2010 Chevrolet Aveo Automatic Transmission - OBD

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I had Flashing Hold Light and Engine Light. From L1 driving then it automatically goes through gears even at low revs. ODB gives the following codes P0705 and P1601 ODB dies not want to communicate with automatic transmission. I used DM820. GM workshop dealer cleared the codes but they came back but not seen Flashing Hold Light Engine light. Car still in GM warrantee but worried about them fixing it. Any suggestions on resolving the codes and auto gearbox functionality, please help!


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    Well if the engine isn't running badly or on reduced power, you might clear 1601 and focus on Po705 which suggests a possible failure of the PNP (Park /Neutral) switch, the wiring from the PNP to the Transmission Control Module (TCM) or the TCM itself being defective.

  • daveantiochdaveantioch Member Posts: 2

    The car is very sluggish, like driving a tank! GM South Africa phoned me today and said they are going to follow up with the workshop which has had the car for over a week. I will pass this onto the workshop, thanks

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