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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Wagons (C240 & C320)



  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    I would very much like to know what gas mileage does everybody get. So far I am at a level of 20 mpg mixed driving, I realize that is's going to improve as I only have 400 miles on my new car. Any input would be appreciated!
  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    Hello? Anybody?
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I don't own an MB wagon, but do read the posts here from time to time in case I ever do buy one.

    - Paul
  • whoughwhough Posts: 4
    Do the rear seats fold down completely flat? Some of the smaller wagons the rear seats do not flatten out so the rear space isn't that usable.
  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    Yes, they fold flat, and very easely.
  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    Evidently, I'm talking to myself here, I'm the only person in the whole world who bought that thing. Nonetheless, I am reporting to myself, that I've had my silver MB C320 Wagon for three months now and enjoyed its smoothness, agility, quietness and convenience enormously. Life is very good indeed inside this car. A/C is a little too loud though, but works very good. So far no problems whatsoever. Gas mileage- well, could be better. I am getting 20-21 mpg in mixed driving, probably it's going to improve. I have 2600 miles on my odometer... Too bad there is no CD player... I couldn't squeeze 900 bucks for the changer out of myself, besides, I like the size of the glove box and would hate to put CD changer in there.
    Anyway the car is great.
  • thx for the review. sounds like you got a deal. The C wagons in colo spgs all have stickers of $42 ish. I think they are a great looking wagon.

    Does MB offer the wagon with the smaller engine in 2003?
  • soylentsoylent Posts: 25
    I have approx 8g on the speedo of our 2003 sport wagon. 1st time MB owner. No complaints so far. My Dealership Copland Motors has been outstanding.. My wife heard that they have brunch available on Saturdays for the ladies, while they wait for their complimentary car wash; that sold my wife. the Highlander Limited/MDX we were considering got kicked to the curb. As far as being lonely out on the freeways,I have seen one other on the road here in LA. Kinda nice for a change.
    The only week point of course is the Bose sound system. So evgeny, be glad you didn't fork out for the cd changer, it wouldn't enhance the sound at all.

    stumeister - i have heard current incentive for sport wagon runs around 3000 for 2002. most wagons i saw had sunroof/rain sensor as the only add on, priced @ 38-39K. shop around.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Hello evgeny,

    I appreciate your posting here - though I do not own an MB wagon, I find it interesting to hear how your ownership experience is progressing. If I have a larger family someday I may buy an MB wagon, as I think they are beautiful cars.

    Thanks for the update!

    - Paul
  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    I've paid 36,300 for my C- wagon in Georgia at the end of May, the sticker was 41,000. The add-ons were sunroof and rain sensor (C2 package). Speaking of Bose system. I love the sound... and being a musician, I'm very picky in that respect, it's just a pity that CD player isn't standard. Haven't had a chance to experience my diler's hospitality...yet... thank God, nothing has gone wrong yet. I don't see many of these babies on the roads either, which feels really good.
  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    Yes - I also live in Georgia, for the time being, and my dealer is RBM of Atlanta. They have always been good to deal with over the last 4 years

    Unfortunately I will be moving from the area this fall, but in New England I know of place that used to be excellent when I lived there before - Holloway Motors of Manchester, New Hampshire. Also no sales tax in that state.

    Hope you are enjoying your C wagon!

    - Paul
  • Hello everybody.
    I am looking for the best price for 2003 C320 wagon, relative to invoice or in absolute numbers.
    I am in San Diego, CA. I found info on dealer invoice ($34,131), and I know that auto transmission is now a $1,325 option.
    Please share your experience. TIA.
  • I traded my 2001 C240 for a 2002 C320 about 3 months ago. We endured all the 1st year woes that have been reported in the past and I can not believe I bought another MB.

    Having said that, we really enjoy the new wagon. More room, WAYYYYYYYYYY more power and only 1 issue so far. I had an error code that the BAS/ESP was inoperative. This would reset every time I turned the car off but would usually dome back on after a few miles. I took the car in and the dealer said that there was a corrosion problem and that MB would have a fix out shortly. They cleaned up some contact points and sent me on my way. About 2 weeks later the service writer (consultant) called and asked us to bring the car for the retrofit. That was a month ago and no problems since.

    6500 miles, 22-24 MPG and enjoying the car.

