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Door lock lube

tc93tc93 Member Posts: 19
edited April 2014 in Toyota
Can/will anyone offer a recommendation of what I should use to lubricate my door locks? My owners manual offers no suggestion. The locks get a little sticky from time to time, especially after several days of rain.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Yes, anything with a graphite powder base.....NEVER use oil or WD-40...a popular lubricant is made by the Panef Corp. in Milwaukee, but any "lock lubricant" made with graphite should do the trick.

    Of course, it's always a good idea to check the owner's manual first...you never know these days what is or is not compatible.
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    dennis1950dennis1950 Member Posts: 33
    Mr. Shiftright,

    A related question: last time I was skiing, the lock to the ski rack froze. Specifically, the piece of metal that covers the hole and slides out of the way when the key is inserted. Could not get the key into the lock. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Ah, yes...there's actually a name for that little piece, but it eludes me. One trick of course it to heat the key with a cigarette lighter, but in California this doesn't work because nobody smokes anymore. I hesitate to suggest putting anything in there except graphite.

    Really, the only reason it could freeze is if water got in there, so maybe put a little baggie around it and a rubber band. Looks silly but would probably work if this keeps happening.

    But try the graphite!

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