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2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 E-Class - Money Factor and Acquisition vs. Termination Fees

veermanveerman Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Mercedes-Benz

Hi Guys,
Leased an E350 in Feb 2014.
Wondering if any of you folks have had any experiences or comments to share about my lease:
3 years/12,000 miles for 2014 E350
Final Capitalized Price: $53,100 includes Acquisition Fee[$795] and maintenance for 3 years, plus Premium 1 Package, Lane tracking, Rear Deck Spoiler, Comfort Box, 3 Spoke Sport Steering Wheel, Keyless-Go Hands Free Access, 18" AMG Wheels, Lane Tracking Pkg: Blind Spot, Freight Charges.
Paid $2500 Down. Monthly Lease Payment is $704.
The dealership has also included a Vehicle Termination Fee for $595 if I decide to turn the vehicle back at the end of the lease. I read some online opinions on car leasing and they state that your car lease can either have an acquisition fee or a termination fee...Never Both...any opinions on this guys?
Now regarding the Money Factor. With my excellent Credit score above 810, the dealership states that since I am considered Tier1, I am getting the best MF rate which is 0.00265 and according to them, this MF rate is pretty much fixed and non negotiable as it is set by Mercedes Leasing/Financial services. I did check some reviews posted by other subscribers on Edmunds forums for e350 and found out that the Money Factor rate is actually lower and can be negotiated?? Any opinions here friends. The dealership says that I can call up Mercedes Leasing directly and ask them about the Money Factor and the termination fees. But they simply cannot lower them.
I am confused here, as I see a lot of posts stating that the MF can be lowered with a good credit score. I would appreciate any inputs in this.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503
    edited March 2014


    We have a dedicated leasing discussion, where other members are more likely to comment on your post. Try re-posting here:

    Congrats on the new car!


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  • cdcdcdcdcdcd Posts: 3

    Getting a deal lease 2014 e350w rwd sedan MSRP$56,965 got a discount for $10,200 off. Sale price came to $46,785 with total on road including tax, tag, document fee comes to $50,165. Dealer wants $2k down and 15k/27months $552 monthly payment. MF.00136 and residual 65%. Is this a good deal? Can the money factor get any lower? He said he gave me the best? Or anything else I can do to get it down anymore?

  • cdcdcdcdcdcd Posts: 3

    And maintenance included

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,503

    @cdcdcd said:
    And maintenance included

    Maintenance, too? Not bad. That is the base money factor. If you sign up for AutoPay, I think they lower it by .0001 (to .00126). Is the $2000 your total due at signing? Or, a CAP cost reduction?


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  • cdcdcdcdcdcd Posts: 3

    Total due at signing including first month. I never asked about cap cost or about auto pay. First time leasing, just wanna make sure I get the best deal.

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