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Looking for a lease special but all are on base cars. Add anything and it gets crazy. I just want a decent car with xm radio and navigation. Seems like you end up adding $3-4000 for that because you have to buy a package. What can be had for no money down 36 months 12k miles a year and less than $400 a month including taxes fees etc.. Im looking at a Buick Regal premium 2 package.

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    No specific recommendations (sorry), but I've been going through a similar question with my own shopping, specifically with Factory Nav.

    Basically, I decided that it isn't worth paying for NAV when I have it on my Smartphone for "free" ... or more accurately, for the cost of a dedicated cellphone mounting bracket on my dashboard (less than $50).

    For XM Radio, I've had it and don't really use it, so I've let the subscriptions lapse. In talking with coworkers about it, I find that several of them have chosen to use their cellphones with streaming music players ... so once again, it is a quesiton of "free" on Cellphone vs paying extra.

    All in all, I've come to the conclusion that it simply isn't worth $3000-$4000 to simply duplicate what I now have on my smartphone: I'll pocket the savings ... and use it to offset the cost of my celluar plan: the $4000 saved will easily pay for 3 years of service.


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    Navigation I might be able to give up but XM not so much. When traveling I don't want to mess with my phone trying to switch channels etc. I like having the steering wheel controls for volume and stations.

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