2014 GMC Terrain won't stop honking and flashing!!

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I own a 2011 Chevy traverse and love it! Well some jack wagon hit me and it's in the shop so they gave me a brand new (21miles) 2014 gmc terrain from enterprise car rental. Well I was at work which is next door to the rental place and I heard the horn and saw the lights flashing. Thinking it was enterprise not realizing they had rented it and was hitting the lock/unlock to locate the vehicle. Well now I'm at home and have been for several hours and the freaking car started honking and flashing again!! This time I know something is wrong with the vehicle and I am super pissed!! I just gotten my 18 month old to sleep when this crap started and woke him up! I called gm and some foreigner(go figure as they've outsourced like all other companies)answered and basically said I need to set the panic off and it will fix it. I could hear the lock trying to engage like someone was hitting the lock on the fab. He said he would call back in ten minutes and I told him thy it took several hours before it started doing it and if it starts again I'm ripping the battery out and enterprise can come two this junk back! If I had bought this car and this happen or if I was paying out of pocket heads would be rolling for sure!


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    You should have called Enterprise right away. They'll bring over another vehicle for you. Let Enterprise deal with it.

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    That would have been an option, however they were closed at time of occurrence
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    Very annoying. Sounds like a problem with the security system, bad sensor or something. I hope you get some kind of perk or compensation out of them.

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    For me , with our 11' the key fob is issue. Its either the design or extended range of the thing. I keep my keys in my pocket and quite often end up depressing a button. Set the panic button off, or multiple lock sequences that cause lights to flash and horn to sound or in some cases find the hatch open for who knows how long, Darn thing, hope the battery starts to fade :)

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