2005 Lincoln Town Car Wipers not working

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My 2005 Lincoln Town Car windshield wipers stopped working. All I get is a clicking noise from the motor when I turn on the wipers. I have replaced the wiper motor and then the multi function wiper arm on the column and still have the same problem. I also have good fuses and juice to the fuse terminals


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    I found the culprit, I removed the motor to try it with the linkage disengaged. The large red wire that is part of the harness that plugs directly into the motor had signs of a breach in the rubber coating and a little bit of corrosion. After peeling back the rubber I discovered the wire was corroded right through the at that spot. I was able to strip the wire back on both sides and put in a wire splice. She is back in working order. I don't understand why this would happen to a 2005, she only has 260,000 miles on her.

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    That's good detective work.

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