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Nissan Truck

lamonslamons Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I just replaced a totaled '97 Sonoma with a '97
Nissan. There is no comparison. I really miss the
The Nissan is fine, but for a few quirks. I does
not handle well. It sort of wanders around the
lane on the highway. I am going to try heavier
It is a bear to change the oil filter. My new end
cap wrench makes it almost possible.


  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Now are you going to plead temperary insanity and buy a new Sonoma. You had an AMERICAN truck, why would you want to drive [non-permissible content removed] CRAP
  • purdypurdy Posts: 1
    I have 1995 Nissan 4 x 4 (my third Nissan truck) and like it very much. It has a V6 - great power and handles well-no "wandering" problem.

    I have had some strange small vibrations in the powertrain, noticeable when I accelerate in second gear. the dealer did a bunch of stuff to it (replced carrier bearings, u-joints, added shim kit) which changed it a little, but didn't cure it (though they said it was when I picked it up). I'm taking it to another (bigger) dealer next. (It has 34K - under warranty). The old dealer said "sometimes the 4 x 4's do this" and shrugged it off. No way!

    As for the guy who called Nissans "[non-permissible content removed] Crap", get a life (and a brain). Why do you think American vehicles (esp. GM) have improved so much in the last 20 years? The Japanese automobile mfgrs. were going to put them out of business. Be thankful we have choices.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    "Get a life",I work for GM(big suprise,Huh) and I do own a Nissan, an 84 sentra diesel, but i don't like foreign trucks because there to small and underpowered for pulling a gooseneck trailer
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    Actually it isn't a suprise at all. You sound like the guys who work at the Chrysler plant here in Newark,DE. There is no such product of the vehicle trade that is wholly made here in USA.
    Look it up and ask your supervisor. "[non-permissible content removed] Crap" comments lower all discussions to jingoistic fervor and have no place here. Take this from a roofer who owns 13 "American" trucks and 2 Harley-Davidsons.
    If Japanese companies were so horrible, then I guess GM should have never invested in Isuzu.
    What amazes me is you have the tolerance to type on a computer board made in Korea.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    Then again every thing is now coming out of Asia. I like the people who say made in America when its only assembled in America. No offence, but ill stick with my ford F250 or a new dodge cummins.
  • jtruckjtruck Posts: 5
    anybody know why the 98 2wd SE costs 3k (DI base) more than the XE. If you add up all the options on the SE there barely come to 2 grand. what I am missing?
  • tennismantennisman Posts: 1
    What's a good price for an XE 2wd xtra cab
    98 Nissan Truck? Only extra is cruise. Right
    now they offer 2.9%/60 or a $1000 rebate.
  • qdczxqdczx Posts: 1
    I would like to have a big american truck,but they just do'nt hold up for the long haul. I am on my third Nissan truck, I trade at between 150k and 200k. I have not had any big problems, just normal maintenance. I had a 1990 Dakota the transmission was replaced twice,bad brakes, engine knock, I bought it new and in 1994 it had 100k,and had cost me alot of money for parts.
  • 48404840 Posts: 3
    my name is Kevin
    There is a dealer here offering new 98 frontiers for 10,490 (XE with air, and tape deck and rear bumper)
    that is 2,000 below invoice!
    can I get him down lower?
  • 48404840 Posts: 3
    this is Kevin again.
    I forgot to mention I'm in lubbock TX
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Kevin, the price I shoot for is based on the following formula:

    Dealer invoice price minus dealer holdback minus rebates, plus 3%-5% profit.

    If you are being offered a price below dealer invoice, Nissan must be offering some rebates. You can get info on rebates on this site. You can also get info about the amount of the Nissan dealer holdback. Finally, make sure that you calculate the correct dealer invoice amount. Dealers often will show you something they call dealer invoice, but they have actually factored other expenses into the amount, such as local advertising and floor costs. In other words, it's possible that you may not be as far below dealer invoice as you think. However, I was under the impression that Nissan was currently offering some decent rebates.
  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76
    That raises a very good question. What really are the rebates and incentives?

    I used this site to determine that the 4x2 frontiers have a $1500 rebate. One dealer told me this was right. The dealer that has the truck I want to buy says it is $1000. After a little bickering/haggling back and forth, they said that they would take another $500 off, but that the rebate is only $1000.

    Today I called Nissan consumer hotline to get the real story. After the person checked with someone, they said that you need to check with the dealer. This makes me wonder weather it really is $1500. Most rebates are a check to the customer, but this must be different. Any ideas?
  • BrutusBrutus Posts: 1,113
    Sometimes the rebate for a particular make and model is different in different regions of the US, so that may be why they referred you to the dealer.

