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    Well, ok cncman, but I'd guess there must be a several million vehicles out there today with both an oil-pressure gauge in the dashboard and an oil pump inside the engine. I believe that today most cars have an idiot light and most pickups have an oil-pressure gauge. Thanks for looking into it.

    In regard to the crew-cab discussion that's been going on, to follow up on Bob's comment, Toyota definitely makes one, and I think that others I saw the last time I had been in Saudi Arabia were by made by Mitsubishi, Isuzu, and Daihatsi. When you're in the middle of a virtual sea of compact white pickups, it's not that easy to distinguish between brands and body styles unless you're looking for something in particular, and I wasn't.
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    Why only automatics on the upcoming V6? I prefer the 5 speed. Does this tell us that Nissan only plans to sell the V6 in fully loaded, high margin trucks like Toyota seems to do? I was primarily interested in the Nissan as a low cost V6 alternative with decent towing capacity. Alternately is Nissan concerned about the strength and durability of their manual transmission with the added horsepower like Ford does in the Ranger towing ratings?

    Yours or any other opinions would be appreciated
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    With the recent incentives you can get a new Nissan truck with air for a little over $10,000. When I was fresh out of high school I drove a company Nissan truck for two years. I was very hard on that truck and it just kept running. I think Nissan is definitely a little behind on the marketing. However, it does offer a very good product at an unbeatable price.
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    Nissan was only able to make a few V6 frontiers
    now because of reasons mentioned before, their
    decision was to put the 6 in where it was needed
    the most. 4x4's with an automatic. We get ours sometime in October. Nissan will probably put
    the six in the same pakages as before, in everything except the regular cab. The best selling XE package will most likely have the
    six in it in extended cab form.

    I am sure that Nissan won't only offer the six in
    the loaded out trucks. Not sure why you think you need the six, unless you are interested in the 4x4, the four we have now only has 7 less HP
    than our previous 6! it still has a 3500lb towing
    capacity and 1400lb payload. If you decide to wait for the 6 in the 4x2 I believe it will probably be
    available late 98, early 99.

    I can't speak for Nissan, but I doubt there is a concern about the standard holding up to the 6,
    we already use the six in the pathfinder and it
    can come with a standard transmission. The reason,
    I believe, why it is only in the 4x4/auto combo is because of the folks who want an automatic 4x4,
    it wouldn't be very good in a 4cyl.

    Nissan still plans on introducing the crew cab
    as a 2000 model, possibly next summer. I will
    keep everyone posted on new news. Good to hear from you lwf, I know we don't always agree, but I
    still respect your opinions.

    BTW, I still think that the six's will rot on our lot like the 95's did, we will probably sell two or three right off the bat because of the newness,
    but the majority will still be fours. If anyone is interested, I have a 95 XE-v6 that has been on my lot with no lookers, nice and clean low miles,
    maybe you can find one of these by you, they are still great trucks and you'll probably get almost as much life out of a low miles one than the frontier. That's all for now
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    As I mentioned earlier I think that Nissan offers a very good product. I'm curious about something.
    I have read a couple of articles that say the Infiniti QX4 (sorry, no's been a while)has serious power problems. One article mentioned that anyone thinking of buying a QX4 should test drive one on the expressway at about 70 mph and turn on the A/C. The truck apparently has a fit. I know that the QX4 is pretty much a beefed up Pathfinder SE. I haven't heard similar stories regarding the Pathfinder. What's your input?
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    hey scottk, I know that the qx4 and the pathfinder
    are basically the same vehicle, but not much more.
    I believe the QX4 has full time or 4x4 when needed
    I have heard folks say the pathfinder is underpowered, and yes I think it does need more
    power to keep up with the HP curve in the market,
    I just think that it is fine in the 4x2 mode, my
    mother bought one from me and so did my girlfriend's mom, I have taken both on long trips
    and so have they, we are in texas so the a/c was for sure running, and we do at least 70 mph,
    if there is such a problem with the QX4, I would imagine it has something to do with the 4x4 being engaged while driving at 70, which there really is no need to go that fast in 4x4 mode, but that is
    only a guess. The pathfinders I have driven have
    all been 4x2' and no problems with power.
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    The September, 1998 issue of Consumer Reports includes an evaluation of the Nissan QX4 if anyone is interested. I've been trying to comply with tkinpa's 8/15 request, so I won't offer any comments about what I read there.
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    Thanks for all the chat on the Frontier. I have a 1987 Ranger 4x4 and have to put $750.00 for some front end work and brakes. I've had it with used trucks and decided on a new one.
    Looked at the Frontier and found it to be the best buy in it's class. My only concern is my son riding in the jump seats. He is 5'8" and growing fast. Any comments on sitting in the xtra for any length of time?
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    Hi John,

