please help, Jeep Grand Cherokee shuts off

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I have 97 jeep v8 and when I back out of driveway, then it shuts off, put it in drive after backing up, will shut off, unless I give it gas. In summer months sometimes try starting and seems idle is too low and wont continue to run unless I keep feathering the gas petal.. I already had plugs and wires and distributor replaced. It only does this once in awhile, like 1 to 2 times a month. So far I seen it could be TPS, or EGR valve


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    Has anyone tried to scan the car and pull trouble codes?

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    yes, came up with nothing. they said if it doesnt do it when they have it, they wont be able to diagnose it

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    I do believe there is a downloadable program for laptops that you can somehow leave connected to the vehicle you drive that will record any and all valuable information you may need to know from the exact moment that this issue you're having occurs. You can then take your vehicle and laptop to your mechanic to provide him the valuable information he needs for troubleshooting and any repairs. Regretfully, i do not have any further information as far as product name or price goes, you would have to do a little further research. I sincerely hope this may help you in your frustrating time of need. Good Luck! :)

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