    A rebate enables the dealer to pay less for the vehicle and pass those savings on to you. If you decided to take a check for the amount of the rebate, that check would likely be cut from the dealer. That rarely happens since most people use the rebate amount to reduce the purchase price of the car. For example, let's say you had agreed to a price of $20,000 for a vehicle without any rebates. Now let's assume that a $1,500 rebate has all of a sudden become available. You have two options. You can get a check for $1,500 and still pay $20,000 for the vehicle or you can pay $18,500 for the vehicle and not get a check. Most people choose the latter.
  • raglanraglan Posts: 7
    Hello, I just bought a brand new Frontier. I've driven it for just over 100 miles. I'll be checking back in this board if it starts to give me problems.

    So far the only problem I have is getting my back used to sitting on a bench seat that does not recline. If you have the money, buy an extra cab with reclining bucket seats. The comfort will be well worth it for extended trips.
  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76
    Does anyone know what the rebate is in the northeast, NY state? I have heard $1000 and $1500 from two different dealers.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    The reason you were offered such a good deal is that Nissan can't give their products away. Their recent sales is in a horrible slide on just about everything they make-and getting worse by the day.

    It's not that they make a bad product; it's just that they don't make a product that appeals to many Americans. It's quite a difference from 10 years ago when Nissan was a real player in the market.

    When they first introduced the Frontier last year my gut reaction was "Why bother?". It seemed like they were introducing a brand new 1988 truck, not a new 1998 truck. I still feel the same way.
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    Kevin, some of us believe their 1988 truck was much, much better than their 1998. There's an article in the current issue of Business Week about Nissan's problems. Their pickup sales dropped 40 percent from the previous year when they introduced the 1998 Frontier. I agree with you that Nissan's truck is probably one of reasonably good quality, but for anyone buying a Frontier, better plan on driving it for a long time because you probably aren't going to get much when you sell it.
  • RoclesRocles Posts: 985
    What happened to Nissan? They were a serious player in the eighties with the compact truck subject. Mazda and Toyota have improved along with Ford and Chevy. Sound quality is there but their trucks are about as exciting as cardboard. Simple four-bangers don't cut it anymore. If you have to get a four, you surely want some other ammenities at least!
    This is definately a sign that Ford and Chevy have made extreme gains in the compact area. Only Toyota has stuck it out with Mazda eating out of Ford's hand. This was an area that the foreign makers had the upper hand and it has fallen. Not many would have predicted this 15 years ago.
  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76
    I think you guys are jumping quite quickly.

    I just bought a Frontier. Comparison to others, setup equally, I feel is better. A good commuter and personal truck. Many buyers probably want the power and aren't looking at them until the V6 arrives. Those who want the I4 seem to like them. I needed something with respectable milage, and no V6 compacts are. Among the I4 models, Nissan and toyota have the best motors, pretty equal power. Descent power and still 3500 lb towing capability. While I was watching one dealer, 4 4x2 models were sold, including me. Nissan does need to run thier business better but are working on that. They have too many platforms according to what I read.

    The frontier is cheap compared to others, especially with the rebates. I got in on the 4th of July sale rebate that totaled $2500. After taxes and all, a 4x2, Kingcab, XE, 5 speed, w/ $550 of options for $13,400. At this price, I am not worried about depreciation. It doesn't have far to go.

    JD Powers initial quality survey has it best in compact segment. Typical Nissan quality would be nice. I don't think Nissan is going to collapse because of the slow frontier sales now.
  • lwflwf Posts: 223
    Well daveperc, I believe the top management at Nissan are a lot more worried about this topic than you are. Three of their VPs lost their jobs during the last few months because of the Frontier, and if you will read the Business Week I reference above, you may get the impression they are more than a little concerned. You liked the Frontier and bought one. I was 99-percent sure I was going to buy one when they came out (because I had an '87), but when I saw it I walked away. A couple of examples like this means very little, statistically speaking. What seems more significant, I think, is that the previous Nissan pick-up design was about 12 years old; therefore, a lot of potential buyers in the last couple of years must have been putting off their new pick-up puchase (as I had) waiting for the new models. One would expect a surge in sales when the new model finally arrived. The report that sales are actually running 40 percent lower than the previous year (even with generous rebates) suggests that this Nissan Frontier is a real dud as far as satisfying the American consumer's taste for a pick-up. And as far as sales turning upward when the V6 arrives (if it ever does), there's at least one V6 sale they're definitely not going to get.......... mine. I honestly believe there are thousands of others who feel as I do. Nissan blew it and they have as much as admitted they blew it. It costs a lot of money to retool for a new design, so I doubt if that will be done in the next few years. But it's unlikely that there will ever be significant sales of this Frontier; therefore, I can't see how anyone can be optimistic about Nissan ever recapturing the small part of the American pick-up market they once had.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    To me the Frontier is too-little-too-late. It's an OK truck, but with little sex appeal - and, unfortunately sex appeal is what sells. Their upcoming '99 4-door crew cab with a V6 should help quite a bit. However, they'll need more "courageous" marketing attempts like that before they can reverse their marketing slide.

