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Willys-Overland MB (41-45?)

tjeep27tjeep27 Posts: 17
I have a Willys MB world war II jeep in my garage. It's in fairly poor condition with regards to the body (It's covered with rust), but the Go-Devil 4-cylinder runs like a dream. Althought the engine and front tubular assembly show that it is a Willys, there are several Ford GPW accessories. Any suggestions on what should be done with it?


  • lionlamblionlamb Posts: 1
    I just acquired these cars at a sheriffs sale and would like to know if they have any real value. no idea of exact yrs but willys late 40's early 50's 4dr green. mg just cute and possibly dates to early 60's. mg in good shape--willys has been out side in weather behide a garage in the moist shade. HELP!!!!

    Thank you
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,482
    Well, I don't think the MG is worth too much, it really depends on the condition.

    WWII Willys Jeeps are defintely worth savings, either all or part of them....as for the 4-door model, that depends too on the amount of rust.

    With all these old cars, you have to keep in mind what it would cost to bring them back versus their current value. The most valuable of all of these restored is the WWII Jeep, the least valuable probably the 4-door Jeep. You can buy a fullly restored MGB for around $12K, and a beater that runs for $1,500. So quite a range there!
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