Nissan Murano rpms, start, stall

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I had to have my engine replaced in my 2005 Murano after it over heated. I took it to a Toyota dealership to have them tell me a hose had come off and the engine burned up. My hose was not properly clamped but put together with black electrical tape to keep the hose on. Anyway, engine replaced. Drove it fine for just over 2 weeks, then the problems started. Rpms would rev up on their own going down hill. Once at the bottom of the hill I drove for about 3 miles without touching the gas and or break going 35 mph. I took it to my mechanic that changed the engine and of course the darn car was being temperamental and wouldn't rev the rpm like it was doing for me. Left there, got stuck in traffic for about 20 minutes. Driving down the road I exit and head down an off ramp to the stop sign. Attempt to go and the car bogged down, pressed the gas pedal no go,car stalled, restarted it and got it across the street and off the road safely. Car would then start but then shut off. Towed back to mechanic and he can't figure out what is wrong. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    Well if he "can't figure out what is wrong", maybe that's what's wrong. He may be in over his head. It's impossible to diagnose over the Internet but a methodical diagnosis, starting with a computer scan, is the right method. The problem could be electrical or fuel related. If I had to make a wild guess, something's going on with the throttle positioning sensor or perhaps the vehicle's PCM module. You may have to bring the car to a more knowledgable shop.

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