  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76
    LWF and Bob,

    I have not read the business week article so I can not comment on it. I try to look at it as "how does it effect me?" 40% slower sales than last year may be the V6 segment that they have not yet released. I do look at things a little different. I didn't judge it by its looks. I judged it for the functional qualities I was looking for. Try getting in and driving it. Compared to competition, it is equal or better, and quality is great. I saved about $2000 compared to the Ford/Mazda clones, and the Toyota, and even more from the Dodge Dakota, which is the truck I originally was interested in. Wouldn't even consider GM.

    I am not concerned about Nissans market share or anything like that. I have never had a Nissan before. Not sure if Frontier sales should matter to me. Why do I care as long as my truck lives up to my expectations. No one has said anything about the real truck qualities that matter to the owner. Is quality down? Is it unsafe? Is it not as capable as other? My understand is that they were ready to release the truck but the V6 was not, so instead of let it sit, they released it to at least fill their largest segment of sales (4x2, 4 cylinder). I am sure the V6 will be right up their with all the others, making the 4x4 strong with good towing. With the lower price tag, it will be right back to similar market share. Don't forget that all competitors have updated too, so maintaining market share is probably the best they would be able to do anyway.

    Don't be surprised that they modify the grill/front end alittle to make it look better and give it that "sex appeal" some are looking for. There is that one look at the front from an angle that is "homely". But when you get down to it, are you willing to pay $2000 or more for "looks". I wasn't. The only one that looks any good to me is the Dakota, and that is about $4000 more.

    Answer this one question, As a general all around commuter vehicle that will carry the occational stuff a home owner with tons of projects going on, are there any that are better? I found that the frontier rides and feels good, has good mileage (I wanted a four for this), has good payload (second only to toyota with 1360 lbs)and towing (highest with toyota at 3500 lbs.)and it holds its value. I have seen previous models with 100K advertized for $5000 -$6000. For what I paid, I would be happy with $4000 after 100K.

    I will be looking for responses. Dave
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    All your points are well put. Unfortunately the majority of the buying public don't seem to agree with you - as witnessed by its incredibly slow sales. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying your wrong. I'm sure it will be a fine truck for your needs, and as you said, that's what is most important.

    When I used the term "sex appeal" I was really referring to features rather than looks - although looks are part of it. If it had a V6, and a large tire package, that would certainly help.

    Most people who buy compact trucks don't buy them for the pure "logical" reasons such as you have stated. Most of these vehicles are aimed at a younger audience - where "sex appeal" (rather than pure function/value) is very important. The Toyota Tacoma, Dodge Durango and Ford Ranger have that figured out, as their sales have shown. Does that mean they're better vehicles? Of course not.

    I would care about whether Nissan is successful in the marketplace because it could very well effect the trade-in value. If the vehicle is not popular, your trade-in won't be as high as with a more popular vehicle. Also, if the vehicle bombs in the marketplace, it won't be around very long, adding further to trade-in woes and possible parts/service woes.

  • wilco1wilco1 Posts: 9
    I recently purchased and new Frontier XE Kingcab (3/98). I think it's a great truck for what I (and I suspect most other people) use it for, like commuting and light hauling.

    My only gripes are that although Nissan has refined the four banger, it feels to me more like 43 horsepower rather than 143. I suspect this due to gearing and intake design. I would like to know if anyone could recommend some good bolt-on performance mods. Also, I have noticed a "seat of the pants" vibration at highway speed (70-75 mph). Has anyone else experienced this?
  • lwflwf Posts: 223

    That's the feeling I had when I did a test drive; however, a number of other partipants in this conference have claimed (almost boasted) that it has ample power. But I tend to agree with you, and I believe the reason it does feel so underpowered is it has only 154 ft. lbs. of torque AND YOU DON'T GET THERE UNTIL YOU'RE AT 4000 RPM. That's another way of saying you have to downshift..... and I mean way down, maybe to 2nd to get an adequate amount of torque. Someone else in one of the above posts wrote about towing 3500 lbs. I couldn't try that with a demo test drive, of course, but I have a hard time believing it possible if the gearbox is in 4th or 5th. I'd expect that you would have to be in 3rd on level ground and down into 2nd for the slightest hill to tow that much weight.
  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76

    What transmission did you get or is it 4x4? I have only been interested in the 5 speed manual with 4x2, and it didn't seem toooo bad (I won't be trying to blow away anyone at the stop lights
    however). I wouldn't put an auto with any four banger, in any vehicle. I am biased. I am so used to shifting myself, I hate something else doing it for me. But typically, you can find the power band best manually. Also, 4x4 adds lots of drag to the drivetrain, and needs more power. That is probably why they don't offer the auto with 4x4. Not enough power. The truck is in no way quick, but I did feel it was adequate with the 5-speed, 4x2, and I think better most others with a 4. I didn't drive a toyota setup like this, but their 2.4 liter 4 has similar power. Don't know whether it feels quicker.

