Frame on F 150 is just failing

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I purchased a Ford F 150 - 4wd - std transmission - manual hubs, new, in 1995. I ordered the 4.9 ( 300 cu in ) in line 6 cylinder engine. I was well aware of the engines track record; and the availability of the 4.9 liter in line 6 was the very reason I made the purchase. A brutally powerful engine - reasonable gas mileage - incredibly dependable ( does not know the meaning of the word "quit" ). One major tune up in 15 years, Every previous diagnostic showed all codes in order. ( PLATINUM PLUGS ). Problem is, now, at just over 100,000 miles ( little more than a break in period for that engine ) , the frame & undercarriage is failing. What good is owning a truck with a drive train that can hit up to 500,000 miles when it's sitting on a frame that is ready to break in half at 100,000 miles. I can only make an educated guess, that Ford contracted different rolling mills to manufacture the F 150 frames, and some used different alloys that were more inclined to rust & decay. I have seen ( in my area of PA ) F 150s ( identical design ) 8 & 10 years older than mine with frames still in very good condition. I have been in contact with Ford, and hopefully, the problem will be resolved. Footnote: Why the 4.9 engine was discontinued is beyond me - all I can come up with is, they don't wear out - and if they don't wear our - the truck will not be traded in. Just me. Jim



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    I will admit, it was necessary to replace one of the two fuel tanks; but that is irrelevant, since with the new administration, I can no longer afford to fill both tanks. HA Almost 20 years old; and 3 sets of tires - three sets of brakes - one major tune up, and still running as good as the day I brought it home. If I could locate a frame - suspension in very good condition, I would simply transfer my original drive train ; but after considerable searching, NO LUCK.

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    I wonder if you could just lift the bed off and repair the damage? Replacing a frame on an old truck is a very expensive proposition unless you do all the labor yourself.

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    Not the frame replacement that concerns me ( would have to be frame & entire suspension replacement ). What concerns me, is finding another frame & suspension. I have every replacement panel to repair what has rusted out. Fender panels - splash pans, et. , etc. on the body. I could care less if the truck is painted with Rhino liner. I'm retired now, and need a truck for mainly going off road & cutting firewood. I could keep doing minor repairs ( just did the front left leaf spring bracket - hanger ( just let go ). I could probably limp through another year with the frame as is; but if something major hits, I'm dead in the water . My friend told me, he's not even comfortable putting it up on the lift.

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    Bottom line is, even an OK used truck will probably run me $12,000 to $15,000 ( USED ). I will not know the intimate details I know about my old F 150 purchased new & serviced religiously. So, $5,000 or $6,000 to switch frames is not a unreasonable move. The 4.9 will effortlessly run another 200, possibly 300 thousand miles. What a great engine. Never seen another ( except the old GM 292 ) that compares with the Ford 4.9 liter in line 6.

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    I've never been a what I own ( vehicle, etc. ) is who I am type of person. I have a beautiful old Camaro ( 1995 - 35,000 miles ) I take out if I want to drive a pretty vehicle. The old F 150 has become nothing less than an old friend. There was never ever a question as to whether or not it would run well. It became a given.

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