • 2014 CRV EX-L AWD (NO NAVIGATION) - Urban Metallic - Black Leather
    • All Weather Floor Mats, Trunk Mat, Front Hood Deflector
    • OTD 29K (dealer said he could go slightly under 29K but id have to come in)

    So my question is...is this a good price? Are there any other accessories that are necessary to ask to be thrown in such as wheel locks, door guards? Should I try to haggle down even further to 28,500? Should I try to get warranty or maintenance thrown in for free or part of the price?

    Since the dealer was trying to beat the 30K price that is why he said he can go under 29K to give me $1000+ incentive to buy from him over the 2nd offer i got for 30K. But he said he cant offer this price past next week and my mother really wants a new car and doesnt want to wait any longer.

    I want to purchase this car next week so any and all help is greatly appreciated. I have enjoyed reading this comment thread as it has been very helpful to gauge what others have paid.

    Thanks again (in advance lol!),

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243
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    OTD pricing can not determine a good price from a bad price . Unless you are buying in the same state and comparing several dealers together. Here is why??. Every State's tax rate, and dmv charges differ along with dealers doc fee charges. Some states have no sales tax, some have 9%. Some dealerships charge doc fee's of 75 dollars others as high as 900. Doc fee's are added dealer profit. If i know a dealers doc fee charges are 500 I then add that extra 500 onto my target or asking price to buy.. Thus making that charge a wash on the final bill of sale. Most dealers wont remove this charge from there bill of sale ............... so add it on......... dealers know who the smart buyers are and who they will get over on.................................. Dont let it be you.....

    You first need to know your cars invoice price. Then you need to figure out a target price to buy/ What to ask dealers for?. Knowing how and when to buy is the key to any good deal.. Always try to buy the last days of any month.. last 2days, last day.

    Below is how you break down any car deal.

    Give us your agreed selling price of vehicle?

    Does this price include destanation charge of $830

    What are dealers doc fee charge?

    Your CRV exl awd invoice is............. 28,000 including dest / charge.

    Depending on your area which you did not mention the target price for crv's can range from

    500 below dealers invoice to 1700 below excluding any rebates and incentives.

    Supply and demand and your area will be a factor in pricing. Find dealerships with rows of CRV's and pricing may be alot better. Call high volume dealerships you will recieve beter pricing.. Buy at months end will help you get better pricing. Get several dealership involved by email then direct calls to the int. managers will help get better pricing. avoid walking in and out of dealerships .. YOU will waste your time . Secure your best deal on line via email then close deal with direct calls to the INT. MGR. of each dealership.

    Presidents week into the end of the month is when you should shoot to make your lowest price deal. Hold out Negotiate and buy at months end.. Let each dealership come to you for your business . Let dealerships chase you and not the other way around. If your target price is 1k below invoice stick to it and hold out til months end... The end of the month is when you have the most leverage.. Here in the Northeast sales for all cars have been terrible due to the weather. These next 2 months will be very competitive with Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Ford running there incentives and trying to pick up sales.. This will help us Honda buyers.. All car companies numbers are down for Jan/ FEB

    As far as accessories... if you get a great below invoice price dealer wont throw in free accessories.

    Not a good price dealer may try to lure you with some freebie's..

    wheel locks are standard on your model. Splash guards, Running boards, Pin stripe, door edge are all nice features, Always ask dealer to throw in the ones you like at his cost when negotiating your deal. Not after your deal and price has been struck. leverage is lost then..

    hope this helps you understand................... Brian

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  • austin360aaustin360a Member Posts: 8

    I got the first round of email feedback from six local dealers in SoCal (Inland Empire area), the best I got is $21,300 for CR-V LX 2WD (Invoice $22,600). If there is no trick, might be a good price even though it is not yet the end of the month.

  • stfwaynestfwayne Member Posts: 26
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    Wow Brian thanks for that great post. Showed it to my mom for her to read since she is buying the vehicle im just helping her negotiate and get the best deal.

    Thanks for taking the time to type all that out very nice of you.

    As for my location, I am located in Michigan area. I have emailed the following email to 14 out of the 15 Honda dealers in my state.

    I am looking to purchase a new 2014 Honda CR-V EX-L with AWD, in Urban Metallic with Black interior and the following accessories: wheel locks, splash guard set, hood air deflector, door edge guards, all season floor mats, and cargo tray.

    I am not interested in compromising on any of the accessories or interior/exterior colors. I have already test drove a CR-V and have contacted every single dealership in the state of Michigan.

    Please only include the out the door price with all fees and taxes included. I will be purchasing this car before the end of February 2014 at the dealership that offers the most competitive price.

    Thank you!

  • brian125brian125 New York Member Posts: 5,243

    Hi mike

    You have a high volume honda dealer up by you in Albany. I would send out a email/ then call to that dealers int. mgr. Give model and your target price of 1k below invoice.. your offer is not unreasonable and should be obtainable at months end. State in your email or call to manager you will buy that moment if he/ she agree's on your price.. With all the bad weather and slowing sales these past 2 months you should hit your mark..

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  • vb124vb124 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Brian

    I am in WI state, and got a quote for CR-V EXL AWD(No Navigation and DVD Rear Entertainment) for $26998(Including destination fee)+$179(Service Fee)+5.5% sales tax, and need to add $174 title fee.All together it ended up with $28845.
    Does this price sounds good ?Appreciated your comment on this.

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