    I have not ridden in the back, but I did have an opportunity to put someone back there (A threesome to a golf course about 25 minutes away). Rider #1 of two was very reluctant to take my new Frontier before we even left, so rider #2 got in the back (5'11", he owns an ~ 95 Xcab ranger which we have used like this before). He had no comments.

    On the way back, they switched. Rider #1, ~5' 10", also had no comments. This was odd, in that if there was something to complain about, he would have. My take is that it was no different than the Ranger comfort level. Both are acceptable for a reasonable amount of time with one back there. I wouldn't want to be with someone else back there. The front seat rider will need to be willing to sacrifice some leg room depending on the rear passengers width, but this is the same with all of the side facing seats.

    None of the compact trucks look like they would be very good for a long time except for the Dodge Dakota, but this is not really a compact nor is it priced like a compact.

    Hope that helps a little. Why not try a long test drive with him in the back. When I bought, I took three test drives, totaling about 100 miles. This is not excessive considering the $ you will spend and the time you will spend with this truck.
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    Used this forum alot during my arduous search for a new truck. 3 weeks ago got a Frontier. XE. reg cab, 5 spd. just turned about 380 miles on it and have no complaints. Well, maybe two, the fuel gauge seems to be acting up, fill it up to pump stop on the same pump at the same station. The gauge reads full, drive a few miles and it drops to 3/4. I though someone was siphoning gas from me! Based on 3 seperate fuelings (I have been filling up at about 3/4 to get a feel for mpg) I am getting about 18.2 mpg. with a range of 17.9 to 18.6mpg. This is totally weird!!! And unacceptable if it holds up for another few months.

    I am very smooth in shifting and only drive about 20 miles a day to and from the bus stop. 3 stop lights, but mostly highway. My Isuzu just died after 12 years and 120,000 miles, so I don't think "rabbit" starts or anything is my problem.

    Anybody seen anything on this?? I use the A/C here in Houston, TX during the summer. Have to. Hopefully, that doesn't rob this much power. I have never even had it above 65mph!! No towing, nothing.

    Still getting used to the bench seat, the thing I liked least about the truck, but the wife says she likes it. (women??) I preferred the seats in the mazda/ford, but acceleration/price made me go to Nissan.
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    hey sylvan1, I got the XE x-cab 5spd, and also live in houston running the A/C also and drive
    short distances with some freeway, I have averaged
    22 mpg and I admit, I am alittle heavy on the gas,
    I have noticed some of my customers say that they are not getting as good fuel economy as they thought, I told them to try it for amonth or two
    and let everything get broken in, it seems as though this clears up later, but stop and go traffic and running the A/C can drop it down,
    but I would think you should get a bare minimum of
    20-21 mpg, if this does not clear up, then take it to the dealer, maybe something isn't right.
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    My new Frontier (Xcab, 4x2,5 speed, XE) fuel gauge did the same thing for two fill ups, first and second, I think. I received it full. I always drive it down low and filled it completely. It has not happened since. Give it a few good cycles, it may stop. Don't know whether it will come back but I have 3400 miles on it now and have not seen this happen since ~ 600 miles.

