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BMW vs. MB

jwk4jwk4 Posts: 5
edited April 2014 in BMW

I'm currently looking at the BMW 325i and the MB C240 (2001 models). I read some of the BMW E46 problems in another discussion. Anybody has some input (i.e performance, maintenance, reliability etc...??)




  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I think it's kind of a wash.....I think the MB has a little better build quality, but I think the BMW is more fun and responsive and has the better engines. I don't think either car quite matches the Japanese for reliability, so if you are thinking "perfection", you might only get close but not quite.

    Both cars have the same labor rates, so maintenance and repair costs are a matter of how long various tasks take. Since both BMWs and MBs are complex cars (the Germans love to over engineer), I'd expect maintainence costs AFTER the warranty to be considerable but not burdensome by any means. A major repair, of course, would be disastrous. For instance, an engine rebuilt on many ten year old BMWs or MBs cost more than the entire value of the car.

    So for these cars, I'd suggest meticulous maintenance during and after warranty.
  • jwk4jwk4 Posts: 5
    Thanks for your response Mr Shiftright.

    I like the MB better for its interior appearance. As far as the performance, I agree, the BMW is more fun to drive. I guess I need to ask myself what I prefer. Would the Lexus IS300 be a good alternative???
  • haspelbeinhaspelbein Posts: 227
    I would also consider that the depreciation for most BMW models is currently higher than for most Mercedes, even though it depends on the model that you buy.

    Basically, all the cars mentioned above (including the IS300) are definitely well built cars. From my humble point of view, it pretty much boils down to taste.

    Well, looks like lemon2000 made a statement on what he thinks about BMW. ('Manure' would be the technical term.)
  • I've been driving cars with clutchs for fifty years and I know when I'm abusing clutches and when I'm not. I've had very good longevity on
    previous BMW clutches (105k miles on my 1985
    325e when I sold it), but my 1995 BMW 540i 6-speed has gone through two clutches in 87K miles.
    The first clutch was replaced under WARRANTY
    by BMW at 42K miles and now, 45K miles later,
    my new clutch is slipping again. Has anyone else
    had similar experiences?
  • mike_542mike_542 Posts: 128
    I would go with the BMW 325i. The transmission, engine, suspension, and front seats are far superior than the C240. The C240 is overpriced, and drives poorly in my opinion. However, the Mercedes has a nicer looking logo and the exterior looks better. What about the 2002 Audi A4?
  • jwk4jwk4 Posts: 5
    Its already hard enough for me to choose between the MB and the BMW.
    When is the new BMW 2002 model coming out?? Any news about its pricing and improvements???

    quik question: I live in Texas (DFW). Our roads are not the best of the country (lots of holes etc). Sportpackage or not???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Are there any curves in Texas (never saw one myself).

    Sport suspensions do give you a flatter turn in and quicker steering response, but any good stiff suspension will compromise the ride can't have it both ways. I'd say that unless you are the type that shaves the corners off your tires every 10,000 miles (like me!), you don't need it. It's for the very agressive driver.
  • pita2000pita2000 Posts: 12
    When I was comparing the IS300 and MBZ C320, the Ben had a list of problems I think will become apparent after the warranty is over.

    1. No oil stick.
    2. computer monitors everything.
    3. this is a first year built, and more or less it probably carries the same characteristic problems of oil leaks.

    for the BTW
    1. maintaince.
    2. got into a major accident with 540i and took for over to fix and cost about 12500 to repair all the damage.

    Choose the car that fits your budget, and your needs, especially if you plan to keep more than 6 years.
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