2013 Hyundai Santa Fe looks great, mileage very disappointing

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I purchased a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe sport that was advertised as having 20/27 mpg. My actual mileage has been closer to 14/21. I understand that Hyundai has already admitted to overstating their mileage claims. How can I contact someone who can assist me in obtaining compensation for this inaccurate mileage claim? taken13


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    Hello there! I have had my 2013 santa fe sport turbo for about a week now and my avg. mpg has stayed at 21mpg in the inner city of dallas driving only. I keep my rpms around 2.5 and 3. Im just really observant of when I take off not to floor it ;) Perhaps if you paid more attention to your rpms your gas milage would be better...

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    My 2013 with the 2.4 liter is getting 20 in town and 25 on the highway. My 2005 Kia Sorrento only got 14 in town and 20 on the highway. I have had this vehicle for 9 months and I just love it. No problems at all and I love the way it handles. I cannot figure out whey it does not get rated higher in Motor Trend Magazine. I have owned 51 vehicles and this is one of the nicest I have ever owned.

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    Some data from the US gov't on the 2013 4 cylinder Santa Fe shows an average MPG reported by owners to be 20.7 mpg, combined city/hwy. Not a very large database though.

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    I am getting an average of 23mpg in my new 2015 Sport. You must be in a lot of "stop and go" traffic to only average 20 mpg. I am very pleased with my mileage.
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