    Running the tank low will also help you get a more accurate calculation of mileage. If you fill up at 3/4, I am guessing that is about 4 gallons, based on 18 g tank. This small amount means that deviations between fillups is a large percent, ie 1/2 gallon difference is 12.5% of what you are putting in. If you run it to 1/4, your fillup about 14 gallons, with a 1/2 gallon difference being 3.6%. But 360 miles is not nearly enough to be concerned yet. Mileage will improve yet.

    I had no mileage problems. I have checked it each fillup. I got about 24 mpg at first and am up to about 25-26 in all around driving. The majority of my driving is small town country type stuff to the city and back, 50-60 mph with stops, 22 miles each way, with A/C on so far this summer. I did put a tonnuo cover on, that might help a little. Check back with us and let us know how the truck is doing for you.

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    Good Advice both!! I appreciate the feedback.

    Yeah, I think this is still early in the break in period. Just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing similiar problem. I like the idea of going low on the gauge. There could be sealant, or grease on the float and to remove it you must make it travel a full range of motion.

    As to the mpg being taken on 3/4. Yeah, I agree that the margin of error is higher when doing early, but it should still at least give a range of about 23mpg I expect. The statistical significance of a 3/4 vs 1/4 fill up should not be as great as 23 vs 18. That does not compute.

    I do have to say that the ride is quite nice. The AC really kicks butt!! Controls are quite easy to see and use night or day. The stereo is "bonzer"! Thought I'd throw in a little Australian. I even like the gas cap holder on the fuel door. Great idea and one that I did not see mentioned in the Edmund's review. ;-)

    I don't understand everyone's discussion over a V6 in the past few days/weeks. I use it to commute and haul mulch, plants, and dogs. NO PROBLEMS doing that. I don't plan on towing a 5000lb boat with 12 people in the bed and lead bars in the cab. I knew that going in and if I needed that kind of power I would have gone elsewhere. Everyone, study what you need the truck for, then decide on engines and such.

    My Isuzu spacecab LS was 1988 and it performed for me, very well. It had the 2.6L engine, 5 spd. It did not have the pickup of this truck and I sure notice that when merging onto I-10.

    I will keep all informed during my breakin period. Thanks again for the info that helped me pick a reliable truck.
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    I've got a little over 7600 miles on my 5sp XE King Cab 4X2. I've monitored fuel consumption since I first got it and I'm "only" getting 22-23 mpg here in Memphis with the A/C blasting. It's not great, but I'm not disappointed either.

    I haven't experienced the fuel gauge problem mentioned previously. Did check the manual for fuel capacity, 15.9 gal.
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    You are right. 15.9 gal. 18 was a guess. That actually would make the inaccuracy even more on the mileage calcs.

    Glad that this forum helped you during your search. Back when I bought mine there was not much positive discussion about the frontier here, but many did like the hardbody's. Though I was not familiar with the H/B, I liked this truck and went for it anyway, hoping that quality is the same. I am glad I did. I have not found anything that bothers me about it yet. I agree with your opinion of the V6 and the use of the vehicle. I think that some of the critics of this truck just wanted more truck than a compact offers, ie, F150, F250HD sorts. A compact pickup is not going to compete with these trucks as far as power, towing and hauling capacity, no matter what is under the hood or how well designed the frontier is.

    By the way, is that Bonzer stereo = good ? I am not too sure. The stereo is fine with me.
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    It doesn't matter how empty you get the gas tank, or how large it is. As long as you fill it as full as possible, then drive for a while, then fill it up again. You know exactly how much gas you've put into it, and exactly how many miles you went. Thus you have mileage.
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    If exact. Then exact. True. But not all things are always exact.... At very low miles, I would run it down, and check it, mileage should improve from here out. That may help that gauge too.
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    My point was that the gas gauge readings are meaningless when calculating fuel economy.
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    Gas gauge readings ARE meaningless when calculating economy, but the have great meaning when you are 300 miles from home in the middle of Texas hill country with a truck on the emergency lane because it ran out of gas, but the gauge says 1/4.

