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I've got the sweetest new (used) Miata. Just love showing it off. But I don't know the slightest thing about top and window care for UV protection. I've heard Zymol, McGuiars (sp) and Lexol make good products. Ideally, I would like to get an all inclusive kit and carry it in the boot, or maybe just plain old Armour All. I want to avoid anything that does more harm than good. The top is in great shape for a 9 years old, and I want to keep it that way. From your experience, what is the best. Thank you! Mark



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    One thing you can do is keep it out of automatic car washes......the force of the blowers can loosen the stitching. Another issue is sun damage, which is hard to stop, as is age. This causes shrinkage, and eventually tearing due to the stress of the shrinkage against the top mechanism.

    But there are bad habits:

    Stowing a top wet
    Stowing a top dirty or gritty (dirt abrades the top as it moves and folds)
    Not noticing abrasion from misaligned bolts or linkages (not correcting a potential abrasion)
    Cats (their claws can ruin a top)
    Chemical stains (from overhead garage door motors!)
    Sun damage from not using the top boot when top is down (burns the less durable underlining)
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    I've just printed out your bad habit list and tacked it to my bulletin board. Now, everytime our darn cat climbs on the top, I'll make her reread your pointers! Up until now, I thought the boot cover was just a cosmetic thing. Misaligned bolts and linkages, that is a common sense pointer that just never occured to me. You should write a book.
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    Oh, yeah, THAT would be an exciting book, wouldn't it (LOL) Maybe Oprah will pick it up!

    Cats CAN read, don't let them play dumb on you.
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    One more item I'd like to add to the list...

    It appears that you have a first generation Miata with the plastic window. Scratches on those are always a problem. Just make sure to:

    a) always unzip the window before putting the top down.

    b) You might also consider buying an inexpensive sleeve for the window from an aftermarket retailer, as even the folder top laying on the window has the capability to scratch it.

    Otherwise, those Miatas are terrific cars. I hope you're enjoying it.
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    I'm gonna make your day, buddy. One of my favorite places, Car Care Specialties, has an entire article on how to keep your rag top looking sharp. You'll need Adobe Reader to open this file (it's free at if you don't have it):

    Do yourself a fave: Buy your car care stuff from them. I've been detailing for 20 years and their advice and products are terrific. Enjoy!

    Bret in Gwinnett

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