96 Buick Regal 3.8 Litre SerieII Exhaust

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I have a 96 Regal 3.8litre SeriesII .
The muffler and Exhaust pipe to the converter need to be replaced. to get those parts at the dealer is very expensive.I've called various auto
parts and exhaust shops ,but they do not list anything for a 96 Regal 3.8 SeriesII . Does anybody know if a 95 Regal 3.8 would fit and what the differences are.


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    Is this a turbo? I found some info for that car but not a normally aspirated engine.

    One problem that might indicate that the 95 and 96 are different is that your '96 is the first year for the new onboard diagnostic system, OBDII (o.b.d.2). This makes me think the two cars will not interchange--but I'm just guessing here.

    I'm surprised no muffler shop can help you...that seems odd to me. What part of the country are you in? Anywhere in the SF BAy Area?

    Mr. Shiftright
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