    If I started all this I'm sorry. I do calculate based on gallons added divided into miles driven. The gauge moving to 3/4 within a few miles after a fill up is what scares me. I want to make sure I can trust my gauge! I always reset tripmeter at a fill up and use that to keep tabs on fuel too. In my old Isuzu I knew I could drive 363.7 miles after a fill up regardless of when a low fuel indicator came on. This is a new truck and I am trying to get that kind of feeling for its idiosyncrasies. I'm on the learning curve.
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    These trucks don't have a trip computer that tells you how many miles you can travel before you run out of gas? Just kidding. I noticed Stanford in this conference and know that he is getting a truck that has a computer that serves this purpose. BTW Stanford, I've heard mixed opinions on the mpg calculations of the computer. I plan to calculate mine myself and compare.

    I agree with the 4 vs 6 cylinder discussion to some degree. Most people with a compact pickup don't usually need a V-6. I'd just recommend that you check the difference in actual mpg. Sometimes a smaller engine doesn't necessarily result in better mpg because the smaller engine is having to work harder to do the same work. A good example is the Ford V-8 vs the V-10 in the Superduty. Initial indications are that the mpg is about the same, so you're basically sacrificing a lot of power with no positive trade-off. What are the mpg estimates for the four and six cylinder trucks?
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    I'd just like to say that as the former owner of a 93 toyota 4x4 that I loved dearly and had to trade only because of an expanding family, I appreciate the new nissan frontier. In my opinion, most mini-trucks on the market have gone way overboard as far as styling and are uglier than sin. Take the new ford ranger for example, and even the new tacomas are not that impressive. Or how about the sonoma or s-10 that look very similar to a sad puppy? The frontier looks exactly like what a mini-truck should look like.
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    to 's front page, First Drive: 1999 Nissan Frontier 4x4 SE-V6 King Cab.

    Read it and let us know what you think....

    Administrative Host
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    Here's an interesting article that supports what I and others (in earlier posts) have been saying all along regarding Nissan's recent sales plunge.

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    I test drove a 98 4X4 FRontier for about the 7th time
    I finally spotted something I didn't like:
    at 60 mph in 5th gear the tach indicates approx
    2900 rpm (alittle high- the Ford 4X4 ranger w/
    4.0 5spd manual was turning 2100 rpm at 60mph)
    Then I noticed Nissan has a 4.63 rear end
    and the Ford a 3.73.
    Makes sense smaller engine must do alittle more work.
    I prefer cruising at 60 with less rpm.

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    That ford ranger, what motor? I don't know of any four cylinder motors that are geared that tall. 2900 at 60 mpg is about normal for a 4 cylinder, at least ones that I have owned.

    I would venture a pretty safe guess that the V-6s all are geared lower.

    7 times, wow.
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    Just read the article you posted. Does break down the situation pretty well. They did not blame it on the Frontier like some have posted in the past, but they do say that they need to aim for more truck buyers. This is true, alla V-6 buyers, but the products are as good as they always have been. They lost $200 mil. on the lease program and had a lousy ad campagn. From my experiences so far, the internal problems are in management, not engineering.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788

    I don't think any of the posts blamed Nissan's problems on the Frontier, per say. I know I didn't. The Frontier is just one of many Nissan products that are floundering in the marketplace.

    And, it's not a matter of Nissan building bad products either. For the most part they build as good a vehicle as everybody else. Their problem is that they can't build products that (a lot of) people want to buy. And this is mainly because they don't offer products that are distinctive (in either in looks, content or function) that set them apart from the rest. I think the new 4-door Frontier is a step in the right direction, however.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    And - yes, the problems deal with management making poor decisions.

