2000 Lincoln LS Ignition Coils

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Mis-fires on my Lincoln LS. Two problems: 1 found oil around the spark plug boot. This was fouling out the wire. Oil was leaking around the valve cover and dripping down to the spark plug boot. On one side of the engine I replaced the valve cover gasket. On the other side, when this happened, I cleaned the top part of the coil over hole with carb cleaner and paper towel and then coated with red RTV before putting the coil back on. Both solutions worked. Too many times people replace the coils and don't do anything about the common oil leak. So if you see oil on your spark plug boot you have found your misfire problem.

2 Another thing to know about this engine on misfire is if it misfires only when the engine is warmed up then it could be a coil. The coils are enclosed in the head of the engine and operate at a high temp. Coils first sign of failure is misfiring at high temp. Because the engine OBD computer is not always precise on which cylinder is missing you may want to swap coils around to find the culprit. Replacing a good coil is not always the best so try to avoid replacing all of your coils only replace the bad one. A coil that has been working great for a long time is more likely to work good for even a longer time (explained by "infant mortality" ).


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    Good reply. Had the "light" come on my dash "service engine soon" on my 01 Continental. Had it check out and they said the problem was cylinder #3 but wanted to charge me $140 to switch the coil with another cylinder to see if that was the problem. Came home, pulled the coil/boot on #3, removed the plug, cleaned a small amount of oil off the porcelain, replace everything and the light went out! This after I had ordered a full set of 8 coils (eBay, $49, including shipping) and bought 8 new plugs. Still have all them on the shelf in my garage....just in case.
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    I had the same problem the Lincoln ls eats coil like a fat kid eats cake just replace them and replace the value cover gasket and keep some coils for when another one go out that is how i fix my problem 
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    Love the 411 ... I have a 2001 Ls its got 150,000 miles plus... It's a pretty great car, but the original owners I got it from have all the paper work from its entire life. Holy COW this thing has had a ton of issues. A~z n e ways since day one its almost felt like it was running out of gas a little bit when you were driving like pulling back and forth so anyway I had the spark plugs changed and the fuel filter now like 6 mo later check engine light came on saying cylinder 8 misfire... Idk I guess the gap was open too much so fixed that but it still is doing the jolting like its sorta running out of gas!??????' This car is very confusing and super expensive. ??? Help anyone please. 
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    I think you have 8 separate coil packs on that engine, so you might pull the coil pack off #8 cylinder and look for corrosion on the tip (where it plugs onto the spark plug). I think it's only one 7 mm bolt that holds each coil pack.

    You can sometimes TEST A COIL PACK WITH A VOM METER
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    Rock auto. Coils,17$ each,easy to install your self,do check for oil in spark plug hole
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    I have a 2000 Lincoln ls v8 3.9l it was missing really bad when it was ran awhile I had it tested and they said #4 coil is bad, so I changed it and now it sounds like a rock is inside the motor somewhere bouncing around. My engine light is now blinking and it won't go past 5 mph with gas pedal to the floor. Like the cat is completely clogged. I am not sure what else to look at. Someone plz help
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