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2015 Chevy Suburban

suburban2015suburban2015 Posts: 15
edited February 2014 in Chevrolet

Anyone order one yet? I understand they are going to start Feb. 9th? I just ordered it. I'm told it could be 6-10 weeks from now?

I can't wait!



  • Looking at the specs that are out for the next gen 2015 GMC Yukon/Denali or Chevy Suburban, it is 1.4 inches wider. Presently have a 2008 Chevy Suburban LTZ which fits in my garage with its mirrors folded with a few inches on either side.

    Is this increase in width going to be a problem with new owners who will garage their SUV's as I think the width of the last gen cars were already pushing garagability.
  • Going to purchase the first Black LTZ that hits my local Chevy Dealers Lot.

  • I'm surprised no thread of discussions can be found anywhere on this brand new model?? Am I missing something? I have my order placed already and hopefully it will arrive within 3-4 more weeks??
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Not a lot of posts about it yet. Another post about how wide it is has been merged into this discussion and the title has been tweaked. Maybe that'll generate some more interest.

    Do you have a VIN or any tracking info on your new Suburban yet?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251


    Please let us know if you would like for us to check into the status of your order. If our assistance is needed, please send us an email to with your order number included. We will be glad to assist.

    Kristen A.
    GM Customer Care

  • My update as of today is I'm told it is in "event 3400" status which means ready for production and should be at the dealer sometime next month..... Wish this could be escalated in production...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Anticipation is half the fun. :)

  • Anyone know the time to delivery from order? I ordered one about three weeks ago…no word yet.

  • Mine is waiting to load on truck from distribution! Told it takes 3-5 days to get scheduled and I will have it in a week!
  • I would say at least 6 weeks for delivery from time of order....
  • tdmwtdmw Posts: 2

    Am I the only one that's dissappointed in the tow rating? I have a travel trailer(RV) and presently own a 2007 Ford Expedition EL. I was really hoping the Suburban would surpass the towing capacity of the Ford after looking at the impressive horsepower and torque of this engine. How is it that my 7-8 yr old Ford with a 5.4ltr v8 with less power tows 600 lbs more than this new model? Hopefully the 6.2 ltr is more impressive in the towing dept.

  • tdmwtdmw Posts: 2

    I would love to see GM offer a diesel. For all the camping people who don't want to lose their 3 row seating suv and have to settle for a pickup. Even a small diesel like Chryslers 3.0 diesel with a tow rating of 9,200lbs (in the Ram, would be less in a suv). GM has a nice diesel of its own. Its about time its offered in the Suburban again.

  • raleighwolfraleighwolf Posts: 40
    edited March 2014

    Just to add some perspective. I ordered a new 2015 LTZ Suburban on February 2nd. It is still not here. I do know they say it shipped on 3/17. I live in North Carolina. It is looking like a two month lead time on them.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    @raleighwolf said:
    Just to add some perspective. I ordered a new 2015 LTZ Suburban on February 2nd. It is still not here. I do know they say it shipped on 3/17. I live in North Carolina. It is looking like a two month lead time on them.

    Hi raleighwolf,

    I certainly understand the excitement surrounding the arrival of your new Suburban! Have you periodically checked in with your dealership for a shipment status update? If you'd like to private message us your order number, I'd be happy to double check within our system to see if any changes have occurred.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care

  • Mine is supposed be sitting at Palm Center distribution center and now have to wait up to 5 days before it gets on a truck! Also, why aren't the manuals available online for it yet? I'd like to prepare for it's arrival and nothing is available. The way the logistics runs from this point and getting accurate information is a problem. I get different answers (none helpful from GM online Customer assistance center).

  • fantastic…mine…still "in transit"
    I think I am jealous.

  • Ironic though.. I drive home and read about the recall due to potential oil leak ahave love the electronics... you can certainly see some "Cheap" stuff such as the cig lighter plastic covers that I'm sure will break if u have kids...The third row has no floor mats and the floor cover is just that with insulation form that u can just lift up. Mine isn't glued down..not sure if this is normal. Actually could have a list of things....
  • Awesome...recalled before its delivered...The cig lighter cover was broken on my 07...not a surprise here. I think the third row will take a couple of years to perfect the design so if it is odd now, that wouldn't surprise me either. I have no vehicle while I wait on this one to be I am very anxious.

