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Good Price for 2014 Accord EX Coupe?

brad90956brad90956 Posts: 5
edited February 2014 in Honda

I have been emailing 3 separate Honda dealerships in the Toledo, Ohio area asking for an Out-the-door price for a basic 2014 Honda Accord EX coupe with no added features. So far 2 have responded with the exact same OTD price of $25,999.19. According to Edmunds the TMV for this vehicle in my area is $25,422. I just have a few questions if someone can help me:

1) Is it odd that both the dealerships gave me the exact same OTD price?
2) Is this a decent "starting point" to begin my negotiations to get a lower price?
3) How should I go about responding to their offers to get each dealership to lower their price?
4) What do you think is a good, final price I should settle on?



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