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    HI! I'm dizzy2 from Knoxville TN. I have to say that I currently drive a 91 Mazda B2200 that I bought used with 106k on the odometer. I now have 130k and have been happy with this truck, however my next truck will probably be a used Nissan. But I'm not holding my breath til I get one, because my Mazda's tend to go 200k to 270k with no real problems. But since the newer Mazda's are no longer made in Japan I will probably be buying a used Nissan in '01 or so.
    I had a very hard time getting the type of info I needed when I was trying to buy my truck. What I wanted (and still want), is a sturdy, dependable workhorse for commuting and light hauling that can be expected to go more than 150k with no problems. I must be the only person on the planet that does NOT want carpet etc in my truck. We had an old Ford that you could just hose the manure etc out of the cab because it had vinyl floorboard coverings. I want rugged durability, low operating and repair costs, and good enough performance for highway/city use.
    I would like to see more colors available that are not dark and muddy hues. I like a truck that is easy to see because it makes it a little more likely that the blind idiot in the next lane will see you.
    Just a closing thought, I wonder how many truck drivers are payment free? I think you tend to like your ride more when it's all YOURS and you know that you don't have to pay anything but maint and upkeep. See ya around!
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    Please refer to post #125, I'd appreciate your comments.
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    New 1998 2X2 King Cab Pioneer owner---I would like anybody's response to the following points: 1. Can you tow a 1500 lb. boat up a grade with ease? 2. What kind of mpg do you get a. in town and b. on the highway? 3. Any problems I should know about? Are you satisfied with over all performance?
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    Do you mean a 4x2 Frontier? or
    Does Nissan make a 2 wheeled Pioneer that I don't know about?

    The 4 cylinder towing 1500 lb should be fine. It is rated at 3500 lb, but it probably does not like it much.

    Miliage I have been getting is 25 general/28 highway mpg. I have a tonneau that might help. No problems, and very satisfied.

    Wedge & Dizzy2,
    I have grown to actually like the simplistic styling Nissan has created. But, then again, I am not to fashionable, but practical. And the Frontier is practical. Being an engineer, I like that.

    Read the V6 review. They seem to like it too.
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    Calling DAVEPERC.....Nightowl calling....
    Your right it's 4x2 King. And thanks for the response. This is my 1st time here, so any helps with the Discussion/Respone will help. Do you have any suggestions as to what Brand and weight oil I should use? Currently, I use Castrol 10/30 in my 1993 Honda Accord w/149 thousand on the odometer. I live in the California high desert where the summers run between 80 and 105 in July + August. During winter temp gets between high of 60, low's about 20 degrees. A friend of mine says he uses Mobil One in his.

    Also, I am thinking about getting a bed liner. Any body have an idea on brand/price for my Frontier?

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    Nightowl--quick comment about bedliners---go Rhino. While camping down in VA this past summer, I saw two Rhino liners---they look great and guaranteed forever---I believe it was $347 for a short bed, and around $380 for a longbed. At least, check it out for yourself---you can't go wrong with Rhino--- Good Luck, JB
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    I went with the nissan option on the bedliner. You can choose from over the rail or under. Invoice option price is $200. I got the under since I don't intend to have to worry about beating on the top, and sapposedly the over the rail b/ls rub the paint. I am sure that one of the major manufacturers makes this for Nissan. It comes installed and probably is covered under the truck warranty and manufacters warranty, so the dealer probably would correct problems for you. It is the easy way out. Also the under rail is easier and cleaner when putting a cover on the bed, if that applies.

    Oil? The Mobil One is synthetic. Expensive but you don't need to change it nearly as often. The drawback of that is that you still should change the filter. I just use a name brand regular oil (valvoline, castrol, Q state, ...) with the correct codes and change it a little more often than the auto makers recommendations. The major brands are all pretty close to the same. I have never had any problems and I think changing it too frequently is wasteful, but better too often than not enough.

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    hey everyone good to see this topic active again,
    we just got the new V-6 frontiers in on friday,
    They drive like a dream, the automatic feels just a smooth and silky as the pathfinder and has a real good sound. I like the body colored fender
    flares and front bumper much better, they also
    did away with the side graphics which noone seems to like. Everyone should try one! it is a real winner.

    To Bonnie Rick re; frontier review;
    I liked the article, the only thing I thought you should have mentioned is that an overwhelming majority of 4x4 buyers don't buy them to go off
    roading they just like the looks, I think that pointing out that more people are interested in
    a comfortable ride than being able to climb over boulders would have balanced the article a little more and helped explain why Nissan gave the 4x4
    a more street worthy suspension.