    I did add a Yakima Roof rack for hauling the bikes. Very good unit and about $150.00 cheaper that MB rack.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and thanks for your notes. We look forward to hearing more about your C320 experience.... Happy motoring!



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  • evgenyevgeny Posts: 7
    That's a pretty good mileage you're getting, I guess you do more of highway driving, right? On short trips, I only get 16-18. BTW, how much did you pay for the car?
  • I traded a 2001 c240 for the 2002 c320 wagon. I think I traded for about $12K
  • Does the C320 wagon have a hand-brake or is it foot operated? Kinda makes it hard to start on a hill if it was foot operated on a 6-speed. 'Course, I could go see it for myself...

    BTW, vlad13 message 47, go to Caliber Motors in Anaheim or the web. They have loaners for sale and some are wagons. Their price is quite attractive. I'm very temped to do just that.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    but our c240 auto sedan has a foot operated handbrake.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    To all MB C-Class wagon owners - If you've just found your way into this discussion, please take a moment to share some details about your Mercedes-Benz ownership experience. If you'd like, you can list your:

    1. Model Year & Total miles to date.

    2. MPG & Driving habits.

    3. Maintenance issues to date.

    4. Overall impressions pro/cons of your vehicle since you first purchased....

    Share as much (or as little) information as you'd like. I'm sure other owners/shoppers passing through here, would find the information quite interesting, if not helpful. Thanks for your participation!

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  • I'm on Day 24 waiting for my new C240 Wagon's SRS system to be corrected. Parts (the Curtain) has to come from Germany. First it was one code, they fixed it, then after 15 miles, the light came on again took it in and they said it was the "Loom" they ordered that part, then they put than in, they drove it for 15 miles on my request, it coded again, then it was the air bag, had to be trucked in from the east coast, they put that in, then it coded again and now I'm waiting for the Curtain to come from Germany. Has anyone had SRS problems with this CAR. I love my car, but I' worried I have a LEMON. HELP!
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Lemon laws vary from state to state. In MA, one provision of the law is that if the car is out of service for X days, then it can be declared a lemon. Check your state's law to see the particulars. Your Attorney General's office can probably point you towards the lemon law procedures.
  • My wife owns a 2002 MB c320 wagon. It has about 22,000 miles. I love to drive this car and mostly drive it like an idiot when my wife & kid are not in the car. I am really impressed with the performance.

    The car has been in twice for preventive maintenance and twice for problems. I had the sway bar come loose; a gas cap problem, and a loose latch on the tailgate. This is more initial quality defects than I have experienced on other cars. I think that the car was probably overpriced but this car really targeted our needs and wants. I would buy another one and be more of a stickler on the price. If I have another kid I'll seriously consider the E-class.

    The dealer has been really great.

    I am posting to find out if anyone out there has tried to put a trailer hitch on this thing. I would like to tow my #1,000 sailboat with the car and travel all over the midwest with the boat with an annual trip to FL. My other car is a 2001 Isuzu trooper but I would rather use this car as the other is a high miler.

    Please advise. I have found only one manufacturer ( Dalan ) and no wiring kit. The installation involves removing the rear bumper and drilling holes in the frame.


  • paul_ppaul_p Posts: 271
    I had the same issue on a 1995 C-Class sedan, wanted to tow light things and investigated installing a trailer hitch. It was not recommended to do so by my MB dealer in NJ, though it was not expressly prohibited - they said there were shops that would do it. However, they told me doing so would void the warranty, and if I had any related repair issues (i.e., transmission, suspension, differential) I would end up paying for them.

    I played it safe and chose to buy a mini-pickup instead, which became my daily driver and now is approaching 200,000 miles. It's one of the best decisions I ever made.

      - P.
  • New Mercedes owner report - 2004 c240 4matic wagon. With Sunroof and CD player. I've driven it about 800 miles, mostly city. Overall MPG is 18.5 so far. 25 MPG for pure highway driving. I drive with ski/bike rack on the roof (yakima) so that may be causing a bit of drag at higher speeds. Have seen some posts suggesting mileage improves a bit after several thousand miles.

    Interior is leather on front seats only. Seems just fine. I could see how a tall person might find his/her head bumping up against roof around the sunroof fixtures - likely no probs if 6 ft or under.

