2014 Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • pgokulpgokul Member Posts: 1

    I finally closed the deal!
    Got a Hyundai Sonata 2014 GLS Sedan with Popular package which includes most goodies like heated seats, rearview camera, door mats, Blue Link, cargo nets, power seats etc.

    Got an OTD price of 21,150 for this. What do you guys think on this?

  • jobinthomasjobinthomas Member Posts: 1

    I financed 2014 Sonatal GLS with PEP last saturday.
    Internet Price: $20400
    Discounts: ($750 for financing thru Hyundai, $500 for boostup account, $500 for a valued hyundai owner)

    Sale Price (after discounts): $18650
    OTD = $20015.


  • kratosbear1kratosbear1 Member Posts: 1


    I just purchased a 2014 sonata limited with NO technology package on 1/20/14.

    MSRP : 27,940.00
    Selling price: 24,337.00
    Minus Customer Cash Rebate: 1,500.00

    Minus Owner Loyalty Rebate: 500.00

    Sale Price After Discounts: 22,337.00

    I live in DE and purchased at a dealer outside of Philadelphia, PA. Negotiated the price via e-mail and only paid 130.00 doc fee, 148.00 DE registration, and 3.75% sales tax for DE. I did have a trade (2012 Elantra) but I did not disclose that until after I arrived. The dealer gave me 700.00 more than other dealers offered me so I was happy. Overall, the buying experience was excellent and there were no funny games by the dealer.

    As a side note, I contacted dealers in DE for the same car and they wanted 2,000.00 more. I told them the price from the PA dealer and the DE dealers told me to go ahead and buy it because they would not go any lower. So, I did! If anyone has any questions please let me know.

  • yukifangfangyukifangfang Member Posts: 1

    jobinthomas, Can I ask what is the APR you got from Hyundai? And Can you share who you contacted with in that dealership? I want to buy the same car, the best price I can get now is $21000 OTD.

  • ptrsnptrsn SoutheastMember Posts: 7

    I just purchased, 2 weeks ago, a 2014 Sonata SE 2.0T loaded, MSRP @ $31500, after rebates and discounts the price was $27003. It has pretty much all the bells and whistles; got 5K for my 2009 Elantra as a trade and put down extra $$ and got a pretty sweet deal. Navigation is great, blind spot alert is the coolest and it rides and feels like a champ. This is my 4th Hyundai and I am really happy with them...

  • shortyd044shortyd044 TexasMember Posts: 1

    Purchased my 2014 Sonata SE 2.0T two weeks ago. MSRP was $27,240 and after rebates the price was $21,180. The car does not have the Navigation package and blind spot detection but just about everything else including auto dimming rear view mirror with blue link and rear view camera. Carpeted floor mats and cargo mat were included, as was a 1st aid Kit, locking wheel lugs and cargo net. I traded in my 2009 Sonata GLS 5-speed manual for $8100 and paid them $14,200 OTD. So I guess I paid $22,300 including license / dealer fee / etc. I love the car (my first automatic in 36 years) but I'm not too sold on the low profile tires yet.

  • hawk_fanhawk_fan Member Posts: 1

    Purchased a Hyundai Sonata GLS with Popular Package today.

    Was able to get $6250 off MSRP. This included 2000 standard rebate, and 500 Loyalty Rebate.

  • humtumhumtum Member Posts: 11

    Looks like not many people buying a Sonata n posting their experiences here!!

    Well, I'm on the lookout for a Sonata Limited w 2.0 Turbo w Navigation in NY Metro area.
    Looks like the dealers are extending the $2000 Std Rebate for now. One of the dealers in NJ gave me a sale price of $27,500 EXCLUDING Dest. / Doc. / Tax / Ttitle n Reg.

    Kindly share your experiences as i need to close this deal ASAP. Thanx

  • humtumhumtum Member Posts: 11

    Lynne Hyundai, Bloomfield NJ - Never visit this dealer. They are not even worth calling...Their sales managers J & Al are lying point blank over the phone & once you visit them they are undoing all discounts they initially committed during the call. The only good thing their sales team does is that they start building your car's price UP from the value they committed over the phone. Adding couple of thousands in seconds of your arrival. Also, they don't allow the poor sales guy who spoke on the phone to come close to you during your visit...

  • elan3elan3 Member Posts: 1

    I just got a 2014 sonata gls with the gls popular equipment package for my wife. I felt i got a good deal. The sticker price was 23,330 and they sold it to me for 20,730 and 1 also got a 2,500 rebate from hyundai, 2000 rebate and 500 loyalty cash, the final price was 18,230.Also i would say the people at Cerritos Hyundai in california were great.Brenda my sales person really did help with the deal and i felt no pressure.The sales& leasing consultant Saeid gave great info on buying or leasing.

  • brianj6brianj6 Member Posts: 3

    Closed on a SE turbo w/o nav for OTD 27850(sticker was 28k. The car had dealer preinstalled window tint and fabric guard. I got them to lower the price of the car since it was already installed. I got my car with little problems since I currently did not have a job, but starting one in the next week and needed a car because the bus ride is 3 hours one way to the new job.

  • oceang2oceang2 Member Posts: 40
    edited October 2014
    I just bought a 2014 HSH Limited today. Very excited to be driving this. I've had 2 Hyundai's previously and got 241K miles from my last 2007 Santa Fe. I'm hoping to be ultra happy when my gas bill goes down substantially since I drive about 33K /year and looking forward to enjoying this car.

    I'm seeing all kinds of numbers here so I'll post my package for future buyers to see.
    HSH Limited with sunroof and 6 more factory add ons.
    MSRP 32,895
    ( the dealer had a sticker on the window with an add'l 1500 added on = 34,395 with the dealer installed items - the sticker should read more like a valid 150.00 and a lot of bs )
    Invoice 30,847
    My price: 26,247 + tax, tag, and dealer fee ( I hated having to pay that dlr fee but he wouldn't budge and it was the last of my color in the area on a 2014 left over mid October).
    ( what brought the price down was 2K rebate, 1K loyalty, 1K Manuf to Dlr rebate, 3% holdback)
    Good luck to everyone.on your purchasing.
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