    Hey rsholland;
    good to see you are still kicking around here,
    BTW I am seeing alot more of those "floundering"
    frontiers and altimas out on the road, sales are also up, August was better than a year ago, I already have two of the four V-6 frontiers that I just got sold to happy Nissan customers! But I'm sure you'll find something bad to say about that.
    I went to your link above, but I think they moved
    it, it was about teamsters, nice folks I am sure,
    but maybe you would be kind enough to repost or
    give a heading for those of us who were tardy!

    to etag;
    I don't think that a comparison of a 2.4l and a
    4.0l truck engine is sound, but if it helps you any, one of the sales men I drove with in the new
    V-6 noticed that the rpm was about 1900 at 55 or
    60 if I remember correctly, I didn't think to put it away for future reference, well that's all for now and as usual, feel free to ask me any questions I will help any way I can.
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    "BTW, I still think that the six's will rot on our lot like the 95's did"

    Let us know if you ever change your opinion.
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Sorry cncman, the early bird catches the worm. That link has been caught and devoured.

    In short what the article said was that Nissan has been short on products that people want to buy - which was caused by poor marketing decisions/management. Thus, they are suffering. This has nothing to do with whether I like the product or not. Glad to see they finally got the V6 Frontier out.

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    Thanks JB for the Rhino information. Just after I sent the inquire, my local NISSAN dealer called to say he had one liner in stock that was ordered by someone else, but the backed out. So, I told him I would take it, if he did install @ no charge. The liner is build specifically for Nissan by Duraliner, so it conforms to the side channels. The price was right....thanks,

  • nightowlnightowl Member Posts: 13
    As I mentioned to SINGER4, I got the 'under the rail' liner from my local dealer. My reason for under the rail was for the purpose of installing a hard top bed cover. The dealer said the cover will fit better. He bed cover is made by American Truck. It has to security lock to he rear by the tail gate on Left and Right side. They will paint to match my color and give be a Free bug deflector installed.

    I understand the hard covers my help my gas mileage. QUESTION.....Does anybody know if the trailer hitch on the standard Frontier bumper is strong enough to pull a 2,000 pound trailer. I have looked under the bed, and see that it is attached by bolts to the frame.

    I currently have 470 miles on the engine. Took a drive into our local California mountains. Hope I get a little more power after the engine is broke in. I found that while assending a 5% grade for 5 miles, that I was in 4th gear, and had the foot peadel down 3/4 of the way. I felt it was a stuggle to maintain 45 to 50 mph. However, after reaching the top and going across to the next little town, the normal 25 to 35 mph curves were taken just fine. I am very impressed with the handling. All curves were taken with ease. Also, it took the bumps just fine. I have a 93 Honda Accord and I know it has it limits on the bumps that I went over in the Frontier.

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    hey LWF, I'm glad to hear from you again, yes, I
    do think that the six's will rot on our lot! yes we did have two of the four sixes in sold, but
    only one was from a customer waiting for the six,
    the other was sold because the guy wanted a 99
    and liked the new grille, foglights etc. Once the
    novelty wears off I still believe history will repeat itself with the old sixes, only time will
    tell, I will be willing to admit it if I am proved wrong, but my manager that has been with nissan
    for 18 years shares the same opinion.
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    I don't know what the towing capacity of the bumper is. I had looked in the book and all I found was to look on the bumper, but did not see it. Let me know what it is.

    About your statement about the engine power, I have found that the I4 is geared kind of tall. I have been shifting a little later than sedan I4s I have owned (based on the engine feeling and sound, no tach). I tend to cruise up to 55-60 in fourth and use fifth as an overdrive. You would find more power here. The New England Mtns have not been to much. And driving this way, I have still been getting 25 mpg everyday driving with 3700 miles.

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    Just reviewed your forum for the 1st time. Very interesting. Have been back and forth over a 98 Frontier SE King Cab 2wd and the same from Mazda(B2500 with Power Package). My read on it. I like the Mazda's exterior styling best but the Frontier does grow on you. The Frontier interior especially in SE trim is superior. I found some Mazda switch gear, the power mirror controls to be especially flimsy.

