2010 Toyota Highlander Display Screen Blank

2010whitehigh2010whitehigh Member Posts: 1
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I got in my 2010 Highlander and started it and the small display screen that shows gas milage, air temps, time, temperature. etc. just went white. It appears to have light behind it but will not display anything. Have any suggestions?


  • realtorsteverealtorsteve Member Posts: 1
    Have you gotten any replies?
    I had the same thing happen to me this morning on my 2010 Highlander
  • faajockey4faajockey4 Member Posts: 1
    2015 Highlander XLE. Less than 2000 miles. Upon startup Entune/Nav screen works fine. In reverse, backup camera functions normally. However, upon shifting out of Reverse the main Entune/Nav/Home screen goes blank. If I re-select reverse the backup camera works normal, however shifting into another gear "blanks" the screen. If I select Home, Audio, App, etc. on the side selection panels the screen works normally. This issue only occurs during startup. Once I "get past" the issue, the problem does not reoccur - until the car sits for a bit then I restart it.
  • cocoamillemancocoamilleman Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and would love to find out what to do about it. Thanks
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