Vibration at 40mph on an Eagle Vision

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I have a 1996 Eagle Vision...only 52k. I have (well, the dealership has) replaced the tires, the axel, the tie rods, the cv joint, and checked the ball joints. I still have a vibration at 40 mph+ and no one can figure it out.....I think that the dealership os taking me for a ride.....any suggestions?

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    vibrations can be tricky as it is not always obvious where they come from. This is one of those problems that takes quite a bit of detective work before car work. Your dealer has proven that throwing parts at it is not the solution.

    It'll be impossible for anyone here to give you reasonably accurate information. None of us can see or drive the car and there aren't too many pro mechanics hanging out. But you could get 500,000 opinions, that's for sure.

    My opinion (#1 of 500,000) is to work on finding a mechanic who will work with you to determine the problem. Ask around for referrals. Best persistent yet patient. This is like going to the doctor and saying, "I've got this pain" and he finds you to be fine. You go home and there's the pain again. Back to the doc and you're fine. This is detective work - a mystery.
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    I called the warranty company and talked to them about it....they said that since the claim has already been paid to them, i HAVE TO go back to the same dealership. I would love to go out and talk to another mechanic, but if I do that, they tell me that if another mechanic fools around with it, I coud be liable for going against the dealership, and therefore, they won't pay for it. LOL....I see a rock to my left and a hard place to my
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    Have then switch the front and back tires (with their rims) and see what happens. It only takes a few minutes.
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    It could be a bent rim. Take it to a real tire shop, they can put it on a balancer and see if it is bent with an attachment on the machine. Who knows maybe the dealer didn't balance the tires at all, or even worse left the old tire weights on the rim and just stuck the tire on. Balancing is a really important part of keeping the vibrations out of the car. It only costs about $20 or so.

    Did they check the front and alignment? It could be the rack and pinion steering is out of whack.

    Also ask them to check the rear hubs to see if they are bent. My brother spun out and smacked a curb hard. Bent the rim and the hub the tire bolts to.

    Be vigilant about the issue. If you don't get the results you want keep taking it back. It is obvious the dealer acknowledges the problem exists, and that is the hardest part. Good luck, and buy a pillow to go between the hard place and you. LOL Just a few possibilities, hope they can help in some way. Keep us posted.
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    Well, as an update, they called me today (the car went in yesterday) and told me that there was no problems--no vibration found. I busted....I yelled at the guy and told him that he was nuts. (I felt bad after I did it.) He went on a test drive with me, and at about 40, it started. At about 60 (when the car felt as though it was gonna fall apart) I looked at him and asked him that if he couldn't feel the vibration, he could hold onto the steering wheel and feel it there. He suddenly felt it!! Wow!! (LOL) He goes "Well, no one told me that it was ABOVE 40mph that you felt it, I thought that it was BELOW 40." Hmmmmmm, and then I trust my car to these people?

    I know that if they can't fix it this time, I can sue them under the Lemon Law....has anyone done this and how does it work?
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    Lemon laws vary widely from state to state, so don't take advice online here as gospel, okay?

    You need to carefully read the laws in your state, which you can get from a state agency that deals with consumer affairs...look in the front of your phone book, and there should be an agency something like that under State Government.

    For a rough idea, you can check right here:

    I don't think you are eligible, actually, since most states require that the car be out of service for 30 days. But hopefully your state doesn't follow this norm.

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    Ahhhhh, the dreaded guys are gonna get a kick out of this one!!!!

    Well, they call me up this morning and say that they want to charge me another $80 diagnostic charge. I tell them that they have charged me enough times for the diag, and that I am refusing to pay them again. After a little bit of bickering, he telles me that HE is gonna pick it up (nice guilt trip) and that they are gonna look at it one more time. Later on this afternoon, he calls me back and says that they cannot find ANYTHING wrong with it, but they are thinking that it is the tires. I HAD THIS VIBRATION BEFORE AND AFTER I GOT THE NEW TIRES I try to tell him. No avail--it's DEFINATELY the tires. Whatever. I figure that I can go up there, pick up the car, and somehow convince the warranty company that I have to take it somewhere else.

    I go up there and ask him for something in writing saying that they basically give up. I get that, and I tell them that I also want something in writing stating ALL of the components that were checked. He says that he can't do that--it'll take too much time. Bicker, bicker--again, no avail. Fine, by this time, I am done. I just wanna take the car and go home and fight about it later. I get out there and.....



    I had this happen to me the first time that I brought it in there. The stereo was stolen and about $20 that I had in there. I signed a sheet the first time saying that Dodge doesn't take responsibility for anything that happened--this time I didn't. (Yay for me!!!) This time, I took the face plate with me and nothing was stolen. The service guy that went out there with me said that the car was worked on about noon today, so it must have happened btwn noon and 5 when I picked it up. The police came, I filed a report. Can we say lawyer?!

    I'm stuck....I checked with Carfax and it comes out clean. The only thing that is questionable is that the car was leased and registered for commercial use. This car is a 1996 with less than 55k on it!! ANY suggestiions, either post them here or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks to all in advance!!
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    Sorry to hear about your travails. I had a '96 Eagle Vision (bought it new); they had to fix the transmission under warranty, but after that I didn't have any problems until 100k+, then one thing after another - finally looking at a $2500 tranny job at 120k. Hated to put it out of its misery, though; I loved the deep throated growl on accelaration and the handling (kept H rated tires on it).
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    My friend is currently looking at a decent used vehicle with good reliability. His eye is caught on a 1997 Eagle Vision. It's black has nearly 25,000 miles on it and has no visible dents/scratches. It is a Tsi loaded with all the goodies. He is looking at this used car because he doesn't want to keep having a monthly car payment and since he has two sons on the way, he wants a cheap vehicle that is roomy, powerful, and stylish. The guy who owned the car before took excellent care of it and didn't drive it that much as you can see by the lower than average mileage. He just wants to know if this is a good buy? He has never owned a Chrysler product and is wondering about reliability? Please write back and let me know if he should pass this one by or buy it from the dealership. Thanks!
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