    Mazda on the highway drove fine and it is true with the 5-speed and the 4cyl it revs approx 2100 at 60 mph which I found to be impressive and quiet. I have not found a 2wd Frontier to drive so I'll check rpms but the difference betweeen 2100 and 2900 is significant.

    The thing I dislike most on the Mazda and the Frontier's is perfcet as far as I'm concerned is the heat/ac. The Frontier you can put the a/c on in any mode and you can shut the fan OFF and still have air entering the cabin of it's own accord as on the highway.

    The Mazda a/c comes on in defrost not matter what and it's has a set-up I dislike with a seperate a/c-a/c max. I'm smart enough to take control of it myself, thank you. How about if I'd like to drive with the fan off, in defrost or defrost/foot mode with no a/c. Can't do it in the Mazda.

    That's it for now.
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    hey cncman and vonnyvonce,

    I am also looking at the Frontier and Mazda B3000 but both in 4wd. The Mazda has the V6 and better crash test results. But the Frontier has better quality and price. I can get a 1998 Frontier 4wd now for $12,980. But a question I have not seen addressed is the cost of maintenance. cncman could you clue us in to the maintenance intervals for the Frontier and their approx. cost thru 100,000 miles. Wife has a 1995 Windstar and I shudder everytime that thing goes to the dealership for scheduled pit stops. Ouch!

    By the way have read all the posts. You guys need to really lighten up. Somebody's going to have a coronary guiding the marketing and product planning for Nissan Corp., they already have highly compensated people to do that.
    Happy Trails!

  • davepercdaveperc Member Posts: 76
    I looked at the Mazda too when I bought the Nissan. The Mazda was thrown out of consideration quickly because the towing is so low with the 4 cylinder (1380 lbs). Even with the 3.0 V6 (you may have to pay extra for the payload package) you get 2500 lbs with the manual trans. Nissan and Toyota are both 3500 lbs with the base setup. The Mazda/Ford setup and the Frontier are probably the most alike of all of the compact pickups. I felt that the Nissan I4 was stronger and that Nissan offered a better price, especially since the XE package had what I wanted, A/C, already in it. The mazda would have cost $1500 more.

    One thing you mentioned I wanted to talk about was engine revs. Why are concerned about 2900 rpm? Most 4 cylinder engines have high redlines, ~6000. Engine wear is not going to be any different at one than the other, most wear is really at startup and cold conditions. The fuel consumpion is the only a factor I can think of that would make a difference. This is dependant on the power band, speed, drag,.... I have been getting about 28 hw at 75 mph, which is great, that was why I wanted the 4 cylinder. Actually, in the case of the Mazda, I would be more concerned that at 2100 rpm, it is too low for a 4 cylinder, you may have very little responsiveness. I don't have a tach on mine, but let us know what you find out.

    I like the heater controls too. I have bought american the last 5 times and had gotten used to the ford style. I do like the ability to put any type of air at any location. Big plus.

    Good luck shopping.
  • roots1roots1 Member Posts: 3
    I would like to know the history of the auto trans. on the 1999 V6 nissan extended cab XE 4x4 truck.

    I test drove one and wonder what the debate between manual and auto trans. is. Which is most reliable and perform best in the long haul?
  • roots1roots1 Member Posts: 3
    In reference to the high sustained revs on highway traveling: I referenced the past appearance packages of the EX 4x4 (1998) and noticed that all of the ones avail.had a Tachometer. In the 1999 V6 Nissan extended cab XE 4x4 truck that I tested (although it was equiped with a appearance package) it was not equiped with a Tachometer indicating to me that Nissan is aware of the problem of high revs.

    It appears that what the V6 4x4 needs is a five speed auto/manual trans. to convert the final gear to a true overdrive. With 200 foot pounds of torque (max) at 1500 rpms it would be best as close to that engine speed for highway traveling.

