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2014 Audi Allroad MPG

dilberticdilbertic Member Posts: 63
edited February 2014 in Audi

Hi All,

I traded in my 2009 A4 for a 2014 Allroad and I love the car. So my question for 2013 > models owners is MPG. I used to get around 290 miles per tank in my A4, I am now getting 230 to 240 per tank in my Allroad.. Just under 20 MPG !! Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this issue.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481

    You might find this article interesting:


    It's possible that as the car breaks in, MPG will improve somewhat.

    Also your AllRoad has about 1 gallon less fuel capacity (smaller tank).

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    paulinthesouthpaulinthesouth Member Posts: 1

    I have a '13 Allroad, now at 25K miles. I can not recall a time I got less than 400 miles on a tank. Absolutely do not recall getting a tank average of less than 27 mpg, and often get tank averages around 30 mpg

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    dilberticdilbertic Member Posts: 63

    Hi All, thanks for the feedback, well the reason I am asking is the 2014 had some engine mods to produce more HP then the 2013 models, so I am wondering if that might be the issue or maybe something is off in my car, I wanted to track miles per fill up, mostly freeway in the AM and back roads in the night to and from work.. and a couple round trips about 150 where you see the extra mpg.. ( Below is using my ios app to track the number of Gal and Miles driven per fill up.. Newest is on the left, oldest is on the right )

    22.4 - 20.8 - 23.7 - 20.6 - 19.7 - 19.7 - 21.1 - 20.4 - 20.8 - 19.4

    Thanks for any input

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