Rough idling and Check Engine Soon Blinking/Steady when under 35 mph

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On the way home yesterday, my 2003 GMC Envoy XL SLE started idling rough and the Check Engine Soon warning light started flashing. I was in heavy traffic and thought maybe that was causing issue but it continued after getting out of the stop and go traffic and was still on this seems the flashing "Check Engine Soon" indicator will stay on steady now if under 35 mph but will start flashing when I accelerate. I also noticed that when I accelerate, the gas pedal seems to be harder to push down than normal and thought maybe the problem is fuel related as I had just filled up with gas the night before.

Due to the time this occurred last night and early hour that I have to be at work this morning, I haven't been able to see if Auto Zone or Pep Boys could read the code from the Check Engine Soon indicator but that is my next step. Any ideas out there of what might be wrong with my Envoy? I love this vehicle and hope that it isn't anything really serious...


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    No idea what the problem might be (scan time), but I believe a flashing CE light is serious enough that it shoudn't be driven much (as engine damage may occur).

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    Did you ever find out what was wrong with your Envoy? Mine is doing the exact same thing! Please let me know.
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    Fixed - we have a 4 hour edit window under the cog you can find if you hover your mouse near the top right of your post.

    @val_in_va hasn't logged on for a while, unfortunately.
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    Well if he kept driving with the flashing CEL, he would unfortunately know by now. One should always shut the car down when this happens, or you could toast the catalytic--an expensive repair AND not the actual problem in the first place!
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