2010 Porsche Boxster S - Electrical Problems, HELP!!!

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Last September I purchased a 2010 Porsche Boxster S with about 6000 miles on it from a dealer in CT, I live in NJ.

Checking the car fax report, the only thing listed was the battery was replaced 2 times on the car, which the dealer stated was due to the original owner letting the car sit for months on end without starting it up. At the time it sounded reasonable.

Flash forward several months and I have had nothing but random issues with the car. Several times I have come out to the garage in the morning to the radio being on and blasting music, other times to the trunk/hood randomly popped and upon starting the vehicle all my radio settings and instruments wiped to factory default. I've also come out several times to a dead battery which required me to get a jump start.

I took the car to a local Porsche dealer in NJ, explained to them what was going on and after inspecting the car for several days, they told me everything is perfect with the car and there is no electrical problems that they can find and recommended I use a battery conditioner nightly on the vehicle if these problems persist.

This past week I had not driven the car and went to go for a ride on Sunday only to find the battery on the car completely dead.

Does anyone have any sort of idea as to what could be causing these issues on the vehicle and how I can go about getting them corrected?

Was I sold a lemon? Does anyone know the CT lemon laws for used cars?

Any help or advice is appreciated.


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    here's a link to Connecticut's laws for USED cars---which are different from the laws affecting NEW cars. Sounds like you are out of the warranty period however.


    It may be that your car has some kind of parasitic drain on your battery----OR---a defective battery---OR a defective charging system.

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    I've already replaced the battery and the problems persist. So I think there is something that is draining the power even after the car is off. The Porsche techs said they used a volt meter with the car off to deduce the problem and found nothing.

    Does anyone know a Porsche Mechanic in the Tri-State area that specializes in these weird electrical problems? It seems like the more I search for this type of problem, that tons of people have some weird electrical issues that the dealer can't figure out.

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