  • The cig lighter cover is not like previous.. It is sort of a hinged cover with a cheap spring. One in front tray and one in the back third row that has this cheap part. It is not about if it will break, it will be when. I'm convinced GM didn't clearly think about the carpet pad cover that covers third row and goes along the middle between 2nd row buckets. It is one piece. Anyone can easily lift it up as it isn't seemed into anything that holds it down like clips or glue etc. Unless mine was skipped.. It will be interesting to hear what others think....I also think the trunk will be a problem in near future.... When I tried to open it, it opened 4 inches and closed...seemed like something was blocking it but it wasn't. After 5 times, I manually opened it and closed it and that seemed to solve it for now but I bet any money this is an issue to come.....
    GM did a good job on usb ports. The sound system is great... though I'm not sure why they didn't allow for dual dvd since it has two screens. You can either watch the same dvd on both screens or one screen can listed to audio music but you can't watch two different video sources, which leads me to the question, why they don't allow for video playing from an ipad,iphone or usb. You supposedly can view photos from a usb stick (haven't tried yet).
    I got rid of my 2007 Escalade for the 15 Suburban as the Escalade was falling apart. The room inside the Suburban is great! Lots of room for 2nd row and even third row is great. What is awesome the 15 models don't have the bump for the third row that eats up room.

  • I took delivery of my 2015 Suburban last week, great vehicle. The interior is much improved over the last version. Engine and transmission are very smooth. I got about 16 mpg in the first 400 miles of mixed local/highway driving. All articles I read about this vehicle said it was going to have leaf springs in the back to accomodate the third row of seats folding into the floor. I was surprised to see that the truck actually has coil springs in the back.

  • Any issues with the noise level in the cabin? While it is much quieter I can hear pressure inside when driving.... Sorta of like a vacuum effect.. I suppose this is all part of the new design of less noise.... Any issues you have found? I bought the all weather floor mats and strangely nothing covers the space between 2nd - 3rd row. So while they have GM all weather mats that cover in front of the seats, nothing for the middle section to the third row. What does on use to cover this carpet section as for sure it will get dirty when people access third row from center area. I have filled up 2 times and have about 500 miles. Seem to get about 15.1 miles in city.

  • The cabin is very quiet, I haven't had any issues. We are still waiting on floor mats for the third row, they are back ordered with GM. I'll let you know what the cover when they arrive.

  • First big issue I have found: I took the rubber caps off the top roof rack side rails on the driver side and the front 4 holes were filled with rust and the rubber screw in caps had rust on them. Impressive for a brand new $68K SUV! Made an appointment to take to local dealer and now have to go through the start of what I expect to be many trips in the future... :(

  • Ouch! I had an issue too. There is a metal plate in the console by the drivers foot and accelerator petal. It was rattling when I went over a big bump or my foot hit it. Turns out, the bolt was about two threads in...the rest hanging out. What in the world.

  • I'll have to check my plate out.... I also hear a rattle I haven't located yet because I haven't had passengers in the 2nd row drivers side to debug. Sounds like it is coming from the door handle or speaker area but is very annoying. Taking it into the dealer for this, is useless until I can confirm where it is. .

  • I now have 1700 miles on mine and I am getting 20ish on hwy. I am happy with that.

  • cmae5cmae5 Posts: 1
    Just bought the 2015 LTZ diamond white last week. Love it...however, like another poster said the back "carpet" is terrible. You can pull it up as its not attached anywhere. Horrible for such am expensive vehicle. Currently at the dealer seeing what the solution is.
  • Where are all the 2015 owners?
    Anyone having an issue charging a cell phone? Specifically I have a note 3 and any of the direct USB plugs are not charging my phone but it does keep constant power going to it. According to an app I have it only provides 500ma via USB cable direct and I get 1000ma when using my own cig power adapter. So clearly the USB connections are not providing enough power.
  • I am also having USB concerns. It doesn't seem to charge when vehicle is off. My 2007 did.
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