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    Have been reading the posts r/t 2000 frontier CC and Xterra. On initial look, the bed of the CC looked like a joke compared to the bed of my Silverado. The bed extender would,however, allow me to haul the mowers to shop for repair, etc. Yes, the dealership here in SE Alabama are also charging 750 over MSRP for their CC/X. Was Not impressed with the drive of the Xterra(2wd). SO Rough You could feel every bump and vibration from coarse pavementNone of which is noticed on my x-cab Silverado. I do plan to test drive a 4wd CC in the near future as I recently discovered my Silverado 2wd likes the culverts on slick dirt roads. My wife jokingly replied that the Titantic struck a Mudberg!! Anyway,once it's fixed, I'm gonna look at the CC.
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