    No maintenance issues so far. Well, I Left the gas cap in the slot on the filler door at the first fill - the check engine light came on for a couple of days but then cleared itself.

    The car is especially at home at highway speeds. Impressive acceleration starting at 30 mph and up. Fine acceleration at lower speeds, just not as good as at the higher speeds. I'd looked at Audi and VW wagons but ended up with the c-class at least in part because they aren't quite so common on the road. The usable rear luggage area with back seat down is meaningfully bigger than friend's Subaru Legacy. I also liked it the C-class had a bit higher ground clearance - that's an issue trying to reach ski areas when ski conditions are best.

    I'll see how things go as the weather kicks in this winter, but very pleased so far with the 4matic option and the whole car.

    2004s come standard with heated front seats. No manuals available in the wagons, at least for now, was my understanding.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    I don't see a dedicated message board.
    How does the C 240 wagon compare to the BMW 325 wagon as far as features, performance and price on 2 WD and AWD models?
    I know the C has at least a couple more years this body style, whereas the 2005 BMW will be in its last year before redesign.
  • timaitimai Posts: 1
    Does this sound familiar to anyone else or is it just my luck? I'm leasing a 2002 C320 wagon that has been plauged with problems: 2 differentials replaced, main sensor unit replaced, right outside mirror replaced, fuel sensor replaced, air condition temp control replaced, oil sensor replaced, turn signals (R & L) replaced...still having problems with the "excess oil" warning light. It has been in the shop 11 days in the last 2 weeks! The dealer and corporate insist these problems are all "normal" and will not consider it a lemon, in fact, corporate will not return my phone calls or emails. Currently have had this piece of junk for 25 months and have about 28k miles and have had problems since 997 miles. Please relate any similar experiences or good advice!!
  • My wife drives a 2002 C320 Wagon sport edition, now with 23,000 miles on it. I have previously posted once before regarding trailer hitch for this car. Although I still love to drive this car I am becoming more disgusted with the nagging problems. My experience seems to coincide with timai. I have had a sway bar replaced, a gas cap replaced, parts of the interior trim have fallen off, the rear tailgate latch nearly fell off, the front turn signal wiring replaced, a stepper motor in the HVAC replaced, and the car treated to remove a funny smell coming from the HVAC system. These problems are extremely aggravating and I vow every time that I will never buy another MB product and that I will sell this one as soon as the warranty is up.

    Then I drive the car and fall in love with the way it moves all over again. On the positive side the dealer does a really nice job with the repair and provides a loaner when my car is in for service ( frequent ). I am very particular about maintenance and cleanliness of my cars and have previously done all the work myself on all my cars. I have never been able to tell that the car was repaired when returned to me. The car is consistently spotless and returned to me in better condition than when it left the factory. This means no squeaks or rattles or trim panels or anything left such that you can tell it was taken apart. I even let the dealer detail this car and was really impressed.

    In the end I'm not sure what I'll do when the warranty is up. I vow in the meantime to be as big a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] as possible by immediately calling the dealer if anything goes wrong. I figure that I'm costing them a lot of money evertime I bring the car in and therefore maybe will get their attention to their build quality and design issues. I think that this is a great and safe car to drive that has been designed to be overcomplicated. As with anything complicated it is likely to break at some point.

    Good luck with your problems.

  • Bought a 2003 C240 4matic wagon in July, certified with 24,500 miles on it. I drive roughy 900 miles per week, this car now has almost 36,000 miles. Have not had one problem or complaint to date. Its quick, quiet, and very solid in every aspect. It drives like a sports car. Service calls are painless, dealer is great. Getting between 26-27 mpg on the highway, which is mostly what I drive at 75+mph. Just bought a second one this month, certified with 19,000 miles for my wife as she liked the first one so much.
  • c320sc320s Posts: 2
    Same here. Got a 2004 C320 4matic wagon. Sweet little car. I chauffeur the kids back & forth from college. Gas mileage is great. As good as 29mpg in an empty car w/2 people. The wagon got a little scratched-up. Needed to replace the fender and moldings. Now, it looks great, again. They did an excellent job on the desert silver paint as they tell me it's a difficult paint to match. For the next car, I'd like to get the SLK350. :-)
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