How to set xm radio pre-sets? 2014 LaCrosse

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I have the first five pre-sets used, how do I add more? Manual says I can have up to 90 - how?


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    For some reason, I just lost all of my Xm pre-sets (favorites) and now do not know how to add them again. The manual says to press on the touch screen, but that doesn't do anything. Any help?
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    Does this help?

    XM Presets

    There are others on YouTube that might explain it better.
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    That one didn't help, but I found another that did, thanks!
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    Great! Was the other one on YouTube as well?
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    The XM presets on my Malibu '14 are set just like any AM or FM station is set.

    I suspect what has happened here is that voltage was lost and the radio lost its settings, not only the stations that were preset, but the settings for the radio and car that control the radio characteristics. Someone in the menus on the radio screen is a setting for how many "pages" of presets the radio allows. It can be changed from 1 to some maximum. That likely needs to be increased to allow more room on successive pages for more stations to be set.

    I am concerned how the radio came to lose its settings. Did the battery go dead and the car stay that way for a period of time?

    I thought the the radio characteristics settings were using nonvolatile memory. Maybe I'm wrong.

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