Acura Integra brake line problem

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My 95 Acura Integra has gone into the shop twice in the past month for brake failure problems. My mechanic says that the problem has been a loosening or failure of the brake line--each time on a different side of the car. He says that it's very unusual for this to happen even once. The fact that it's now happened twice within a month--on different sides of the car--he says, is extremely unusual, and now he's suggesting that someone may be trying to hurt me by loosening my brake line. So, in an effort to find out if there's a logical explantion to this problem before I panic, I'm wondering whether anyone else has heard of this happening on their Acura.


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    Okay...have him use "loctite" (it comes in different want the type that is removalbe , with effort, not the permanent type) on the brake line fittings on all four wheels as they go into the calipers. If they come loose again, someone is definitely screwing with your car. He's is most unusual...these are fine thread fittings that grip really well, and are designed not to come loose.
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    Thanks. I will definitely check out the loctite. I'm really hoping it's just something with the car and not a malicious attack against me.
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