    What Edmunds reported (first drive) concerning a need for a really low first 2.4-2.7 did mot take the standard 4.43 axle ratio into consideration. Take the dakota (comparable, for the dakota came down to save money (mid to compact) the nissan didn't go up (1500-3500) but it needs to (spend), to make it fair to compare) for instance with a standard 3.55 ratio. 3.55 to 4.43 is quite a spread and indicates a lower first with the nissan unless you want to crawl. This is what edmunds may have wanted however comparing old heavy weights in the 4x4 sector.

    The truck feels solid the frame is exceptinally rigid. The drive at highway speeds felt somewhat drifting or floating. Nissan implements front suspension torsion bars and I wonder if the lower control arm bushings are firm enough to handle the pressure. Law of improvment: When you strengthen some you must strenghten all to win acclaim.

    Nissan my wish for you is for your trucks to excell and surpass the American dinosaurs who at best mirror themselves.

  • cncmancncman Member Posts: 487
    hey wd3, I am glad you asked the question about maintenance, the frontier has extremely low maintenance, even if you look at the manufacturer's suggested maintenance, (which I think goes a little over board) there is very little maintenance to do, basically oil change
    every 3750 miles and at 30,000 miles change plugs
    and air filter, if you want to put platinum plugs in the first time, you don't have to change again for 100,000. Also the frontier has a timing chain instead of a belt, the mazda does not offer that to my knowledge, the advantage of a chain is that
    there is no scheduled maintenance on it until
    100k miles! and then they usually don't replace it. With a belt they usually say you HAVE to replace it around 60 or 70k or it may break. Also
    the chain actuates the valves better than a belt
    so you don't have to worry about valve adjustment.
    If you want to look at this more indepth, try to find intellichoice online, I looked at the 98
    complete small truck guide, the frontier is rated
    better than the mazda for ownership costs and is also voted by them a "best overall value in it's class." hope this helps.
  • davepercdaveperc Member Posts: 76

    None of the XEs with the appearance package came with a tach. That is in the comfort package. I doubt they are trying to hide rpms. I don't know what the 99 V6s have, but comparing a 98 I4 to them is not very consistant. Gearing typically should be such that at a typical speed, the engine is at its most efficient rpm and the loads that it is intended to be able to move. Thus so many different gear ratios.
    When comparing an I4 to a V6, a simplistic way to think of it is how many combustion cycles occur. To convert an I4 to similar V6, the 4 turns 1.5 times more. In other words, 2000 rpm in the 6 is similar to 3000 in the 4, for the same number of combustions. The 4s tend to be more efficient however, less internal friction,....., so 4 gets better mileage. At higher rpm, the 2.4 liter I4 acts similar to a 3.6 liter V6. Most V6s, don't have as high a red line as 4s. PLEASE NOTE THAT SIMILAR IS STATED, OTHER THINGS ARE INVOLVED, SUCH AS MECHANICAL ADVANTAGE, ...

    Transmissions? I personally don't like autos. They never seem to shift when I would want them to. As far as reliabilility goes, a standard is basic gearing, can't get any simpler. The clutch will need replacement someday, depending on your driving habits, but when talking to owners when I was shopping, several owners did not need to replace the clutch until well after 100k.

  • tkinpatkinpa Member Posts: 19
    I've chimed in a few times in the past - have owned a hardbody 4x4 - anxiously waited for the new V6 - did a test drive - bought a ... 98 Ranger XLT 4.0 V6 with 5 speed auto and 4 doors. Nissan doesn't want to deal on price on the V6's while the leftover Rangers needed to go. I liked the feel of the engine/trans better in the Ford. Slightly less LISTED horsepower but felt stronger and a lot more torque. Nissan continues to play catch-up.
    Preferred Ford's styling, inside and out, but was previously tempted by Nissan's huge incentives (on 98 I4 dogs). I'm sure the incentives will be back in a few months when 99's don't sell either but I'm tired of waiting. 4 door availability was a selling point too.

    Daveperc - I can't imagine how Nissan comes up with their towing capacities (3500 from their I4). Ford is either too conservative or Nissan ...
    I don't think most people would enjoy towing half of Nissan's rated capacity with the available engines.
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