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Is the Q5 as popular as the sales folks are suggesting?

aussiemomaussiemom Member Posts: 29

Going to test drive some Audi's Tuesday. The salesman informed me that they may not have a Q5 for me to drive as they can't keep'em on the lot? Some Q5's are in transit, but not sure if they'll arrive by Tuesday. Are these vehicles REALLY selling that strong? I just want to go into this with my eyes wide open. Don't need to drive one home Tuesday. Testing BMW's also on Tuesday. Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!



  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 237,034

    In my experience, the Q5 has been a hot ticket since it's introduction.. They may not be flying out the door, but they don't seem to have to discount them much to move them.

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  • aussiemomaussiemom Member Posts: 29

    Thank you!

  • aussiemomaussiemom Member Posts: 29

    Just curious.....are the Audi AllRoad Wagons as in demand as the Q5? When you have four legged fur kids, Sedans aren't always a practical choice. However, if the back seats have the 60/40 split back fold down, maybe we'll need to look at the A4 as well. I'm guess the AllRoad & A4 might have more wiggle room on pricing than the Q5? Thanks for all the input folks. I appreciate it very much!
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