    As to the torque distribution, has anyone seen any curves (hp and T) on this engine? One review I read, said that the mods this year, flattened the torque curve, but I would like to see it before I believe it.

    You bring up a good point on the add-ons. The first thing I thought of when I popped the hood and saw that big air cleaner can sitting there was that there has got to be something better. Don't know whether K&N has anything for this yet, but typically they may have less restrictive replacements that help performance some.

    I will check out that shake you mentioned this weekend. I had not noticed anything before, but I will look better.

    You are right also. The one thing that I have found irritating in some of the reviews I read (I must have read them all), is that they spent the whole thing complaining about the lack of a V6. I agree, it needs one to meet all other needs, and to be competitive. This could restore much of the lost sales. But there are other things about a truck that should also be reviewed. The truck itself in some reviews is overlooked.

    I hope to be able to provide good feedback with some miles. Next weekend I will be going camping with it for a week, I am sure the 9 hour drive to Maine will reveal any complaints.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788

    I've found, as a rule - rather than the exception, pickup truck reviews are not much different than car reviews. Too much focus on comfort, luxury, unimportant items, and not enough attention paid to function. Many reviews never even mention payload, or how the truck performs with or without a load.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I just got my new issue of Car & Driver in the mail today. I haven't read it, but I've skimmed it.

    In it there is a comparison test of all the major compact 2WD extended cab pickups. Again, I haven't yet read the article, but according to the final tally, the Frontier was rated dead last.

  • davepercdaveperc Posts: 76
    Hi Bob,

    I got my issue the same time as you, and read it last night. Yes it was rated 5th of the 5. Read it. Then give me your true reaction.

    I read it and I will try not to be biased since I own one now but these are the things I picked out that are faulty about this review.

    1) C&D is not sure what a truck should be. They say the Frontier is least truck-like, the S-10 tries harder to be a car than a truck, and the Dodge changes "trucklike" to a complimentary term. Makers have been making trucks more and more comfortable and "Car-like" for 10 years now, and people have been buying them more and more. This is what people want. Truck-like is a negative term. (My girl friend initially didn't want me to get a truck based on that image; vinyl floor, bench seat,terible ride,...)
    2) They say it themselves, they tested a setup of trucks that are not as popular, "The majority of compact pickup buyers prefer less expensive, more lightly optioned trucks than we tested." I guess the majority should not consider this review valid.
    3) These trucks were not equipped alike at all. Stepsides by Ford and Chevy, Prerunner Toyota, SE Frontier has all the accessories. I don't see how the can consider this "apples to apples".
    4) The ranking is shown on the last chart. The total is not a total of the individual characteristics, but is independant judgement including personal preferences. Again, this is from people who are not sure what a truck should be, as proven by the catagory "Yee-Ha quotient". These are 4x2 P/Us, what yee-ha do you expect?
    5) What about quality, fit and finish, ... Add that stuff in, the 2 japanese move up compared to big 3.

    Back to what this forum is about. The frontier actually had some bright spots. Large bed, almost as big as the dakota. Ride most like a car. Not the slowest! (Should be considerably better w/V6) Consistant braking with and without load. Though skid pad was not great, emergency lane change was good, and this is without any sport setup (Performance tires, ...) like the Ford and Chevy. Quiet ride. Good payload. Towing is low with the I4/auto (We shall see what comes with a V6, but the I4/manual has 3500). And lastly, best price. Having shopped for a more modest setup, where the biggest option I wanted was A/C, This truck is a good choice. I found that the XE package had what I wanted. The others A/C was an option. With a lower initial price, then add the option on the others, the diverge significantly, $2000 more than a $15,000 frontier is 13%. Then with the high rebate, it is a good deal. I guess the Texans think so too. Selling third behind Ford and Chevy.
  • tyler2tyler2 Posts: 1
    I'm trying to sell my 1992 Nissan pickup truck. It is a 4x2 with 35,500 miles. Manual transmission, regular cab. Custom 15x7 wheels, roll bar, KC fog lamps on the roll bar, bed mat, chrome bumpers. AM/FM cassette. No A/C, no power windows/locks.

    I'm asking $7500. Is that too high or too low? Any suggestions?

    PS - I'm selling it in Omaha, NE.
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