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High Idle/ Pulsating Idle/ Car turns off

Someone please help me! My 2001 Impala has a problem that no mechanic seems to be able to figure out. The car idles extremely high and pulsates. After the vehicle has done this for a while it will shut off completely. It has begun to pulsate and sometimes shut off **WHILE DRIVING **also (usually when the brakes are hit but not always). The problem happens frequently at stop lights or in turn lanes. The engine light is on but none of the codes makes any sense. I don't remember the exact codes but one of them had to do with the fuel pump and another with air flow? It gives you so many options to choose from and I do not want to go around replacing everything that those two codes produced it can get expensive. I also can't see myself paying these mechanics $170 just to determine what is wrong with the car. Especially when finding the problem is not a 100% guarantee.


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