Mitsubishi i-MiEV lack of range

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i have had my car for 13 months and experiencing reduced range. the first 8 months i was getting 72-78 mile ranges driving in eco mode 90% drive mode 10%. my trips never change commuting within 8 miles of home 50/50 highway/ city. i started noticing range going down to 65-69 back in oct. and the past two months the range has been 60-63 in the cold months of jan and feb here in PA my driving habits and driving trips never vary , top speed traveled 55mph. i park in a garage and charge on a 120v household outlet. my thoughts are the battery is degrading something i have read about in the manual. i never recharge unless the battery is down to 4 bars or less. i also noticed when i recharged outside at a public station with outside temp. at 20 degrees the battery charge even tho i had 16 bars was not full because my range showed 54 has any one experienced these problems?


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    Sounds to me like the typical behavior of an electric vehicle in colder weather. I don't think battery degradation is the problem--I think the basic laws of physics are the problem.

    You might find this article interesting:

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    second thought on reduced range I recently got a software update letter recommended by the manufacture it was a recall letter for a vaccuum pump also The manufacture's letter stated it was necessary to update software for compatibility issues with the charger After getting the update done at the dealer in jan i noticed a drop in range and the mileage i can travel per bar is 3-4 miles instead of previous 4.5-5.5 miles. has anyone else received the same updates and noticed any difference? i know the leaf and the volt have software that control the maximum charge capacity of battery to prolong battery life so at a full charge it is not actually 100%. I have not read anything on the imev where this is done. may this update limit capacity??

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    followup to the upgraded software : the range gauge was affected by the software my range started going up after a full drain of battery and recharge my battery was as low as 2 bars and then i recharged it till the battery orange charge light went out the range reset to 77 miles i guess software changes done at the dealer did not apply to car computer untill the battery was drained low this i hope is helpful to others

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