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Seeking advice on lifter and cam issues on the 5.3L engines with AFM for a 2009 Silverado

Out of nowhere my truck begins to make a hissing sound from under the hood and then my stabilitrac light comes, quickly followed by the service traction system light and engine light is blinking. I stopped truck immediately. Let it set for a minute, cranked it back up and it sounded normal for the first few seconds then it made the same noise and all the same warning lights came on. Had it towed to local dealership and now after 3 days they are telling me I have a collapsed lifter and worn cam....a repair to the tune of $3900. I'm literally only 55 days outside of the 5 year powertrain warranty. Seen a few forums indicating this is an issue and just seeking for guidance. I've contacted GM directly and awaiting to hear back, but in the interim it appears this is an issue and would like feed back from others experiencing the same issue. Any leverage or luck with getting GM to warranty the repair?


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,480

    If you are on good terms with your dealer he could ask a factory tech to come look at the engine--also it would be great if you could gather up all your service records to prove good maintenance on the vehicle. If GM would even split the cost, I'd consider taking (or making) that offer. Yep, you won't be the first to experience this issue.

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  • Coming up on 60,000 miles, for a week or two, I heard the slightest indication of lifter noise when starting engine, would disappear within seconds as oil pressure came up. Hooking up to 5th wheel one morning, the character of the sound was slightly different, didn't think too much of it. Towed ~60 miles to a state park I was volunteering at and upon arrival, noise was constant. Took it to Chevy dealer in town, that week they found a trashed lifter and damaged camshaft. All lifters and camshaft replaced under the 100,000 mile warranty. I didn't sell my last Silverado until it had 180,000 miles, I might trade up at 99,999 miles this time.

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